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100+ Best Growth Hacking Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

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Growth Hacking Tools

The term growth hacking is popular in the startup world because founders and marketers are hunting for the best growth hacking tools for the past decade.

These tools are what they need to accelerate their business growth as well as save time through automation. Still, the growth hacking tools have unique features sets required to enhance the engaging experience for the target audience.

The following is a list of tools that you can use to skyrocket your business.

Traffic Acquisition

  1. The platform shows where your customers are engaging online, thus helping you join the relevant conversation. This enables you to improve SEO and diversify your traffic by inserting yourself in the right conversation as well as integrates with Google Analytics.
  2. Click to Tweet: The tool gives you an easy way of promoting or advertising your product or business on Twitter. In this strategy, new users are asked to share the product on Twitter, and then the brand can track the analytics to see the number of times the Click to Tweet link has been clicked on. You can use this on the website, landing pages, social media posts, emails etc.
  3. Finteza: This is a website traffic tracking tool that can also help you to build funnels and analyze your users’ behavior in order to drive conversions. Finteza gives you accurate data about the loading speed of certain pages on your website, and you can also run relevant ads on your website using the tool’s built-in advertising engine, thus growing your revenue.
  4. Growthbar: The chrome extension allows you to access critical SEO data points on every website and get keywords and growth channels that make it productive. That means you can explore the best performing domain authority, keywords, page word count, backlink data, Facebook ads etc. With Growthbar, a marketer can perfectly grow organic traffic and execute SEO.
  5. Highlight and Share: The growth hacking tool allows your website visitors to highlight interesting parts of your content on your blog or website and share it on any social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  6. Nimble: The relationship management tool helps you manage several contacts across multiple channels, see what people are saying about you so that you can engage with them, and get notifications about meaningful events like job changes and birthdays. With the platform, you can maximize relationships that help you grow your business because you have everything in a single place.
  7. MixRank: You find new customers with this tool because it concentrates on profitable sales leads and sources of traffic with real-time intelligence gathered from digital advertising databases. Therefore, with MixRank, you can zero in on the placements with a higher potential of delivering your target audience. It helps you monitor your competitors, identify advertisers bidding against you, and research how they are doing it.
  8. Pay with a Tweet: The platform allows you to give people access to your product or content when they post or tweet about it. That means people are allowed to have your products when they share any information about them on social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. This strategy is an excellent way to go viral in the initial stages of a product launch or spread your product or content across the web over time.

Landing Page Creation Conversions

  1. Instapage: Each growth hacker should be able to build their own landing pages within their website, or in the event that the developers don’t want to give access to everyone, you can opt for Instapage. It’s important to have a landing page tool if you’re going to grow your business because this is where conversions take place. So this advanced landing page platform will help you to turn more ad clicks into conversions.
  2. Leadpages: The growth hacking tool helps businesses connect with their audience, generate and collect quality leads as well as close sales. So you can create code-free websites as well as landing pages with Leadpages in addition to engaging with your audience from inception, which starts with the first click to the final step, which is the sale of your products and services.
  3. Unbounce: You can build high-converting landing pages with Unbounce without IT bottlenecks. That means your marketers can work independently from the technical teams, improve their ability to generate sales and efficiency. Also, with its super easy drag and drop interface, an individual can customize their landing page.

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

  1. Albacross: The B2B tool is designed to collect intent data of all anonymous visitors who come to your website to help you accelerate revenue and increase relevance. With Albacross, marketers can view and contact all companies visiting their website with a high buying intent but are not converting. Further, the tool will automatically store the data in your CRM.
  2. Amplitude: The tool gives you more insight into each customer so that you can contact them in a meaningful way. It also helps you to understand changes in customers’ behavior over time with cohorts.
  3. BounceX: The growth hacking tool helps you invite abandoning site visitors to convert to customers before exiting your site. With Bounce Exchange, you can capture visitors’ information before leaving your site because some of them are less likely to return. Still, you can A/B test your CTAs.
  4. Clicktale: The customer experience analytics tool focuses on conversion analysis, website optimization and usability research. Marketers use Clicktale to keep their visitors engaged, analyze their online forms performance and take their visitors through the conversion process.
  5. CrazyEgg: You should install this tool if you want to know how your website visitors are interacting with content and behaving. You will see how they’re clicking, watching, reading and how different segments are behaving and more. So with CrazyEgg, you can study customers’ behaviors rather than running several A/B tests, know which messages are working, which to tweak, replace or delete.
  6. Google Analytics: Understanding your existing customers is the first step towards activating new ones. This analytic tool is widely used not because it’s free but because it gives in-depth data about your website visitors, how they behave and conversions that fuel more growth.
  7. Gumroad: The growth hacking tool helps independent writers, designers, musicians, game developers, artists, small businesses and more to sell their products without an online store. You can sell them in the form of iBook, HTML, PDF and MP4. Still, content creators can make covers for their products to enhance their look and connect Gumroad to SoundCloud and other social accounts.
  8. Hello Bar: This simple tool allows you to create a bar and CTA on any goals such as collecting emails, driving traffic, or pointing visitors to other channels. That means that with Hello Bar, you can keep track of the number of clicks that each header bar receives and customize the header ban and button to blend well with your site design.
  9. LeadCrunch: The lead gathering tool uses AI to analyze customer data and reveal which customers or companies are likely to purchase your products or services. LeadCrunch applies two steps, namely, SurfaceMatch that matches lookalike customers and DeepMatch that prioritizes the leads so that in the end, the sales team will have high-quality prospects.
  10. Leadfeeder: The B2B growth hacking tool can help you generate more leads by showing you which companies visited your site, how they found you and their interests. That means the platform will convert anonymous traffic into an actual company name, reveal its behavior and thus helping you to tap on the ready-to-buy leads.
  11. MonsterInsights: The tool gives you relevant, actionable data generated from Google Analytics. It automatically generates reports which you can access in WordPress and is compatible with all devices.
  12. MozBar: This is a powerful growth hacking tool for users that want to improve their SEO efforts while working with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So the toolbar has several SEO metrics, and users can track the figures of customized searches, ranking of specific keywords and phrases. Still, the tool can be used on its own page or that of competitors.
  13. SessionCam: The tool allows you to watch session recordings of your website and mobile visitors in order to identify their problem areas and improve conversion. Still, you can get heatmaps that give you added information about the behavior of your site visitors. You can also integrate this tool with third-party solutions such as CampaignMonitor, Google analytics, Olark and CheetahMail.
  14. SnapEngage: This is a scalable chat software that can be perfectly integrated with workflow applications such as social media, CRMs, and eCommerce tools. The growth hacking tool can handle SMS chat, file exchange, team chats, monitoring, reporting, user roles, and more.
  15. Totango: With this tool, a marketer and content creator can drive website visitors and help users to have a unique experience of their products, thus influence conversion. Therefore Totango helps you identify true evaluators against an average free user, as well as obtain details that will help you when making smart follow-up emails and calls.
  16. UserLane: The software allows you to create an interactive onboarding guide that rewards users with checkmarks when they successfully complete a step. So users can enjoy their success from the beginning, which will help them stick around.
  17. Wunderkind: The growth hacking tool was formerly known as Bounce Exchange and offers behavioral automation technology, thus lowering bounce rate and improving time on site. Using its patented exit-intent technology, the tool tracks when and how guests leave your website and then offer them an overlay solution to keep them on your site as well as convert.
  18. YouTube: Customers can only use your products when you show them how to do it. YouTube is a tool that gamifies onboarding because it allows you to use video drive leads and sales as well as inspire trust. Also, the majority of customers prefers to watch than reading about a particular product. Since YouTube is free, you can fill your channel with onboarding videos to support your customer activation efforts.
  19. Zapier: The tool makes it easy to automate tedious tasks because it allows you to connect it with the web apps you are using. For instance, you can create a new Salesforce with Zapier when a visitor fills a form on your website. Still, you use Zapier to add Eventbrite attendees to MailChimp. You can connect Zapier to more than 300 Apps.

Customer Retention

  1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Content marketing is an excellent growth hacking tool to attract and retain customers. However, the success of this strategy lies with appealing headlines, and CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the tool for that. This free analyzer gives your headline a score ranging from 0 to 100 and is interested in using power words, uncommon words, emotional words, readability and length. Content creators use this tool to craft better headlines that are clickable and motivates your audience to read the content and attract more leads.
  2. Facebook Messenger Chat: You can integrate messenger experience into your website to help your customers interact with you anytime using the same personalized, rich-media experience. A Chat Plugin will load your customers’ recent chat history in the Messenger app, the Chat Plugin or on and make them visible, thus creating a single experience as well as continue with the conversation even after exiting the webpage.
  3. Five Second Test: Marketers wants to understand whether their website design offers relevant information that visitors are seeking. Five Second Test allows you to test a page for free and give you feedback that you can use to target the page design in order to improve information and custom retention.
  4. Intercom: The business messenger offers live chat, bots, product tours, apps, help centre, messages, email and more to help you build relationships with your target audience and customers. The goal is to help you activate new customers as well as re-engage the current ones using targeted messages, email campaigns, and product tours.
  5. Mention: Every customer wants an available and responsive brand, but you can only do that when you know what people say about your brand. This growth hacking tool helps you track the numbers of times your brand and products are mentioned on all social media platforms, thus helping you manage your online reputation and deliver top-notch service.
  6. The platform allows you to create a Help Center, chat with your website visitors, monitor the conversation, and respond to the support tickets, all with a goal to help customers help themselves. The tool does this by capturing help centre searches to use them to create articles and shortcuts. This allows your customers to get assistance easily and without contacting the business as well as agents are able to respond to customers’ issues faster.

Web Data Integration (WDI)

  1. Organizations rely on data to drive business decisions. However, data from the internal systems is insufficient, so they must leverage external data sources. This WDI platform will allow you to extract, prepare and integrate web data for use in sales, marketing or business applications. So provides an environment where you can automate the extraction and transformation web data workflow.
  2. Data Miner: Professional data miners use this powerful web scraping tool to crawl and scrape data and convert it into spreadsheets. The tool is Edge Browser Extension and Google Chrome Extension and can crawl a site or scrape a single page, thus extract data from search results, contact information, product and prices, etc.

Marketing and Advertising

  1. Clearbit: This is a marketing data engine that takes care of all of your customer interactions. You can deeply understand your customers with the help of Clearbit, personalize each marketing and sales interaction and identify prospects.
  2. Klue: The growth hacking tool helps B2B organizations to create a personalized experience for all visitors coming to their website by offering your website visitors the right content and at the right time will help you to optimally meet their information needs and turn more prospects into qualified leads.

Market Research

  1. Consumer Barometer: Ecommerce companies require a lot of information when making business decisions, and they can get such details with this market insight tool. The free-to-use tool will show you how people across the globe are using the internet, device usage, purchase behavior, research behavior, and more.
  2. Crowdsignal: You can easily create surveys and polls using Crowdsignal, which will help you gather customer feedback as well as to conduct market research. This tool is highly customizable, has excellent report and filtering capacity, and can collect responses on your website using different methods such as email.
  3. Olark: The chat application allows you to connect or engage with your site visitors. With this tool, a marketer can get the details of the person on their websites, such as the location and what they are interested in, which other sites they have visited and the time spent on your site. This crucial information will help you connect with them in a meaningful way.
  4. Polldaddy: You can create surveys and polls easily using this growth hacking tool and that match your brand, goals and budget. Aside from creating unlimited online surveys, the growth hacking tool can help you customize how they look and insert a survey link in the banner on your website or email.
  5. Typeform: The tool makes online surveys fun and interactive. That means your users will feel great as they respond to your questions, turn them into brand ambassadors and reveal hidden patterns and trends using integrated analysis tools.
  6. Qualaroo: The tool allows you to survey your site visitors using desktop or mobile so as to understand why they take specific actions or what they are interested in on your website. That means a marketer can get more insight into visitors’ hidden objections, recognize valuable features and increase their conversion rate.

Automated Marketing Campaigns & Notifications

  1. FOMO: Honesty is the best marketing, and so this tool helps you customize notifications to match your use page rules and site design in order to improve the user journey. This marketing tool was created to put an end to unsustainable advertising, lack of personal connection and aggressive popups. It’s important to note that FOMO is approved by GDPR and so an excellent powerful notification and marketing tool.
  2. PushCrew: This is a new channel that allows brands to send notifications even when their target audience hasn’t downloaded their app. You can achieve this by installing PushCrew on your site and sending notifications when you have new blog posts, new offers or order updates even when the site visitors are not in their browser.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Buffer: This is a streamlined social media management platform that helps brands, their teams and social media marketers to drive meaningful engagement on social media. The growth hacking tool has a suite of products for engagement, publishing, team collaboration and analytics.
  2. Canva: The platform has a generous quantity of professional templates, images as well as content that you can select when designing something, such as a visual for your website or an image for a post that you will share on social media. Canva is an easy-to-use tool when creating visuals.
  3. CrystalKnows: The tool is largely free and very useful. It’s designed to help marketers understand their target audience based on their social profiles. So, Crystal creates a personality profile and gives you tips on how you can interact with it. For instance, it tells you whether the person prefers a personal tone or businesslike emails and whether they’re interested in emotions or numbers.
  4. Hootsuite: With just a click, a person can schedule posts, review posts across all the social networks in a simple calendar view. That means the tool allows you to focus on your core business of generating quality content that will add value to your audience as well as reach more people. It also helps you to keep an eye on the latest social conversions, brand mentions and trends. Hootsuite recently acquired Heyday, which is a customer messaging platform. If you are looking for best Hootsuite Alternative you can use RecurPost, a similar social media scheduler tool.
  5. Later: The all-in-one social marketing platform is applicable in all top social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. The tools allow you to plan, analyze and publish content in just a few clicks, thus helping you grow your business and save time.
  6. MeetEdgar: This unique social media scheduler automatically pulls content from your library and posts it or schedules it to keep your social fresh every day. MeetEdgar will first create a bottomless evergreen updates library, and then it will re-share older posts when it runs out of new content, thus keeping your social ever fresh and as you focus on other things.

Inbound Marketing

  1. BuzzSumo: This is a social media analytic and curation platform that focuses on content marketers. The growth hacking tool helps them analyze best performing content in each market niche in order to provide your readers with the content and topics they are looking for.
  2. HubSpot: The inbound marketing software helps businesses successfully run their inbound marketing, ranging from attracting visitors to closing customers. Therefore content creators and marketers can manage their social media, blogging, email marketing, landing pages and marketing analytics in one space.
  3. This is a community-based news platform with a lot of industry news and marketing-related articles. You can create your own feed of discussions, marketing content and expert blogs using this tool. Some of its popular topics that are discussed in the community are SEO, content, strategy, social analytics, mobile, branding, blogging and more.
  4. Infusionsoft: Small businesses can use this all-in-one automated sales and marketing software to keep in touch with the audience or automatically follow up with social and email marketing. The growth hacking tool can notify you when a prospective customer wants to buy as well as organize both existing and prospective customers with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  5. Marketo: You will get a suite of tools with Marketo, which ranges from email and campaign management, marketing automation and analytics. These tools will help you launch highly targeted campaigns across different channels to grow your revenue, build personal relationships with customers and keep your teams coordinated.
  6. Outbrain: The largest content discovery platform helps brands increase traffic to their different articles, blogs, or other online content. It also provides conversion tools and advanced testing tools for optimization purposes.

Email Marketing

  1. ActiveCampaign: You can drive growth by automating your customer experience with ActiveCampaign. The platform gives you CRM, marketing automation and email marketing tools to help you create an incredible customer experience.
  2. AWeber: The platform helps you to build stronger connections with your target audience because it gives you tools to create email marketing web, push notifications, landing pages, and more, thus grow and engage with your audience.
  3. Calendly: Startup entrepreneurs and growth hackers use this tool to save time. Potential customers can immediately schedule an appointment with you, thus eliminating the need to email back and forth when making sales calls or planning an appointment. With Calendly, their appointment will automatically appear in your agenda or diary.
  4. CampaignMonitor: This is a familiar email marketing solution that offers an easy-to-use drag and drop email builder and segmenting tool that you can use to create a variety of campaigns using different contacts. So with the CampaignMonitor email template, a user can tailor-make their emails to suit their brand. Also, this growth hacking tool provides A/B testing to help you optimize test subject lines, email designs and sender details.
  5. Constant Contact: It’s one of the best email marketing tools for beginners. Constant Contact has extensive online training, local webinars, and a huge resource library to help new users get started with email marketing. You can also easily and quickly reach its support using live chat, email, as well as an active community of users.
  6. The automated messaging platform targets tech-savvy marketers looking for more flexibility and control when crafting and sending SMS messages, data-driven emails and push notifications. That means you can use the same customer data to create API triggered or automated transactional messages, newsletters and workflows, as well as send them through channels like SMS, email, push and Slack.
  7. Drip: You can build your eCommerce brand from scratch with Drip because it gives you the tools you need to handle customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. To increase engagement, the platform will guide your email marketing and help you tailor your messaging to reach the target audience segments and optimize with A/B testing and more.
  8. Klaviyo: The tool sends personalized, automated and effectively targeted emails and newsletters based on the customers’ data. So without looking at the opens and clicks marketers can tell how their marketing campaign is converting into actions or purchases. They can also run a triggered email campaign using customers’ data and smart rules that determine who gets the personalized content.
  9. ListBuilder: The platform allows you to collect email addresses from your site visitors, which you can use in your email marketing campaign. The growth hacking tool uses a smart popup mode to prompt guests to leave their email addresses behind. It does this when the visitor is happy with your content or products and has spent a considerable amount of time on your site.
  10. Mailchimp: The platform offers marketing and commerce tools to help you run the business by bringing the marketing channels, audience data and insight into one space. Using its built marketing tools, a brand can launch a website, make appointments, find fans, market the business by sending messages in different channels, create social ads, emails, postcards, landing pages and boost sales all from one place.
  11. Mailshake: The tool helps you send personalized cold emails, engage your prospects on social or emails as well as manage everything in one dashboard. Therefore, with Mailshake, you can contact all of your prospects with personalized email campaigns, get full automated follow-ups and have maximized deliverability.
  12. Mailjet: The platform gives you an email builder that you can use to create beautiful and responsive emails, contact management, a feature that helps you to easily manage, segment ad grow your audience and analytics to monitor your results and optimize performance.
  13. SendGrid: The growth hacking tool elevates your email marketing campaign by shaping the way you design your emails as well as their deliverability. With SendGrid, a marketer can create high-impact email automation with simple triggers as well as a centralized view of the timing of the series and the messages.
  14. Sendwithus: The tool allows marketers to track email-driven engagement and manage such revenues. Thus a person can update and manage transactional emails or those emails generated by their applications and submitted to users without developers or designers interventions. Still, marketers can create a drip-email campaign and A/B test their transactional emails.
  15. Sumo: This is a free email capture tool. With Sumo, you can easily place banners or other objects on your website, which helps you capture more email subscribers. The tool is very popular, easy to use and doesn’t need coding skills.
  16. Vero: You can send email addresses to your audience based on their behavior on your website. For instance, Vero helps you send an email to a guest who has abandoned their checkout cart or run user-triggered email campaigns. This tool was developed for non-technical people who want to grow their businesses without IT or coding skills.
  17. Voila Norbert: The email marketing growth hacking tool has two powerful features, namely; email verifying and email finding. So using its email verification software, marketers are assured that they are sending their campaigns to legitimate email addresses hence higher deliverability rates and avoid the spam folder. The email finding tool has a greater chance of finding any email that can help you build marketing connections, influencers or reach potential customers.

LinkedIn Marketing

  1. It’s an excellent tool for B2B marketers that interact a lot with LinkedIn. With Expandi, you can automate your LinkedIn marketing, send people invites, view profiles or send messages based on your ideal customers’ characteristics. You should create a relevant message because no one wants spam.
  2. Phantombuster: The data extraction platform gives you the tool and know-how to generate leads and run marketing campaigns for your audience, thus growing your business faster. So the growth hacking tool will scrape data such as emails from LinkedIn profiles, export LinkedIn search results into a spreadsheet, and auto-connect by sending invites to LinkedIn users as well as a personalized message.
  3. Dux-Soup: The LinkedIn automation tool helps you to accelerate lead generation by sending your prospects personalized outreach. That means you can use DuxSoup to interact with the selected prospects on LinkedIn because this growth hacking tool sends them personalized connection requests or messages, endorses their skills, and more. So the tool will act on your behalf and from your browser, which gives you full visibility and control of all activities in your LinkedIn account.

Chatbot Marketing

  1. ChatFuel: It’s easy to build a no-code chatbot for your business using the tool’s drag–and–drop builder. The bot will help you to automate marketing, support, lead generation and more. So your business will reply instantly to your customers’ questions using the chatbot, thus stop them from going to your competitors when there is an issue that translates to more revenue for you.
  2. The tool helps you to easily and quickly create your own chatbot. So instead of having a boring contact form, you can opt for this very effective FAQ bot. Still, you can raise the bar a bit higher and build your Facebook chatbot to help you capture data, convert leads and personalize client journey.
  3. ManyChat: You can automate your interactive conversations on Instagram, Facebook Messenger and SMS using ManyChat. The tool was built to drive sales and marketing, and so it can help you capture contact info, nurture leads, book appointments, sell products as well build a relationship using messenger. Further, you can create a bot using its simple drag-and-drop interface and connect with other tools that you’re already using like, HubSpot, MailChimp, Google Sheets, ConvertKit, Shopify, Zapier and more.

Referral programs/Word-of-mouth Marketing

  1. Hunter: The growth hacking tool helps you to search emails in order to fuel your outreach efforts. A user only types in the domain and quickly finds the right emails. Hunter and Toofr offer similar services.
  2. ReferralCandy: You can use word-of-mouth marketing to grow your sales and shares. Further, you can automatically incorporate a reward strategy into the referral program, thus freeing up your time which you can use to run your business.
  3. ReferralHero: You can grow your business by 5-10% monthly through its referral program because it’s a sustainable acquisition channel. That means your user base will grow while your customer acquisition cost (CAC) will remain low because word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t cost anything, and the referred customers tend to be better than those acquire using other channels.
  4. Toofr: The tool helps you connect with people who can work as your brand ambassador, such as CEOs in your niche. Toofr has a hand-curated contact list that individuals in the B2B sector can use.
  5. Viral Loops: Creators and modern marketers can use this revolutionary template-based referral marketing tool to run their referral campaigns. Through a 2-click inviting and sharing feature, participants can invite their friends using WhatsApp, Messenger and more. That means your current customers will serve as your ambassadors, and so they will bring other new users.

A/B Testing Tools

  1. Convert: The platform offers the right features to help you launch A/B tests, code and error checks, API, integration, Google Analytics integration and real-time reporting. Convert offers 100+ third party integrations, free onboarding consultation, no code WYSIWYG editor, custom dev support and great customer support.
  2. Google Optimize: This is a free to use and excellent growth hacking tool for testing because it offers an easy-to-use A/B testing platform. Further, you will be able to tailor a compelling experience that suits each of your audience types.
  3. Optimizely: The leading digital experience platform gives you insights and tools needed when creating and optimizing in new ways. So you can use it when operating with data-driven confidence to build hyper-personalized experiences because its experimentation capabilities, commerce intelligence, and content can simplify complex scenarios.
  4. Visual Website Optimizer: This is an excellent experimentation platform for running A/B tests on your products, apps and websites. SO you can track the leading and lagging indicators for the impact of your experiment as well as monitor the guardrail metrics to stop bad experiments as early as possible. Users with technical or non-technical backgrounds can effectively and quickly design and launch new experiments.

Boost Revenue

  1. Drift: The revenue acceleration platform helps brands bring go-to-market teams under one space so that they can deliver real-time personalized experiences, thus shortening sales cycles, increasing your revenue and strengthening the brand. Drift has learnt that the only way to accelerating revenue is to deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences. This should be done across all channels, at all the time, and throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  2. Masskom: Like UserLane, this tool gamifies your selling experience using scoreboards and contest to enhance your sales staff spirit and celebrate success. Masskom boosts your sales teams’ productivity increase right leads and sales.
  3. SEMrush: The marketing toolkit has a host of tools that you can use to optimize your website. The Site Audit tool gives you a fast snapshot of the status of your website, which helps you identify any issues that keep potential customers away. Organic Research tool allows you to see your competitors’ keywords that rank higher, and you can use the information to improve your content so that it can drive more traffic and increase sales and leads.
  4. Zoom: This is an excellent webinar marketing app that you can use to increases purchases. To achieve that, a brand can run webinars for existing and potential customers or record these webinars and share them as lead generation tools. Actually, Zoom offers free 40 minutes for 100 participants, so a brand should take advantage of that to increase sales.

User Experience (UX)

  1. Clicky: This growth hacking tool for event-tracking purposes helps people register and report activities on-site like downloads and page views in real-time. Clicky dashboard is very user-friendly and so an ideal tool for beginners.
  2. Hotjar: The tool is considered a Swiss army knife for user experience when integrated with other UX tools. However, such a focus makes it devoid of a solid CX solution. Since reporting and feedback analysis is missing, marketers can only use click, move and scroll heatmaps to visualize visitor behavior. They can also collect visitor recordings and run feedback polls.
  3. Kissmetrics: You can deliver behavior-based engagement at every step of your customer journey using the tool’s advanced customer tracking and analytic capabilities. Still, the tool can help you monitor certain metrics that can grow your business and turn data into actionable insights.
  4. Mouseflow: The growth hacking tool is slightly different because it tracks scrolls, mouse movement and forms through session replay. It will also give you heatmaps showing where and how visitors interact with your site. You can also analyze key journeys and processes as well as build reports.
  5. UsabilityHub: This is a great tool that helps you to get feedback from others about a new design for UI and UX. To do that, you can create simple quizzes that are useful when testing the user-friendliness of your current or new designs using preference surveys or 5-second tests.

User Feedback

  1. Medallia for Digital: The enterprise-grade software captures customers’ feedback on in-app or websites and combines it with offline data from retail stores, contact centres and other touchpoints. The tool uses AI-based text analytics, real-time alerts and role-based reports.
  2. Mopinion: The user feedback software is used on websites and mobile apps to help brands get user feedback that they can use to strategize better, make better decisions and empower their digital teams. Mopinion captures real-time feedback, analyzes it and creates reports that can be used in the future.
  3. WebEngage: The growth hacking tool allows you to set up triggers for feedback forms and build surveys depending on the visitor click behavior. Further, the tool sends out notifications on mobile apps or websites such as to highlight a promotion.

Workflow Automation

  1. The tool helps you move all the collected leads from social media marketing such as Facebook ads to Mailchimp. That means you don’t have to download, upload files or any other manual intervention. Further, with, you can link all major business services such as Gmail, PayPal, Shopify and Salesforce, as well as automate your sales, marketing and business processes.
  2. Keap: The platform boosts small businesses because they can use its sales and marketing tools and CRM to automate different aspects of their business. For instance, you can have automated follow-up done using emails and messages as well as sales and marketing automation.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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