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When to Sell Love Instead of a Product

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Selling love instead of a product

Selling a product entails appealing to the head at the same time drawing upon the heart. It involves convincing a customer to purchase your products based on rational arguments, and the buyer has to feel that you believe the facts and figures you are pulling together.

Companies try to be genuine and authentic in their marketing sales, but while on this journey, certain qualities will make a specific big difference. For instance, a buyer can sense your love, happiness, and joy when selling your firm’s products.

They may also notice a tendency to be vague on details or lack of energy when marketing your products. Still, when you are over-the-top or talk excitedly, they will become suspicious, and this will turn them off, decline to buy, go to your competitor, and tell others about this bad experience.

The article will review how you can stop selling the product and focus on selling emotions such as love, happiness, and grounded joy. Selling such feelings can be a game-changer and has numerous benefits.

Emotions Can Drive a Customer Experience to Your Advantage

There are ups and downs in a business, consumer tastes and preferences keep on shifting, and market trends change, but buyers’ emotions remain constant. Humans have similar basic emotional desires that comprise the need to be loved, accepted, happy and safe.

You can shift the mindset from selling products and start to sell emotion and experience. This involves the use of your customers’ experience as a recipe for growth.

Take the example of the use of a cup of coffee to create an experience every day. The aim is to help your consumers embrace life and arouse feelings of love and joy. Afterward, these individuals will share these feelings with others, and ultimately love breeds love while happiness breeds happiness.

As this trend continues, it’s important to remember that it started with a cup of coffee that you sold to your customer early in the morning. Therefore, it should be your goal to create an experience that develops an intense emotion, helping your customers connect more deeply with your brand and products.

The Opportunities to Expand are Endless

Limiting yourself to one product or niche market will cause you to be stuck one day. However, this shouldn’t be true when you master the art of a product or capture your target audience. Your opportunities to expand should be endless.

Think about Amazon, which began as a bookselling business, but today, this brand shares the experience of convenience and the feeling of discovery. After listening to the needs of its customers, Amazon slowly started to expand, and presently it’s an everything business.

That means selling and sharing from an emotional viewpoint has endless options compared to selling a tangible product.

It Makes You Accountable

When customers start to enjoy the emotions you are selling to them, they will keep on asking for more, and this will put you in a position of responsibility to deliver more and more love, joy, and happiness. Still, these customers will refer their friends and family whom they want to have similar emotions, which means more revenue for you.

More so, making you accountable will keep your business stable and motivate you to seek new ways to grow your business. For instance, the majority of coffee clubs started this way; although they started as small coffee shops, they were forced to keep on delivering emotions every morning , so they had to expand.

They also partnered with certain charities and suppliers, all with a mission to spread love, peace, and happiness to each aspect of their business. Likewise, such a goal is what will make you explore new ways of showing up for customers who count on you.

In the end, it’s the emotions that fuel their purchasing patterns and drive their buying power but not your product. Emotions influence their thoughts, behaviors, and decisions, as well as motivate them to keep on coming to your website or to your store to buy from you and not your competitors.


A brand and its sales reps should switch from selling a product to selling emotions such as love and happiness. This starts with investigating how your business makes your customers feel. Remember that trends keep changing and customers’ desires shift but what stays constant is their emotions which comprises love, joy, and happiness.

The cup of coffee you sell to them each morning can help the consumer embrace life and share their feelings with their colleagues, friends, and family.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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