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Wage portage: The choice of the salaried entrepreneur



portage salarial entrepreneur salarie

Many employees, in search of independence, decide to work on their own. According to the study “Employment and income of the self-employed” carried out by INSEE in 2020, the share of the self-employed represented 11.4% of people in employment in 2018. This share increases every year.

Wage portage is a new form of employment, halfway between freelancing and salaried employment. Many workers choose this status because it allows them to exercise an independent professional activity, in complete freedom, and to benefit from the social advantages of the employee status. It is also a simple and secure alternative to starting a business and can be a solution to support professional retraining.

Wage portage, freedom and freedom of entrepreneurship

Many countries have integrated wage portage into their labor code thus giving it a perfect balance between salaried employment and entrepreneurship. The worker is independent and has all the freedom to organize his work. In reality, it is an entrepreneur who defines his own service offer in order to be able to sell them to potential clients. Unlike the employee, the worker in wage portage creates his own missions, negotiates his fees and organizes his working time. Thus, this form of employment allows him to balance his professional and personal life as he sees fit.

Wage portage, an alternative to starting a business

To be an entrepreneur, people usually choose to set up a company or sole proprietorship. Wage portage is a real alternative and allows workers to carry out an activity without going through the hassle of starting a business. Thus, no need to wait for registration and subscription of all insurance to start a new activity! All administrative aspects are taken care of by the wage portage company (contracts, invoicing, monitoring of payments, social declarations, payslips, insurance, etc.)

Avoiding all these procedures saves considerable time and allows the self-employed to concentrate on prospecting for new clients and carrying out their missions.

Wage portage, a secure status

The worker who uses wage portage becomes a “ported employee” of the company. He signs an employment contract which can be a fixed-term or indefinite contract. The portage company is responsible for contracting the services with the clients of the supported employee, invoicing the missions and transforming the fees received into salary.

By being a supported employee, the self-employed person benefits from all the social protection of the wage earner. The company issues payslips and pays the salary as well as the employee’s social charges. It, therefore, contributes to unemployment insurance, employee pensions, the employment centre, and the general social security system. In addition, the supported employee also benefits from provident and company mutual insurance. Other insurances such as civil and professional liability are already subscribed by the wage portage company, thus protecting the portage in the exercise of its activity.

Wage portage, support for professional retraining

Many workers are considering retraining, mainly to find a better work-life balance. Exciting, rewarding, professional retraining can be a source of worry, insecurity and loss of reference.

Simple and quick to implement, wage portage offers essential security to those who choose to embark on retraining. With this form of employment, the entrepreneur can try a new activity without committing his personal assets and benefiting from a safety net (unemployment insurance). He can also combine a job in wage portage with his unemployment benefits. All administrative, contractual and financial management is taken care of by the wage portage company.

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