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Why Your Startup Needs A Mobile Device Management Strategy

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In the current business environment, there has been a significant rise in innovative startups with digitized business models. Such small businesses and startups are taking advantage of enterprise mobility, which facilitates the digitization of processes and reduces manual work, leading to increased efficiency and decreased costs.

Mobile devices have also become an essential part of the workplace. Mobile device management (MDM) is a software tool that enables IT departments to manage smartphones and tablets used within a business. Implementing MDM can be a valuable asset for your IT team, particularly if you have an effective strategy.

As more employees use their smartphones and tablets for work-related tasks, it becomes increasingly important for startups to implement an MDM strategy. MDM involves managing and securing employees’ mobile devices to access company data and resources. Learn more with this ultimate guide to mobile device management from Lowry. Here are some reasons why your startup needs an MDM strategy.

  1. Improve Security

An MDM platform can help prevent unauthorized business data access on mobile devices. It can be achieved by setting complex passwords that aren’t easy to crack. Aside from passwords, MDM tools protect vital information through two-factor authentication (2FA) and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Encrypting network communications between the device and the company network can include securing text messages, emails, and internet traffic. Data generated by business applications on the device can also be encrypted, ensuring that transmitted data over the network is secure from interception.

With MDM tools, IT technicians can remotely erase data from company mobile devices that have been misplaced or stolen. They can also remotely monitor all apps installed on a given device to ensure no one runs blocked apps. Such measures go a long way to curbing data breaches.

  1. Cost Saving

Startups have adopted non-traditional work methods such as flexible locations, flat hierarchies, and allowing employees to use their devices. MDM solutions can benefit startups by allowing the secure containerization of business tools and data on team member devices. This ensures that all management and security policies applied to the device only apply to work-related apps and profiles without affecting personal data.

Businesses can significantly reduce their costs by avoiding investing in physical and individual mobile devices for employees. Opting for MDM solutions to manage work devices can help companies to save money on expenses related to device inventory tracking, implementing security strategies, and performing detailed device performance monitoring.

  1. Improved Productivity

Centralized remote management enables IT teams to install applications remotely and initiate updates. This facilitates easy updates of devices, ensuring all workers run the latest versions of apps, which is a critical security measure. They don’t have to travel to the main offices to have such updates installed. Such convenience will eventually boost staff performance.

  1. Automated IT Tasks

Mobile device management solutions provide comprehensive analytics of your gadget fleet, allowing you to closely monitor their location, check critical parameters, set compliance alerts, and more. These analytics can be viewed in detailed reports, aiding IT admins in identifying potential issues that the devices may encounter and preventing them from happening.

IT admins can also automate recurring tasks by pre-configuring workflows on MDM unified dashboards, such as operating software and app updates, compliance alerts, data usage thresholds, etc. This reduces the manual workload and optimizes productivity.

  1. Application Management

Startups can improve cost-efficiency and device security by selectively pushing work-oriented applications onto employees’ work devices to avoid utilizing undesired software and programs. Additionally, particular websites can be authorized or blocked on devices to limit access to unknown and harmful sites.

Advanced MDM solutions allow IT administrators of organizations to deploy enterprise apps onto users’ devices. If businesses have their own bespoke internal apps for employees, they can also be deployed onto the devices and the apps obtainable on the device’s application store.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility And Workforce

MDM technology can expedite collaboration and streamline workflow management, empowering workers to be productive in the office or remotely. With MDM software, managers can swiftly delegate tasks and coordinate project teams, assigning individual tasks and tracking the progress of multiple projects simultaneously.

These productivity-enhancing tools can be invaluable for businesses seeking to optimize internal operations.


A mobile device management strategy is essential for businesses to safeguard their information and assets. Implementing an effective MDM plan can make a significant difference between loosely managed mobile devices and closely monitored ones. Deploying device and endpoint management solutions can improve productivity and more effective cost management. Contemporary MDM platforms provide desirable features that can be tailored to suit your enterprise’s specific needs.


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