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10 Startups that are Revolutionizing the Transportation Industry

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transportation industry

The transportation sector is experiencing a shift, just as other business sectors are seeing innovation take it in new directions. There are a growing number of choices in the area of transport, including driverless vehicles and drones that deliver packages. When it comes to startups, here are ten of them that are exploring the boundaries when it comes to how people think about transportation.

  1. Bellhop

Ridesharing apps are catching on. To help you decide which rideshare or tax service to use, Bellhop provides comparisons. Yes, there is an app for that!

It aggregates the different transport services to help you choose the one that is best for you. Its purpose is to provide you with the best price for transport and the pickup choice that will arrive at the soonest.

It compares services such as Uber and Lyft. Bellhop is a startup based in Greater NY and employs between 11 and 50 employees. Its total funding is $450,000, with the latest funding rounds occurring in 2017.

  1. EasyMile

When there are fewer people behind the wheel of public transport, there is less chance of human error. That is the philosophy behind EasyMile, a French company that develops autonomous tech.

The EasyMile EZ10 shuttle uses LiDAR sensors and GPS to sense the environment and how to get through it. The shuttle holds up to 15 people at a time, and it only goes up to 12 miles per hour, which is in everyone’s safety interests.

This driverless shuttle moves from the city core college campuses, parks, and medical clinics. It can navigate segmented roads, as well as roads that have slow-moving automobiles on it.

Offering the first driverless shuttle, EasyMile is clearly a revolutionary startup in the transport sector. Taking mobility to the next step, the EZ10 is completely electric.

  1. TIKD

Rideshare has not been without its obstacles, and TIKD works to handle a certain point of contention: Parking tickets. Typically, the ticketing agency applies the ticket to the vehicle and then contacts the vehicle owner.

From there, the owner must track down the person who used the vehicle at the time, which may have been several weeks prior. The inefficient system is one that TIKD is working hard to improve to combat issues like late fees that the owner faces and even impounded vehicles.

The startup monitors the agencies that give out tickets to alert when the rideshare vehicle receives one. Then TIKD contacts the driver directly to get the fine dealt with in a shorter timespan than before.

  1. Bridj

For cities that are considered high-traffic areas, a significant source of that congestion is the commutes between home and the workplace. People who choose to take their cars rather than using public transportation makes for busy roads and slows down the commute considerably.

To help alleviate the situation, Bridj coordinates on-demand shuttles. It is a shared transport mode that provides the level of comfort requested by its passengers and reduces the number of vehicles on the road. The overarching goal is to improve traffic flow and remove empty buses from lanes.

Bridj is a startup based in Australia and has an app whereby passengers can easily book their shuttle journey. They can even pay for the ride using the app.

  1. Vostok

If you are looking for a clean and efficient way to get around the city, then consider the E7 scooter designed by Vostok. It goes beyond past models by other companies to provide a more extended range and make it easier to charge.

Rather than worrying you will run out of juice halfway through your trip and not have somewhere to charge the scooter, the E7 is made to charge in a regular electric outlet. Not only that, but its battery pack can go 60 miles. Simply remove the battery pack to charge it when needed.

The convenience of charging the battery at home, work, or elsewhere is awesome. With this electric scooter, there is no gasoline smell, so you could even store it in your house. Plus, it’s affordable with savings of over €300 (about $353) per 10,000km because it only costs 20 cents per charge. There are no maintenance fees either.

  1. StreetLight Data

A US-based startup to add to the list is StreetLight Data. It is an analyzer of info from various devices, intending to provide the details to authorities to plan how to connect different public transportation types.

StreetLight Data gathers data to help with trip and event planning activities. The info it collects comes from a range of sources, including GPS devices and smartphones.

The info collected and given out is anonymous. The platform has the goal to manage transportation better and create new mobility solutions based on measurable results.

  1. RideOn

In Spain, the startup RideIT plans to provide universal docking stations for scooters. They want to do so for a variety of brands by embracing a universal charging unit.

RodeOn manages the platform. The intention is to help those who have scooters without docking stations to have an easier way to charge up.

  1. Mobility 4 All

What about mobility options for seniors and those who have disabilities? The options are greater thanks to forward-thinking companies like Mobility 4 All.

They provide trips to those who require a greater level of care. The drivers undergo special screening and will go the extra step service-wise to satisfy their passengers.

With this, both scheduled and on-demand mobility options, Mobility 4 All provides riders and caregivers with respectful communication, as well as real-time updates. As per their website, the membership pays for itself in only six rides.

  1. Koloni

While it began as a bike-sharing business in Iowa, the founders of Koloni branched out now into sharing other things. The app can unlock bicycles, as well as scooters and storage lockers.

Within the lockers are sports equipment or anything else that a property owner wants to lend app users. This startup is thinking outside of the box by offering transport sharing options and sharing of other items to help people have access to more than they might otherwise be able to afford.

The innovative lockers can be stacked together or mounted on their own. For those who want to operate a smart locker system, begin a delivery service fleet, or operate a bike share, Koloni is something to consider further for your needs.

  1. CLEVR

For people with disabilities, CLEVR is a “clever” option for personal mobility. The startup offers a three-wheeled scooter that has a special seat to accommodate disabled individuals.

The scooter is a standout for its GPS tracking system that has amazing accuracy up to three feet. The intention is to bring more scooters to the roads to affordable transportation options.

Providing more travel options for people is great, and CLEVR intends to do so with its micro-mobility options. It has that in common with other e-scooters and bike-share apps.

More Developments in Advanced Mobility

The startups above are only some of the many out there that advancing the transportation industry. Cloud computing helps provide real-time info to drivers, and telematics helps create affordable plans for moving loads.

The rapid changes are exciting, and the breakthroughs are sure to continue with the likes of flying taxis and other types of road transport; click here to find out more. KIA is even working on a new auto system to analyze and elevate driver mood.

With more changes coming, you can be more than a passenger in the vehicle. The Online MS Engineering-ECE-Advanced Mobility Focus program at Kettering University provides you with the skills and know-how to lead the transformations.

Smart vehicles are not only the material of sci-fi movies and comic books. They are reality. Today’s cars can communicate with each other, analyze the conditions of local roads, and park using special sensors.

Perhaps you will pursue a new startup or work in a specialized section of a company to advance autonomous vehicles. Maybe you will advance tech in the automotive industry in a completely different way instead.

With the right education, the possibilities are limitless. That is the wonderful thing about entering the smart tech field as it relates to personal mobility. Innovation is everywhere, and you can create things that have not been thought of in even a general way before.

Determining how to advance tech while keeping it affordable and furthering its functionality requires attention to detail, careful planning, and great problem-solving skills. If you think this field is for you, then consider enrolling in a university like Kettering that provides you with the knowledge base to pursue this promising career area.

Looking Ahead at The Transportation Industry

The future of transportation is now, as is shown by the creations of the ten startups above. Mobility is more advanced than ever, and there are amazing ideas available to transform the transport field even more than it already has been. Be a part of the innovation with an engineering degree that focuses on advanced mobility!


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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