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10 Reasons Why SEO Services Are Essential for Your Law Firm

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In the modern day, the method by which an organization advertises its product or service has changed drastically. Traditional advertising used to be the go-to strategy which was an excellent option for law firms whose primarily clientele was local. However, in the modern age, digital marketing has opened the door to a wider pool of clients, but also a larger amount of competition. Staying ahead of this competition and winning more clients in the digital space starts with developing an effective SEO strategy.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

For those who have never heard the term, search engine optimization refers to a comprehensive set of practices which revolve around increasing the amount of traffic a single website gets. These aforementioned practices help a company accomplish this by improving the position a company ranks at on search engines. For perspective, the top three links on Google receive 54.4% of all clicks for a search, with the rest of the first page capturing up to 71%. Search engine optimization practices allow a website to rank higher so that it has a better chance of being viewed by someone searching for a related topic.

10 Notable Benefits of SEO for Law Firms

There are a variety of benefits of using professional SEO services for your law firm rather than trying to implement a strategy yourself. The most notable ten benefits of using professional services include:

1. Improved SEO means improved credibility

At its core, SEO helps a business to improve their overall trust and credibility on the Internet. The pages ranked at the top of popular search engines such as Google are almost always trustworthy, virus-free, and reputable sources of information. By utilizing professional SEO services, you can be sure that your website has a higher likelihood of ranking among these credible pages.

2. The cost associated with SEO is whatever you’re willing to spend

One of the best parts about SEO is that the price is what you make it. While larger firms tend to spend thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to perfect their SEO, it isn’t required when just starting out. In fact, $500-$1,000 is the most popular monthly retainer for SEO, and the most common hourly rate tends to fall between a reasonable $75-$100.

3. SEO can be integrated with existing digital marketing strategies

For law firms who have already started creating social media marketing campaigns or other digital advertising endeavors, SEO can only bolster these. By creating a stronger brand image, viewers of your other campaigns are far more likely to recognize your law firms name.

4. Sites utilizing SEO have a competitive advantage over others

Naturally, ranking hire on Google or other similar search engines is a massive competitive advantage over someone who doesn’t. On top of this, even if your site ranks with competitors closely, you will begin establishing yourself as an authority in your space, which will give you an air of credibility over your competition.

5. The potential reach your business has will grow rapidly

The more people who recognize your brand, the better. By having a great pool of individuals who have heard of your organization’s name, you will increase business that comes from word of mouth. On top of this, you may be able to reach potential customers who normally would never have heard of your services.

6. You will rank higher on search engines

As mentioned, the first couple of websites on search engines receive the vast majority of clicks from an Internet search. By allowing a professional SEO service firm to handle the deployment of your strategy, you can successfully rank higher and be a part of the websites that receive more attention.

7. SEO can positively influence user engagement

One major aspect of SEO is user engagement via the usability of a website. Sites with the strongest SEO are easy to work and visually appealing for a visitor to the page. Since these things go hand-in-hand with SEO, you can rest easier knowing that visitors to your site will easily navigate it without difficult.

8. You can track your results with SEO

One of the most beneficial perks to using professional SEO services is the ability to track the results of your SEO campaign in real time. By using analytical tools, you can look at the number of visitors to your website, how many visitors clicked through to certain parts of your website, and other helpful factors which can be used to further develop your SEO campaign.

9. SEO encourages you to focus on what your readers need

The best way to develop your SEO strategy is to take a “people first” approach to the project, as opposed to a “search engines first” approach. This means every piece of content on your site is optimized for your target audience. Whether it be integrating backlinks to authoritative pages or simply publishing relevant blog content, an SEO professional services firm can help you give your readers what they want.

10. SEO targets higher quality traffic

Finally, perhaps one of the biggest benefits to using professional SEO services within your law firm is that you will be targeting a higher quality of traffic on search engines. Higher quality doesn’t simply mean more eyes on your website, rather more interested eyes who are more likely to purchase your services. Additionally, you will have fewer bots visiting your page which can quickly improve your overall domain authority.

Expand the reach of your organization with SEO

With traditional marketing falling by the wayside in favor of digital marketing, all companies that hope to compete in the modern day will need to change strategies. By focusing on building a strong foundation in SEO, you can build brand awareness for your law firm that will benefit you in future marketing campaigns. At the very least, improving your SEO will establish your firm as a subject matter expert in your field, which can help drive potential clients to your door.


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