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Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Proxy Partner for Your Business

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Cybercriminals exploit systems and network weaknesses to steal vital data from the corporate sector or government institutions. As a result, the number of cyber-attack cases has risen in this digital era than previous years.

Businesses want to mask their IP address. To do that, some opt for virtual private networks (VPNs), while others use residential proxies. Users prefer the latter because some platforms, such as Amazon, have sensitive requirements; thus, you can’t sign in with VPN. Additionally, some countries don’t allow the use of VPNs.

The good news is that you can source residential and mobile proxies from ProxySolutions or real internet service providers in your country. Because the proxy is from an actual device, you can access platforms just like a legitimate person, but your IP address is hidden.

A good proxy partner should be able to gain access to users’ devices using third-party software contracts. Your business can use proxies in routers, web browsers, anti-detect browsers, and custom software.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Residential Proxies and Rotating Mobile Proxies

Businesses buy residential and mobile proxies in order to use those addresses as opposed to their own. Residential proxies use IP addresses not linked to internet service providers or data centers. A real and functional mobile or desktop device is necessary when using a residential proxy. The device shows a specific geographical location, and the web traffic appears to originate from a real person.

Rotating mobile proxies change with every request a user makes. The rotation gives additional protection since your IP address is different and reduces the potential of getting blocked by some websites. During the rotation, you get a new static IP address that you use to connect, but you need to update the proxy details.

Here are 3 ways you can use proxies to grow your business:

Web Scraping: Businesses use residential IPs in web scraping to obtain marketing or business-related data. They may launch bots or scrapers to extract information from websites, process it, and deliver it to you. But website owners want to protect their sites from being scanned. Thankfully, residential proxies can bypass any obstacles and enable you to access the information you need.

Social Media Management: Major social media platforms don’t allow businesses to launch too many marketing campaigns using the same IP address. A residential proxy is a solution to the issue of using a single device or location for multiple social media campaigns.

Ads Verification: Competitors use malicious ads to hurt the reputation of other businesses. Proxies help you identify and block ads others may display on your web pages.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Proxy Partner

Now that you know proxies benefit your business, it’s vital to identify the right proxy partner. Here are 3 tips for picking the best proxy service.

1.      The Range of IPs Being Offered

Proxy service providers offer different packages for a specific price. You should consider the number of IP addresses and the IP locations your partner is offering. Your business will thrive when you choose a higher number of IP locations or more IP addresses if you focus on a particular region.

2.      Fast Network Speed

The overall network of your preferred proxy partner should be reliable and offer fast-speed IPs. It should offer around a 95% success rate. In other words, you should avoid any proxy provider offering 90% and below.

3.      Ease of Integration

Proxy services for personal use require minimal or no user input during installation. But business proxies are integrated with the company network. Therefore select proxies that are easy to install and provide detailed tutorials and instructions to help you during installation.


Proxies are great resources for your business when it is data scraping, managing marketing campaigns on multiple social media platforms, or verifying ads. They’re designed to streamline activities when browsing the internet.

A good proxy partner should offer a wide range of IPs and a 95% success rate and be easy to integrate with your business network or install. Indeed rotating residential and rotating proxies which are sourced ethically can help your business collect the data that it needs to succeed. You can use these tips to pick a good proxy provider near you.

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