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Why AI is the way of the future for creating mobile apps

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The market for AI smartphone apps is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Technology based on artificial intelligence is changing the world. A mobile app development business that does not include AI in its operations will fall behind, while those who do so will be able to stay ahead of the competition. Why? Personalized user experiences and suggestions are desired by over 56% of consumers. Furthermore, 92% of businesses now utilize AI-based customization to guarantee client happiness.

In light of current AI trends, let’s examine how AI-based technologies may support app development and how you can use them to maintain an advantage in your sector.

Artificial intelligence’s effects on mobile apps

The mobile app development market is undergoing fast change due to the integration of artificial intelligence. Both business procedures and our comprehension of software development are being impacted. “Artificial intelligence is here and rapidly commercializing, with new applications being created not just for manufacturing but also for energy, healthcare, and oil and gas,” said Joe Kaeser, chairman of Siemens Energy’s supervisory board. This will alter how each of us conducts business.

The changing expectations of users are also evident. With its ability to anticipate human behavior and user demands, machine learning can provide instantaneous, customized suggestions. Although AI-powered mobile applications have the potential to enhance user experience, there is still space for development.

Some clients find chatbots and virtual assistants annoying. For instance, a Redpoint Global survey reveals that 45% of consumers are unable to understand the use of AI technology. Fortunately, they also discovered that 73% of customers think AI may improve their experience.

The function of AI in developing applications

The majority of advancements in voice, audio, face, picture, and natural language processing may be attributed to neural networks and deep learning. Improved user experiences are the result of these AI-powered features. For this reason, you may ask Siri to locate and play your preferred music at maximum volume. That’s why the language-learning program Duolingo will identify and clarify your errors as well as provide customized activities to help you become better at speaking, writing, grammar, and vocabulary in a foreign language.

However, using AI in mobile applications has many advantages beyond merely improving user experiences. Giving repetitious jobs to AI can excite your app development staff and help them complete software development cycles more quickly.

Processes for developing mobile apps may be accelerated by using AI

AI integration in mobile applications results in automated procedures and reduced need for human resources in application development.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may examine trends and the mobile app industry from the app concept. Subsequently, it may advise app developers on the kind of software that would best satisfy market demands. This may save a ton of time and effort while doing market research. The main characteristics and functions of upcoming mobile applications may be identified and suggested using predictive analysis, a capability of AI technology. Lastly, mobile app developers may assign AI-powered tools software development duties, including writing or recommending lines of code for certain features, by using natural language processing.

App developers may review, modify, and alter the code once it is written before testing. During the testing stage, AI-powered technologies may also be helpful. To test the functioning and performance of their mobile apps, developers may use natural language processing capabilities to offer AI program commands in simple English.

After developing an AI-powered mobile application and getting it ready for the market, developers can depend on machine learning to maintain consistent user happiness and engagement. How? The foundation of AI-enabled app success is AI technology that continuously monitors patterns and trends to provide updates that enhance user experiences with mobile applications.

Cost-effectiveness of developing AI apps

Mobile apps using AI need resources and time. The major participants in AI development are skilled app developers, although their responsibilities will mostly center on the concept and essential features of their AI applications. Labor expenses will be lowered as less human intellect will be required for the processes and jobs that can be automated.

Additionally, AI-powered applications provide higher service quality than conventional apps. Customers will get fast and accurate responses to their questions via chatbots and virtual assistants that use AI and speech recognition technologies. Naturally, companies will also cut the expense of employing customer care agents.

AI’s role in developing mobile apps in the future

With a boom, artificial intelligence made its way into the field of developing mobile apps, and it’s here to stay. With advances in machine learning, what began with voice recognition technology is still evolving and will continue to change AI app development for years to come.

In the field of developing mobile apps, the two main new developments and technologies are as follows:

  • Machine learning approaches known as federated learning improve data privacy.
  • Edge computing is a distributed information technology that reduces bandwidth consumption and accelerates data processing.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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