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13 Best sites to buy Reddit Accounts in 2023 (Tested & Verified)

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Want to skip the whole article? We got your covered:
The best place to buy Reddit accounts right account according to our extensive testing in 2023 is: Viralboost

Buy Reddit accounts

Eager to elevate your presence on Reddit? Buying Reddit accounts could be the ideal answer for you! By obtaining multiple accounts, you can expand your online footprint and connect with a broader range of potential customers, all while keeping your identity under wraps. This tactic offers multiple perks, such as the ability to spread your content more widely, engage with varied communities, and preserve your privacy. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Redditor or a newcomer, purchasing Reddit accounts can be a straightforward and effective approach to enrich your digital journey. Moreover, armed with numerous accounts, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to delve into assorted subreddits and mingle with a diverse array of audiences. Seize this chance to amplify your Reddit odyssey and let your voice resonate throughout the platform!

Thirteen best sites to buy Reddit accounts (Updated in 2023)

Above is our list of trustworthy websites that sell reddit accounts. We have tested almost all Reddit account sellers, That appear on the first 5 pages of Google. We have ranked these account sellers by the ratings below.

Rating criteria:

  • Credibility (Are the reviews from verified buyers, on a third-party platform)
  • Business registration (Are they registered as a real business)
  • Delivery speed (How fast do we get the account credentials)
  • Aged (Do they offer aged Reddit accounts)
  • Karma (How much karma do they offer on the accounts)

1.Viralboost 9.7/10


#1 reddit account seller -

The real winner of our independent test is Viralboost. They have a solid reputation. With feedback being verified independently by the Feedback company at the time of writing they have collected over 100 Verified reviews. Furthermore, they are the only seller that sells accounts that are hand-farmed and have verified post histories. On top of that, all the purchases are delivered instantly, meaning that you will get your own Reddit account and details in just a few minutes!

Noteworthy features:

  • All their reviews are verified on a 3rd party platform
  • Their accounts are instant delivery
  • Dedicated customer support through livechat, phone and e-mail
  • They also offer Reddit Marketing services



  • Instant delivery (2 minutes according to our test)
  • Money back guarantee
  • High karma accounts and cheap empty accounts for sale
  • Legit business
  • Verified reviews


  • No PayPal available


2.PlayerUp 8.9/10


#2 ranked reddit marketplace

Playerup is in second place. Despite the fact that Playerup is not like the majority of the websites on this list. PlayerUp is an online marketplace for independent sellers. If you are lucky you might score some cheap reddit accounts here. But be aware that a lot of these accounts are just a typical quality reddit account, meaning that a lot of the post karma is farmed on subreddits like freekarma4u and similar.

Noteworthy features:

  • Lots of sellers available
  • They have an option for middleman service


  • Varied kind of reddit accounts for sale
  • Cheap empty accounts for sale
  • Sellers from different countries


  • Lots of independent sellers
  • Not all sellers are trustworthy

3.EPICNPC 8.5/10

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Just like the number 2 contender, EPICNPC is a marketplace as well. They offer a wide range of reddit accounts, including aged reddit accounts. The interface is just structured as a normal internet form which makes it harder to find reddit accounts you like. There are a few reputable account sellers there, but be aware that you need to purchase your reddit accounts on their platform and not offsite

Noteworthy features:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Aged reddit accounts for sale
  • Carefully crafted reddit accounts, tailored to your wishes and needs


  • Old reddit account for sale
  • Tailor made accounts
  • Reddit marketing and Subreddit creation


  • Independent sellers
  • Not all sellers are trustworthy

4. UseViral 7.9/10

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Userviral is a good choice if you want to purchase Reddit accounts without any karma. They offer fast delivery and accounts for tons of other social media platforms. Their customer support appears to be located in the USA.

Noteworthy features:

  • Aged Reddit accounts up to 1 month old
  • Cheap accounts with no Reddit activity


  • USA customer support
  • Perfect Reddit account if you need a fresh start


  • The accounts for sale are empty

5.Z2U 7.3/10


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Z2U Is like Playerup and EPICNPC another marketplace where you can buy aged Reddit accounts. I must say their interface is looking really clean. Some sellers have quite specific accounts and list how much total karma these accounts have.

Noteworthy features:

  • You can buy a aged reddit account
  • The interface is looking clean
  • All individual sellers have reviews


  • Ton’s of accounts for sale, from established accounts, to a brand new reddit account
  • You can also buy a suitable account for another social media platform
  • Some reddit accounts are delivered with attached email accounts


  • No individual accounts are listed, which makes it hard to find your perfect reddit account
  • Most of the accounts are aged empty reddit accounts rather than a established account with verified post history
  • The new account we bought tended to be from low quality and triggered a ban on login

5.Signals/ (6.5/10)


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Soar/Signals is another seller that sells Reddit accounts but also other offers other cool marketing tools like: Reddit marketing and upvotes. The accounts you buy appear to be individual accounts with quite a lot of comment karma and/or post karma. The delivery speed can take up to a few hours.

Noteworthy features:

  • Free replacement if there is an issue
  • One year old accounts or even older
  • Verified ownership history with tons of total karma
  • Friendly support


  • Buy accounts that fit your needs
  • Lots of aged accounts for sale


  • Their previous website was banned from Trustpilot (
  • They do not farm the accounts themselves,but buy reddit accounts from individual sellers

6.Appsally 6.3/10

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Appsally’s accounts are quite straight forward. They do not offer a full account selection, you just buy one account with more than 2000 karma.

Noteworthy features:

  • They offer tons of services other social media platforms


  • They are around for a long time
  • They offer multiple services that you can combine with reddit marketing


  • You cannot choose how much karma you need.
  • Buying reddit accounts here isn’t instantly

7.Accsmarket 5,9/10

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Accsmarket is a great place if you are looking to buy reddit accounts, they have aged accounts and fresh ones for sale. And their prices are quite competitive.

Noteworthy features:

  • Lots of reddit account you can choose from
  • Aged reddit account and fresh reddit accounts for sale


  • Account IP can be chosen
  • Price is quite cheap


  • Bad quality
  • Account gets banned quickly

8.Upvoteshop 5,6/10

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Upvoteshop is quite contradicting itself on its account page. They claim that their accounts are “created and grown manually by our team members.” but on the footer of their page, they write that they buy Reddit accounts. Their turn around time is around 3 days, which is quite long.

Noteworthy features:


  • Reddit accounts with karma for sale
  • Unique ip addresses (real residential) on each account
  • They sell active subreddits
  • Aged accounts up to 10 years


  • Unable to specify how much existing karma you want on an account
  • Possibly shared with other users if the account is purchased from a third party

9 .Pvaeshop 5,5/10

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PVA e-shops claims to sell PVA Reddit accounts, with terms like Buy Reddit PVA accounts and Best Reddit account they advertise on their website. However, the term PVA is “Phone Verified Account” Reddit does not require Phone activation.

Noteworthy features:

They offer a lot of other social proof accounts like youtube facebook and pintrest. All accounts that they sell do not have Karma and ar just new accounts. This means that the accounts do not come with any social proof or a chat log.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Bulk buy discount
  • New accounts


  • No karma on the accounts
  • The accounts are most likely all fresh

10.Coinboosts 5.4/10



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Coinboosts advertises itself as a place where you can buy reddit accounts, their accounts are aged accounts and have real post activity. Coinboosts offer accounts with post/link karma and comment karma, they even let you choose the total karma and how much comment karma you need on a account

Noteworthy features:

Their expertise is in offering marketing with a Reddit account targeted at NFT/Cryptocurrencies


  • Choose your own reddit account
  • Payment with Cryptocurrencies
  • Focused on a Crypto based Reddit community


  • Payment only with cryptocurrencies
  • Aged account is not always in stock

11.Reddit Ranker 5.2/10

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Reddit Ranker is a website that specializes in Reddit account creation, you can buy Reddit accounts from their website, and they also offer crypto marketing on top of your account purchases. It seems that they specialize in aged accounts for Cryptomoonshots with corresponding NFT Twitter

Noteworthy features:


  • Reddit accounts with karma
  • Accounts available for CMS (CryptoMoonshots)
  • Aged reddit account


  • They are not one of the best sites
  • Not sure if they farm karma in active subreddits
  • Not clear how much comment karma each accounts has

All with all, Reddit ranker is a safe place to buy reddit accounts, but they are not clear on the specifics of the reddit account, it is unclear how much comment karma the new account has at the moment of sale.

12.MarketingEPICpanel 4.9/10


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At Marketing Epic Panel, you can not only buy reddit accounts, you can also buy comment karma, promotion and even buy instant karma for an aged reddit account

Noteworthy features:

They have a clean interface which makes it fairly easy to choose your desired aged reddit account


  • You can buy an aged reddit account
  • Comment karma farming available
  • Accounts with chat log


  • The website is quite old
  • Buying reddit accounts is quite a hassle, you need to contact them


13.OnVCC 4.3/10


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OnVCC is a website that sells empty reddit accounts, the reddit account that you receive will not contain any post/comment karma

Noteworthy features:


  • They have an extensive assortment of other products
  • You can even buy 1 reddit account
  • Bulk buy discount


  • No comment karma

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy aged reddit accounts?
They come with a certain level of established credibility, making your posts and comments less likely to be seen as spam or disregarded by other users. This can help you spread your content more efficiently and reach a broader audience.

What is the significance of comment karma when I buy Reddit accounts?
Comment karma reflects the quality and value of your contributions on Reddit. Accounts with high comment karma indicate that the user has frequently posted well-received comments, which can add to the account’s credibility and influence.

How can I identify the perfect account for me to buy?
The perfect account depends on your needs and objectives. Factors to consider include the account’s age, total karma, comment karma, and the subreddits the account is active in. Consider your goals, whether it’s marketing a product or participating in specific communities, and choose an account that aligns with these goals.

Why does the age of a Reddit account matter?
An aged account suggests the user has been a part of the Reddit community for some time. This longevity often translates to trustworthiness and authority within the platform, making your posts more likely to be taken seriously by other users.

What are some Reddit secrets for maximizing the utility of my purchased accounts?
Understanding Reddit’s algorithms, etiquette, and the interests of different subreddit communities are essential secrets for leveraging your purchased accounts. High-quality content and active participation are key to accruing karma and gaining visibility.

How can I use my purchased Reddit accounts to benefit from Reddit Ads?
With a high-karma, aged Reddit account, your promoted posts (Reddit Ads) may be viewed as more trustworthy, increasing the likelihood of engagement. You can also use the account’s existing visibility to identify trends and interests in your target subreddits, enabling more effective ad targeting.

What does ‘total karma’ mean in relation to Reddit accounts?
Total karma is the sum of an account’s link karma and comment karma. It indicates the user’s overall contributions to the community. Accounts with high total karma are often seen as more influential and credible.

What precautions should I take when purchasing from an encrypted website?
Buying from an encrypted website adds a layer of security to your transaction, protecting your personal and financial information. However, remember to check for credibility indicators such as trusted third-party reviews and business registration details. Also, always ensure that the website URL begins with “https” and has a padlock symbol next to it.

What is the meaning of ‘total karma’ on a Reddit account?
Total karma on a Reddit account is the combined score of your posting and commenting activity. The higher your total karma, the more you have positively contributed to discussions according to other Reddit users.

How can I get more karma on my Reddit account?
Increasing your karma requires active and meaningful participation on Reddit. This could involve posting engaging content, making insightful comments, or contributing valuable information that gets upvoted by other users.

In today’s fast-paced world, how can buying Reddit accounts save me time?
In a fast-paced world, creating and cultivating a Reddit account from scratch can be time-consuming. Buying a Reddit account can provide instant access to an established profile with existing karma, thus saving you the time it takes to build a reputation organically.

What are the best sites to buy Reddit accounts from?
1) Viralboost 2)PlayerUp

What should I consider?

Consider factors like the account’s age, the amount of total karma, and the specific subreddits it’s active in. Also, it’s essential to check the seller’s credibility, the delivery speed, and whether the site is encrypted for secure transactions.

How can I determine what my account needs are?
Your account needs will depend on your objectives for using Reddit. If you’re a marketer, you might need an account with a good reputation in related communities. If you’re looking to share or gain insights on specific topics, you might want an account active in those subreddits.

Why should I buy accounts rather than spend ages working to build up karma?
Building up karma organically can be a long and challenging process, especially for newcomers. Purchasing an account provides you with immediate access to an established profile with existing karma, saving you the time and effort of building a reputation from scratch.

As a Reddit Marketing Pro, how can an aged account benefit my marketing strategies?

An aged account offers immediate credibility due to its longevity. It’s seen as a trusted and established participant on Reddit, which can give your marketing efforts an added boost. As a Reddit Marketing Pro, you can leverage this trust to interact more effectively with various communities.

What is the importance of total karma for a Reddit Marketing Pro?

Total karma represents the user’s overall contributions to Reddit, measured by the upvotes they’ve received for their posts and comments. High total karma implies that the account has a history of well-received content, which can be beneficial in marketing efforts. As a marketeer, you can use high- (comment) karma accounts to gain more visibility and credibility.

As a Reddit Marketing Pro, how can I increase the total karma on my accounts?

To increase total karma, it’s essential to understand some Reddit secrets and employ them strategically. Focus on posting quality content that aligns with the interests of the specific subreddit you’re engaging with. Reddit users appreciate well-researched, insightful, and valuable contributions, so aim to provide content that offers clear value.

How does more karma benefit a Reddit Marketing Pro?

More karma means more influence and credibility on Reddit. As a Reddit Marketing Pro, having more karma can help you reach a wider audience and establish trust, which can lead to more effective promotion of your products or services.

Why should a SMM promotor consider using Reddit for marketing?

Reddit is a vibrant platform with diverse communities, offering a vast potential audience for your marketing efforts. As an SMM promotor, you can leverage the platform’s extensive user base to reach a wide range of demographics, making Reddit an invaluable marketing tool.

What unique opportunities does marketing provide for a Marketing Pro?

Reddit marketing allows for targeted engagement with specific communities, or ‘subreddits’, aligned with your niche. As a marketeer, this offers the opportunity to interact directly with a highly relevant audience, providing a level of engagement that may be challenging to achieve on other platforms.

How can the total karma of an account impact a Reddit Marketing Pro’s campaign effectiveness?

High total karma can enhance the effectiveness of a Reddit Marketing Pro’s campaigns by lending authority and credibility to your posts and comments. A high-karma account’s content is more likely to be taken seriously and gain more visibility, thereby increasing campaign effectiveness.

As a Reddit Marketeer, how should I interpret changes in total karma?

Changes in total karma can provide insight into your audience’s response to your content. If your total karma increases, it means your posts and comments are being well-received. Conversely, a decrease or stagnation in karma may suggest the need for strategy adjustment.

How can a Reddit Marketeer leverage high total karma for better audience engagement?

High total karma can lead to better visibility for your content, and therefore more opportunities for audience engagement. A Reddit Marketing Pro can leverage this by creating content that prompts discussion or encourages users to share their experiences, thereby fostering stronger relationships with the audience.

Can I buy a Reddit account? Yes, you can buy Reddit accounts from various online platforms. However, it’s important to note that Reddit’s User Agreement generally discourages this practice, so proceed at your own risk.

How much does a Reddit account cost? The cost of a Reddit account varies depending on factors like the account’s age, total karma, and the specific subreddits it’s active in. It can range anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Always check the credibility of the seller before making a purchase.

Are you allowed to sell Reddit accounts? Technically, selling Reddit accounts is against Reddit’s User Agreement. Despite this, there is a market for Reddit accounts, and transactions do occur. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks involved.

Do people buy Reddit accounts for karma? Yes, some people buy Reddit accounts specifically for their high karma scores. High karma can lend credibility and visibility to an account, which can be beneficial for marketing, influencing, or other purposes.

What are the reasons to buy Reddit accounts? There are several reasons people might buy Reddit accounts. These include bypassing the time-consuming process of building up karma, gaining immediate access to certain subreddit features, and using the account’s established reputation for marketing or influencing purposes.

How much is my Reddit account worth? The worth of a Reddit account depends on factors like its age, total karma, and activity in specific subreddits. There’s no fixed formula, but various online tools can provide a rough estimation.

Where can I buy Reddit accounts? You can buy Reddit accounts from several online platforms. Like the 1) Seller on this list: Viralboost

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