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12 Biggest Web Design Trends of 2021

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web design trends

The global market for web design services is projected to be worth $40.8 billion this year. The market is growing because so many businesses appreciate the benefits of a great website. Web developers are evolving in response to new technological changes and customer demands.

The most important website design trends in 2021 are:

  • Micro-interactions
  • Voice interfaces
  • Dynamic elements
  • Evolution of design with the expansion of 5G
  • Dark and warm modes

Although we’re already a bit sick of hearing about the health crisis, web design trends in 2021 are marked by a strong motivator: the pandemic. It’s not because of any buzzwords. The reality is that really big advertising changes have occurred after major events that changed the course of humanity. Consider the following events that led to major economic changes:

  • The 1920s, following the pandemic called the “Spanish flu”.
  • An economic crisis called the Great Depression in 1930.
  • The Great Recession in 2008 preceded by great digital changes and expansions.

After these events, there were great cultural changes that influenced communication and the events precipitated by this pandemic will be no exception. The pandemic has brought virtualization to all sectors, including web design.

Major web development trends in 2021

Do you want to know what factors will determine the future of web design in 2021? Read on! Some of the biggest trends are listed below.

1. Dark modes

This is not a new trend. Dark modes have been around for a long time. However, it is a feature that has been evolving and becoming more popular in the last year thanks to the total expansion of mobile devices.

But it will not remain in a simple negative background. This function also extends to warm and soft colors that protect our sense of sight when browsing in the twilight.

2. Asymmetrical web designs

Internet users have matured a lot. Although they were used to the use of web designs with symmetrically ordered elements, they understand that they are traditional and even boring. That is why they are increasingly more tolerant of elements that do not follow a rigorously symmetrical order and dare to show some disorganized elements.

3. Soothing colors

As a counterpart, many brands will try to make use of kindness in their communication strategies, so they will start using soothing colors, such as warm blues and white backgrounds.

4. Soft shadows and floating elements

On the other hand, the use of shadows and floating elements add a sense of depth to the backgrounds. They can stimulate positivity in the responses.

5. Virtual reality and augmented reality

5G and pandemic-driven virtualization is responsible for the increased use of these technologies. Many ecommerce sites, video games and traditional services will benefit.

6. Voice interfaces

The expansion of voice assistants have been a success. Also, the millennial generation likes to use them. So many websites will take advantage of this type of technology.

7. 5G

2021 will be the year of the expansion of 5G networks, so web design trends in 2021 will be marked by that technology. New mobile speeds will allow designers to start integrating more advanced features with the help of the new speeds.

8. Chatbots

In 2020 they have been very useful, in 2021 it is expected that these will be able to integrate more advanced options and improve their responses.

9. Instant loading times

The post-pandemic user is overwhelmed with possibilities and options, so there is no room for waiting. The predominant website loading time will be instantaneous on mobile and desktop devices.

10. Dynamic elements

Sales funnels, however creative they may be, are becoming less efficient every day, so as web design advances in 2021 it will be necessary to make use of elements that are not static and adapt according to the user with whom they interact. Some of these elements could be: buttons that change according to a certain characteristic of the user and forms that differentiate between new and frequent users.

11. Efficient use of navigation data

For the previous web design trend in 2021 to become a reality, it is necessary for websites to be able to use user navigation data efficiently. That is, to use their history and cookies to show them the contents and products that best suit them. Some CRMs already allow this.

12. Micro-interactions

Now let’s go with a quite interesting topic called microinteractions, which are small visual or sound effects added when the user performs a certain action. For example, when a user clicks on “I like” and the typical sound is played, while the little finger of the “I like” moves.

Thanks to the evolution and mobile expansion, it is likely that this type of functions will continue to evolve, in addition, in web designs.


Jean-Pierre is a polyglot communication specialist, freelance journalist, and writer for with over two decades of experience in media and public relations. He creates engaging content, manages communication campaigns, and attends conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. He brings his wealth of experience and expertise to provide insightful analysis and engaging content for's audience.

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