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1 dollar collectible coins, from the silver dollar to the most expensive coin ever sold

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Dólares americanos

What if you could earn hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars in exchange for a single dollar coin? What if you could turn your hobby into a major source of income?

It’s very possible that you can… if and only if you are super-focused on the numismatic universe.

Today, in Coin World I want to tempt luck. That’s why in this article I will explain the characteristics that these pieces must possess so that you can recognize them. Ah, very important, I will warn you about which markets are more important for the  buying and selling of one dollar collector coins .

With all the information I offer you, you will be able to recognize which coins are worth investing your money and your time (which is worth as much or more than the former). I don’t want to delay this beginning, so I invite you to reach the end of this post, to know the value of old US dollar coins.

What is the value of a dollar coin?

Many of the U.S. dollar coins appear in the list of  rare and valuable antique coins . And it may surprise you that the value of some of these numismatic pieces can reach several million dollars.

What could make someone pay that much money for a coin? First of all, it must be a collector coin. These pieces must be exclusive, certified by specialized institutions and have an aesthetic or historical value.

In general, for these coins to be of interest to collectors and investors they must be  certified by a Third Party Grading Service (TPG) . This type of independent company verifies the authenticity of the item and evaluates its state of conservation.

History of US dollar coins

In 1792 the United States Congress established, by law, a national currency: the US dollar. And two years later the federal government minted its first 1,758 dollar coins, cast in silver. This series was given as a gift to outstanding personalities, both national and foreign.

At the beginning, two designs circulated on the front, the  Flowing Hair Wreath (1794-1795)  and the  Draped Bust Dollar (1795 -1804) . The latter presented two versions: one of a small eagle and another of the heraldic eagle.

The  Seated Liberty Dollar  entered into circulation in 1836 and until 1873, when the price of silver fell in relation to that of gold.

If you are a lover of gold coins, you will know that from 1849 to 1889 the Liberty Head dollar coin was in circulation. Actually, we can say that it is one of the most beautiful. We continue this chronology with the Morgan silver one dollar, between 1878 and 1904, and then, once again, in 1921.

The Peace Dollars debuted in 1921, as a celebration of the peace treaties of World War I. Then the Eisenhower dollars, which did not contain precious metals, came into circulation in the 1970s.

Two other pieces that are undeniably attractive are the  Anthony dollar (1979) , because for the first time a historical woman was portrayed on a U.S. coin in general circulation, and the  American Silver Eagle (1986) , made of silver bars. Later, the  Sacagawea dollar (1977)  was minted, which highlights the Indian woman who helped the white settlers in their conquest.

And you, do you have anything more relevant to tell us about the history of the US dollar coins?

The most expensive dollar coin in history

You will be surprised to learn how much the most expensive dollar coin in history has multiplied in price. Do the math yourself: in its first recorded sale, in 1947, it cost  US$1,250 .

In 2013, collector Bruce Morelan bought it for a price of no less than  US$10 million . Did you know this?

Silver dollar coined in 1794
Silver dollar coined in 1794

It is a  silver dollar coined in 1794 , known as the “Amon Carter” (name of one of the 11 owners it has had). One of its faces shows a woman with long hair in the wind, identified as freedom and surrounded by stars. On the back, there is an eagle with wings outstretched with a crown of garlands.

The piece is 4 centimeters in diameter and if someone were to melt it down to sell it as silver, it would be worth no more than  US$12 . So what makes it so valuable? Why are so many collectors on the trail of one of these pieces?

The Professional Coin Rating Service in the United States awarded it 66 points, out of a maximum of 70, a grading known as “mint condition”. And it has such a clear imprint, one might think that it is the first silver dollar minted in the United States .

Other valuable 1 U.S. dollar coins for collectors

The list of  one-dollar coins  pursued by collectors includes several specimens. As you know, in addition to cultural value and some exclusive detail, the pieces must show good standards of conservation.

 Silver dollars  issued between 1905 and 1803, besides being the first coins in the country’s independent history, are coveted for their dozens of “variants”.

It is common to find pieces of the same type and year, but differentiated from each other by some peculiar feature, such as some misprint or distinctive mark on the stamp that molded them.

Also worth mentioning is the  Liberty Head dollar , the largest denomination coin produced in gold by the federal government. This coin is also the smallest in the numismatic history of the country.

It is incredible that silver coins, with a lower value, such as the Half Dollar, could be superior in diamonds. Therefore, they were bigger coins, but with half the value of an old American dollar.

Dólar de plata de 1804
1804 silver dollar

Another example is the  1804 silver dollar , which actually dates from 1834. Only one special lot was produced to give to Asian rulers as payment for commercial favors. There are 15 known pieces and the price of one exceeded  US$4 million  in an auction in 1999.

Among the  Morgan silver dollars , those minted in 1921 are more valuable. Uncertified, their price ranges from  US$22  to  US$45 ; certified, a piece is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2021 Silver Morgan Dollar
2021 Silver Morgan Dollar

Fortunately for collectors, there are many tens of thousands of  2021 Silver Morgan Dollar coins , certified by prestigious TPG.

Peace Dollars certified by TPG also abound. With these coins we conclude our list. Even if the piece lacks certification, its price varies between  US$100  and  US$250 .

Modern and Collector’s Dollar Coins

The issue of one dollar coins continues in the 21st century. In these 20 years the United States has issued two numismatic series, both collectible, for the pleasure of us numismatists. These are the Presidential Coins and the American Innovation Dollars:

Presidential Dollars

The Presidential Coin Program (law enacted in 2005) authorized the issuance of  one dollar coins with the bust of the 39 deceased presidents  on the front. The initiative was implemented between 2007 and 2016.

If you are interested in knowing the entire list of collectible one dollar coins, Presidents series, you can consult it by displaying the table just below.

Moneda Emisión Imagen
Moneda George Washington 15 de febrero de 2007 Moneda George Washington
Moneda John Adams 17 de mayo de 2007 Moneda John Adams
Moneda Thomas Jefferson 16 de agosto de 2007 Moneda Thomas Jefferson
Moneda James Monroe 14 de febrero de 2008 Moneda James Monroe
Moneda John Quincy Adams 15 de mayo de 2008 Moneda John Quincy Adams
Moneda Andrew Jackson 14 de agosto de 2008 Moneda Andrew Jackson
Moneda Martin Van Buren 13 de noviembre de 2008 Moneda Martin Van Buren
Moneda William Henry Harrison 19 de febrero de 2009 Moneda William Henry Harrison
Moneda John Tyler 21 de mayo de 2009 Moneda John Tyler
Moneda James K. Polk 20 de agosto de 2009 Moneda James K. Polk
Moneda Zachary Taylor 20 de agosto de 2009 Moneda Zachary Taylor
Moneda Millard Fillmore 18 de febrero de 2010 Moneda Millard Fillmore
Moneda James Buchanan 19 de agosto de 2010 Moneda James Buchanan
Moneda Abraham Lincoln 18 de noviembre de 2010 Moneda Abraham Lincoln
Moneda Andrew Johnson 17 de febrero de 2011 Moneda Andrew Johnson
Moneda Ulysses S. Grant 19 de mayo de 2011 Moneda Ulysses S. Grant
Moneda Rutherford B. Hayes 18 de agosto de 2011 Moneda Rutherford B. Hayes
Moneda James A. Garfield 17 de noviembre de 2011 Moneda James A. Garfield
Moneda Chester Arthur 2012 Moneda Chester Arthur
Moneda Grover Cleveland 25 de mayo de 2012 Moneda Grover Cleveland
Moneda Benjamin Harrison 16 de agosto, 2012 Moneda Benjamin Harrison
Moneda Grover Cleveland 15 de noviembre, 2012 Moneda Grover Cleveland
Moneda William McKinley 19 de agosto, 2013 Moneda William McKinley
Moneda Theodore Roosevelt 11 de abril, 2013 Moneda 	Theodore Roosevelt
Moneda William Howard Taft 9 de julio, 2013 Moneda 	William Howard Taft
Moneda Woodrow Wilson 17 de octubre, 2013 Moneda 	Woodrow Wilson
Moneda Warren G. Harding 6 de febrero, 2014 Moneda Warren G. Harding
Moneda Calvin Coolidge 10 de abril, 2014 Moneda Calvin Coolidge
Moneda Herbert Hoover 19 de junio, 2014 Moneda Herbert Hoover
Moneda Franklin D. Roosevelt 28 de agosto, 2014 Moneda Franklin D. Roosevelt
Moneda Harry S. Truman 5 de febrero, 2015 Moneda Harry S. Truman
Moneda Dwight D. Eisenhower 13 de abril, 2015 Moneda Dwight D. Eisenhower
Moneda John F. Kennedy 18 de junio, 2015 Moneda John F. Kennedy
Moneda Lyndon B. Johnson 18 de agosto, 2015 Moneda Lyndon B. Johnson
Moneda Richard Nixon 3 de febrero, 2016 Moneda Richard Nixon
Moneda Gerald Ford 8 de marzo, 2016 Moneda Gerald Ford
Moneda Ronald Reagan 5 de julio, 2016 Moneda Ronald Reagan

Innovation dollars

In 2018 the Mint launched the  Dollars of Innovation series . This series was scheduled to run through 2032 and included the annual minting of four collectible one-dollar coins, with designs honoring innovators and innovations from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the five U.S. associated territories.

Where to sell old one-dollar coins?

Buying and/or selling antique one-dollar collectible coins at the best possible price is a matter of choosing the right market. Therefore, in this article we offer a selection of the main cities and companies dedicated to the activity in the United States.

We recommend these 7 cities: Miami, New York, Dallas, New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago. In each of them, respectively, the following establishments stand out: Aventura Jewelry & Coin Inc.; Collectors Coins & Jewelry; Dinger’s Gold & Silver – Cash For Gold, Central Jersey Rare Coins, Royal Coin And Jewelry; Pasadena Coin Co. and Morton Grove Coins & Collectibles.

The website is also an effective way to get to know each other through platforms such as Todocolección, Catawiki and Ebay, together with its “little sister” Ebid. To avoid frauds, we recommend using platforms with payment by “escrow” (contracts of deposit in guarantee). This way, a third party releases the payment only when the transaction has been completed.

We hope you have found the information about the features of the $1 collector coins, the history of these relics, or the details of buying or selling them useful. But if you need us to dedicate another post with more specific edges don’t hesitate to leave me the suggestion in the comments.

Share our guide on social networks, with friends who you think might also be interested. Don’t miss the next publications of Mundo Moneda because I will be going deeper and deeper into this fascinating world of numismatics.

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