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10 Tactics to Find an Impactful Title for Your Guest Post

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Finding an irresistible title for your sponsored post can be hard. This is because you want your audience to click on your blog post after reading the headline.

Websites lose traffic because of the headline of their articles. In fact, only 20% proceed to click on the article after reading the title, but 80% don’t.

Therefore creating great headlines has a dramatic impact on your reader and traffic because a higher percentage of them judge your post based on the headline.

The article will review how you make appealing guest post titles so that your sponsors can achieve their objectives.

What Makes a Great Headline of Your Sponsored Post?

A great article title depends on the target audience and where you will publish your sponsored post. With great content, your articles will appeal to your target personas and provide value to them.

  • Your title should be both creative and intriguing to your readers and SEO.
  • It should effectively capture your target personas’ pain points or make their life better.
  • It must be compelling, and if not, you will lose 80% of the audience.

Here are tactics you can use to communicate information and at the same time capture your audience’s attention with the title of a paid-for article.

1.    Avoid Spammy Words

Every year, billions of blog posts are published, and as a result, common phrases quickly become cliché. For instance, people are no longer excited by the terms “ultimate guide” because they are too common in the SERP.

Therefore, no matter how great the content is, the inclusion of overused words in the title is terrible and harmful for the brand you represent.

So avoid spammy words such as “amazing,” “magic,” “X Secrets Revealed,” and instead use fresh, powerful words that are aligned with the brand sponsoring your post.

2.    Use the Primary Keyword in Your Post Title

Keyword-targeted blog posts have higher organic traffic because bloggers start with keyword research. So align your blog post ideas with a keyword and include it in your sponsored post article.

3.    Check the SERP for Your Keyword

One of the standard tips is that your title should have numbers because they are appealing and can increase your site’s traffic.

Checking the SERP for the keyword will help you settle on a greater title without duplicating titles such as an “ultimate guide.”

The use of 25 helps your title to stand out over one that has 80 or 115. A reader who is short of time will opt for a shortlist, while one looking for inspiration will pick the title with a higher number.

So check the SERP before settling for a specific number on your blog post title.

4.    Use “How To” to Frame Your Sponsored Post Title

As mentioned above, a blogger should completely avoid cliché words and phrases because doing so helps keep the title engaging. To avoid starting from scratch, you can use copywriting formulas to give you a structure that you can add meat to, adjust, or personalize.

Take, for example, the title of this post. Rewriting it using “How to” makes it read, “How to Breathe New Life into Your Sponsored post Titles.”

A blog post title with “How to” is mostly used to explain a process or share education resources with the audience. These blog posts are good at growing organic traffic or are the best traffic drivers.

5.    Add Brackets in Your Sponsored Post Title

Of late, content creators are effectively using brackets in their blog post titles. Bloggers use brackets to give clarification or provide extra information, which greatly increases click-through rates.

These are great things you could place in brackets in your sponsored post title.

  • Video
  • Updated
  • Data
  • Report
  • Study
  • Infographic
  • Template
  • Step-by-step Guide

This is a potential blog post title; “SERPs, Traffic, and Trends: Mobile vs. Desktop in 2021 [Study].”

6.    Add Your Audience in Your Blog Post Title

Including your audience in your sponsored post title tells them who you’re talking to. One excellent example is The Beginner’s Guide…. Such a title tells the reader what they need to get started, and the post will not assume much specific knowledge. Therefore a beginner already knows what to expect from this title.

Other terms are “startups”, “entrepreneurs”, “foodpreneurs”, “work from home mums”, “bloggers” and more.

Still, the technique of including the audience in your title is a great way for targeting long-tail keywords.

7.    Use the First Person

Your audience expects you to generate accurate, authoritative resources so as to add value to their lives. The use of the first person is one way of showing the audience that you represent a brand or person that knows what they are discussing, talking about, or sharing.

An example of a great post title is, “I Earned $1M from affiliate Marketing – Here are My 10 Biggest wins.”

Many people will be willing to click on such a post and see what they can learn from it.

8.    Offer a Quick Solution

People are excellently busy and so are you. Therefore, they are looking for quick solutions and go back to their to-do list.

So advertise speed in your sponsored post title using words like “fast,” and “quick.” Alternatively, you can offer the number of minutes or steps required before a solution can be found.

A good example is “Your 10-minute Guide to Making a Cup of Tea.”

9.    Communicate Value in Your Sponsored Post title

Make the value of your blog title clear to avoid giving your readers the reason to second guess whether to click on the article or not.

So your post should deliver audience-specific information or expert advice in order for it to rank well and have meaningful traffic. Still, overselling a title will hurt yourself and the sponsoring brand reputation.

Therefore, the title of your post should convey the value it provides and should be appealing.

10. Appeal to the Desire to be Accepted Using Your Sponsored Post Title

Titles that help your audience not to look stupid are extremely compelling. So mention well-known mistakes in your title, and you will greatly increase click-through rates.

For instance, “10 Marketing Mistakes That Make You Like a Rookie” will motivate your readers to click on the article to learn more about the subject and avoid looking stupid.


A great title greatly increases click-through rates, and your sponsored post will rank well on Google. You can use the above tactics to create an appealing title, but you should accompany it with high-quality content; otherwise, you will annoy your audience, which will negatively affect your site and the brand sponsoring the content.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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