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What to do against beard hair loss? 

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Despite having a bushy or light beard, some men may face receding beard hair or thinning of the facial hair, and it is not uncommon. Many factors can cause this varying from stress and incorrect diet to an illness. However, this is not a reason to panic. This article describes the main causes of beard hair loss and some possible ways to treat it.    

Main causes for beard hair loss

Medical condition

One of the probable causes of beard hair loss may be a medical condition called alopecia barbae. It is an autoimmune disease meaning the immune system attacks healthy cells by mistake, in this case, it attacks beard hair follicles. The beard hair usually falls out in small coin-size patches on the cheeks, neck, upper lip or jawline. It may appear suddenly. 


While the exact cause of the alopecia barbae is not known, it often happens to people who have an autoimmune disease. A genetic factor plays a role in this case too. The risk of developing alopecia barbae may be higher for people whose family members have some autoimmune diseases in comparison with people who don’t have them in the family. It may be connected to psychological or physical stress, although not proven.  


Sometimes prolonged stress can cause many health problems, specifically hair loss and beard hair loss. Stress makes the body produce a stress hormone called cortisol. If cortisol is high for an extended period, it influences the body systems and can speed the beard hair loss up. The good thing here is that, in most cases, it is reversible. When the cause of stress is resolved, the beard will likely grow back. 

Poor diet

Beard hair loss may happen not only for the reasons mentioned above but due to insufficient vitamins intake. If your diet is too harsh, or you eat not enough vitamins and minerals, you may experience hair loss and beard hair loss. Thus, it is a good idea to revise your daily diet and either change it or consider taking some supplements to ensure the necessary intake to help good follicles operation.  

Beard routine is too aggressive

Taking care of your beard is good, but it may turn out bad when you overdo it. While using a boar bristle beard brush may benefit your beard growth, it may do the reverse effect and cause beard hair thinning if done too aggressively or too much. 


Also, it is suggested to use special beard shampoo and not hair shampoo. You should better wash your beard a couple of times a week and not every day. Washing your beard every day may cause the skin underneath to become dry and brittle. 

Possible ways to treat beard hair loss

There are various ways to treat the problem, and it depends on what causes beard hair loss. If your beard hair is just not thick enough, it is good first to check how to increase beard density. If that is not your case, here are a few other possible treatments for beard hair loss.   


One of the ways to treat alopecia is to take certain medications that help manage the symptoms. The person should consult with the doctor to ensure it is a medical condition and not caused by other factors. After that, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication.


Another way to deal with beard hair loss is transplantation. Many people consider this option not only in their home country but abroad. Many countries such as Turkey, the UK, Mexico, India and others offer medical tourism, especially aesthetic medicine. It is worth getting more information about beard hair transplantation before making the final decision. You can check reviews of hair transplant clinics in India and compare the conditions provided there and in your home country.  


A permanent tattoo or micro-pigmentation can help hide where the beard hair is thinning out.  

Many factors influence beard hair loss and different ways of treating the problem, depending on how severe it is. Make sure you are taking care of your wellbeing, and healthy lifestyle as the hair loss itself may be a challenging task to tackle. 


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