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2 euro coins of 2022 that collectors are looking forward

These are the 2 euro coins we will have this 2022. Some of them are really impressive.

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Monedas de 2 euros de 2022 que los coleccionistas están esperando

Most €2 coin collectors were looking forward to this year 2022. Throughout the year a number of wonderful 2 euro coins will be minted, which you need to know and I am going to show you here.

In addition, this 2022 has a special feature. A common commemorative 2 euro coin will be minted, which will be released in 19 countries of the euro zone. Why is this so relevant? I will explain it in detail below, and you will surely like it.

List of 2 euro coins of 2022

Next, we will review the list of 2 euro coins that we will be able to acquire and collect in 2022.

Germany: State of Thüringen

The 2022 2 euro coin of Germany is dedicated to the federal state of Thüringen (in English, Thuringia). An area that is located in the center of the country, and its capital is Erfut.

The coin is part of the Bundesländer series, being this the 17th of all the two euro coins that compose it. We do not know how many pieces will be minted, but we do know the beautiful design that the coin will have, which will be issued on January 25, 2022.

Alemania: Estado deThüringen
Germany: State of Thüringen

The motif of the 2022 German 2 euro coin is the famous Wartburg castle. A building dating back to 1067, and a World Heritage Site since 1999.

Slovakia: Atmospheric Steam Engine

Slovakia will launch in 2022 a two-euro coin dedicated to the construction of the first atmospheric pressure machine. The historic event took place in the village of Nova Bana, present-day Slovakia. Now, 300 years later its 2-euro coin pays tribute.

Eslovaquia: Máquina de Vapor Atmosférica
Slovakia: Atmospheric Steam Machine

It is correct to clarify that this is not the first steam engine in history, but the first to be used on a massive scale. Its function: to pump water in the mines.

The design of the coin, by author Peter Valach, shows a side view of a steam engine. It is accompanied by the coat of arms of Slovakia. This is a very beautiful coin.

Slovenia: Jože Plečnik

For all architecture lovers, the name of Jože Plečnik is well known. It will surely be for many more people as well, after minted and issued Slovenia’s €2 2022 coin.

The coin features a rather simple motif, but at the same time loaded with symbolism. A rather classical column, with a capital spilling down its sides.

Eslovenia: Jože Plečnik
Eslovenia: Jože Plečnik

For Slovaks, Jože Plečnik is so important, it is not surprising at all that he was the motif of the 500 tolar banknotes issued between 1992 and 2005, and now repeats on the €2 coin of 2022.

Spain: Magellan-Elcano Expedition

The 13th coin of the numismatic series “UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cultural Heritage” arrives this year. This is precisely the motif of Spain’s 2 Euro 2022 coin.

España: Expedición Magallanes-Elcano
Spain: Magellan-Elcano Expedition

The design of this coin depicts the Alto del Garajonay, an elevation that gives its name to the Garajonay National Park on La Gomera. The place is observed through some branches, which transmits the sensation that we were peeping from a nearby tree.

The issue of Spain’s 2 euro 2022 coin is scheduled for the first quarter of the year. We will have to wait and be alert to buy it as soon as it comes out.

Spain: First circumnavigation of the earth

Curiously, the other Spanish 2-euro 2022 coin will also be issued in the first quarter. In this case, the coin will be dedicated to Magellan and Elcano’s expedition, which culminated on September 8, 1522.

España: Primera circunnavegación de la tierra
Spain: First circumnavigation of the earth

The motif not of the coin is not entirely novel. In 2019 Portugal dedicated its commemorative coin to the First Circumnavigation of the Earth.

Two things differentiate the coins of Portugal and Spain. The first is that the former was dedicated to the beginning of the voyage, and this one to the culmination. The second is that on the Portuguese coin Magellan appears and on this year’s Spanish coin, Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Estonia: Estonian Literary Society

The Estonian €2 coin of 2022 is dedicated to a cultural motif of great significance for the country. The first meeting of the Estonian Literary Society, which took place in 1872.

Technically, the Estonian Literary Society was established by statute in 1971. But its activities did not begin until 1 year later. This is what the Estonian 2 euro coin of 2022 commemorates.

Estonia: Sociedad de Literatos de Estonia
Estonia: Estonian Literary Society

The main achievement of the Literary Society was to provide the Estonian language with a new orthography of its own. Up to that time they used German orthography, and with the activity of the group they achieved a certain linguistic sovereignty.

Finland: Finnish National Ballet

The first Finnish commemorative 2-euro coin of 2022 is expected to be minted and issued in the spring of this year. Reason: The country’s most prestigious dance troupe.

Finlandia: Ballet Nacional de Finlandia
Finland: National Ballet of Finland

The National Ballet of Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary, being to date the only Finnish professional classical dance group. Its impact and significance in the cultural life of Finland more than justifies that it has its own 2 euro coin.

The design of this coin is extraordinarily beautiful. You can almost feel how the dancer depicted on the obverse of the coin levitates.

Finland: Climate Research

Finland’s second €2 coin of 2022 will instead be dedicated to science. While the motif is known, the same cannot be said for the design of the piece, which we expect to have available in the fall of this year.

The motif of the Finnish 2-euro coin is climate research. Faced with the challenges and risks posed by climate change, Finland has responded by putting research at the forefront. Finnish scientists well deserve this commemorative 2 euro coin.

France: Paris 2024 Olympic Games Series 2/4

This year France issues the second coin of the series dedicated to the 2024 Olympic Games. This series began minting last year, and will run right up to the start of the French Olympics.

The design of this French 2022 2 euro coin is not yet known, so it is not possible to provide much more on this topic.

We have to wait. Luckily with this other commemorative coin it is different.

France: 20 Years of the Euro – Jacques Chirac

With the French 2 euro coin dedicated to the introduction of euro banknotes and coins into circulation, we are looking at a wonderful self homage. In this case, France’s 2022 2 Euro coin, is both vehicle and motifs of the commemoration. Fantastic.

Francia: 20 Años del Euro - Jacques Chirac
France: 20 Years of the Euro – Jacques Chirac

It is true that the motif of this piece is shared with Jacques Chirac, who presided over the changeover from the franc to the euro in the country of the Eiffel Tower. In fact, the obverse of the coin shows the profile and the name of the president.

On the other hand, we must remember that France is one of the 12 countries where the free circulation of the euro began. Later, other states would join, until the current list of countries was formed.

Greece: First Constitution

We will agree that the 200th anniversary of the first constitution of a country is more than enough reason to mint a commemorative coin of 2 euros. Right? Luckily the Greeks agree with us as well.

Although the date is not yet known, nor the design, we do know that Greece’s €2 coin in 2022 will be dedicated to the aforementioned historical event.

The 1st constitution of Greece was signed on January 1, 1822, and is the pinnacle of the independence process experienced in the country. However, it was repealed in the spring of the same year.

Will there be a clue here as to the possible date of issue of the coin?

Italy: Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino

The design of the Italian 2022 €2 coin is related to the Mafia. Let me clarify, it is not dedicated to the Mafia, but to judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, killed in separate bombings in 1992.

Italia: Giovanni Falcone y Paolo Borsellino
Italy: Giovanni Falcone y Paolo Borsellino

For the design of the coin a photo was taken as a reference in which the judges appear together. Both, dedicated to the fight against the Sicilian criminal group, were killed in bombings. Their deaths are separated by only two months.

With this commemorative €2 coin of 2022, Italy pays fitting tribute to the judges.

Italy: Polizia di Stato

The other Italian €2 coin of 2022 will be dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the creation of the police force.

Actually the modern Italian police, crystallized in the “Polizia di Stato” dates back to 1982. However, the corps of law enforcement officers can be traced back to 1852. On this date was created, by order of the King, the “Public Security Guard of the Kingdom of Sardinia”.

Italia: Polizia di Stato
Italy: State Police

An interesting detail of the coin is that it depicts two troops, one of each gender. This, at least implicitly, breaks with the stereotype of the male policeman as the only member of the State Forces.

Latvia: Financial Competence

This Latvian 2 euro coin is dedicated to a theme. Not to an anniversary, a personality, or an institution, but to a theme: Financial Competence. The theme was specifically chosen by the Bank of Latvia to celebrate 100 years since its foundation.

Letonia: Competencia Financiera
Latvia: Financial Competence

The design of the coin shows a network of nodes linked together by different connections. The set of nodes and connections resembles a leafy tree. Evidently this is a very beautiful visual metaphor.

The date of issue is not yet known. Nor do we know how many 2 euro coins from Lithuania will be released, and how many in PROOF quality for collectors. We have to wait.

Lithuania: Ethnographic region of Suvalkija

The first of two 2022 Lithuanian €2 coins will be dedicated to the Suvalkija Ethnographic Region. This piece is the 4th coin in the series of 5 commemorative coins of the “Ethnographic Regions of Lithuania” series.

To get your hands on this coin you will have to wait until the fourth quarter of 2022, when it is scheduled to be issued. It is known that about 500 thousand will be released from the Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla Mint, of which 5 thousand will be available for purchase in the Flower Mintage.

Lituania: Región Etnográfica de Suvalkija
Lithuania: Suvalkija Ethnographic Region

The Lithuanian coin of this 2022 has a simple, but at the same time beautiful design. The coat of arms depicted tries to capture the essence of a region that was not always Lithuanian, but is so today.

Lithuania: 100 Years of Basketball

Making use of European legislation, Lithuania this year will release two commemorative coins. The one I just told you about before, and a 2 euro coin dedicated to the 100 years of basketball in Lithuania.

Lituania: 100 Años de Baloncesto
Lithuania: 100 Years of Basketball

The design of the coin merges the silhouette of the country, with the lines of a basketball court. The sport has deep roots in Lithuanian history (it was played by women), although it is in 1922 when the first official game was played. Therefore, the introduction of the sport in the country was fixed on that date.

Basketball, or Basket as it is known in some countries, is the national sport of Lithuania. I believe that the 750,000 pieces that will be minted may fall short.

Luxembourg: Wedding of Guillaume and Stéphanie

Luxembourg’s first 2 euro coin of 2022 is dedicated to the 10 years of marriage of the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Stephanie of Lannoy. We do not yet know the design or the mintage of the coin, which should be released in the first half of 2022.

A very interesting fact is that this coin celebrates the 10th anniversary of an event that already had its own 2 euro coin. Therefore, we are facing a repetition of the motif.

In 2012 a commemorative coin dedicated to the wedding of Guillaume and Stéphanie was issued. Now in 2022, we will have another piece celebrating the union. Will there be a coin for the silver wedding anniversary? Most likely yes.

Luxembourg: Luxembourg flag

In the second half of the year, the 2 euro coin dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Luxembourg flag should be minted and issued. Just like the previous one, we do not know either the design or the number of coins to be minted in the second half of 2022.

The flag of Luxembourg has been used since 1867, when the country became independent, but it is only until June 23, 1972 that it acquires the official character of national flag. This is precisely the fact that is commemorated by the 2 euro 2022 Luxembourg coin.

You may be interested to know that the official colors of the Flag are from the Pantone range. Specifically Pantone 032c (red), Pantone 299c (blue). Fun fact.

Malta: Hal Saflieni’s Hypogeum

With the first €2 coin of 2022 Malta ends the Prehistoric Sites of Malta series. This coin, the 7th in the series, is dedicated to the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (World Heritage Site).

In case you don’t know, the Hypogeum is a subway structure built between 3600 and 2500 BC, and discovered in 1902. The remains of thousands of people, from different eras, have been found there, as well as pieces of art from different styles and periods.

It is impossible to find a better reason to close this sublime numismatic series. It is a pity that we still do not know the design and the number of pieces that will be minted.

Malta: UN Resolution on Women

With this 2022 Malta 2 euro coin, and the new US coin series dedicated to women, feminists are celebrating. With more than justified reasons, since the presence of women on coins and banknotes was always minor, but is gradually catching up.

The coin is specifically dedicated to UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

We do not know the details of the design, but there is information that 53 thousand 2 euro coins will be issued. You have no justification for missing it in your collection.

Portugal: South Atlantic Crossing

Portugal this year releases a 2 euro coin dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first air crossing of the South Atlantic. A beautifully designed piece, and commemorating an event that changed the world at the time.

Portugal: Travesía del Atlántico Sur
Portugal: South Atlantic Crossing

The flight honored took place between March 30, taking off in Portugal, and June 17, 1922 when they landed in Rio de Janeiro. The crossing took 79 days of travel, and two planes lost along the way. A fantastic story that you can delve into in this article.

It is expected that more than 1 million 2 euro coins dedicated to the South Atlantic air crossing will be minted. However, for collectors we will have only 7500 in PROOF, and 7500 in Flor de Cuño. Don’t fall asleep.

San Marino: Piero Della Francesca

The extraordinary Italian painter, known for his frescoes, finally has a commemorative coin. On this occasion, the 2022 San Marino 2 euro coin. Yes, I am talking about Piero di Benedetto de’ Franceschi, one of the most outstanding exponents of the Renaissance.

Piero was born in 1415 in Italy, the son of a merchant and descendant of a noble family on his mother’s side. As an apprentice of Antonio di Giovanni d’Anghiari, he developed pictorial skills that earned him a place on the shelves of history.

We still do not know how many pieces will be minted, nor the design of the 2 euro coin dedicated to the 530th anniversary of Piero Della Francesca. My expectations are quite high.

San Marino: Antonio Canova

We also do not know the design and mintage of the second 2022 2 euro coin. It seems that, as they have several issues on the list of valuable 2 euro coins, the San Marino coins are being delayed.

Fortunately the reason we do know. This coin will be dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the death of Antonio Canova, the very famous Italian neoclassical sculptor. Author of such sublime works as the Venus Victrix and The Three Graces. Antonio Canova died at the age of 64, on October 13, 1822 in Venice.

I only hope that the art of the 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to Canova is up to the level of his sculptures. It seems quite a difficult task to achieve.

Vatican: Pope Paul VI

The 2022 Vatican €2 coins follow the tradition of such pieces in terms of motifs. The tradition is religious motifs. This year’s first Vatican coin is dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of the birth of Pope Paul VI.

Paul VI’s real name was Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini. The pontificate was born in Brescia (Italy) on September 26, 1897. He was pope from 1963 until 1978, when he died of a heart attack. During his papal career he carried out important transformations in the Church, both internally and in its diplomatic relations with various countries.

We do not yet know the design or the mintage of this 2 euro Vatican coin. However, it is unlikely to exceed 100,000 collectible pieces.

Vatican: Saint Teresa of Calcutta

The other 2022 Vatican 2 euro coin is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the death of St. Teresa of Calcutta. The famous Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to the work of the Catholic Church from the early age of 12, when her religious vocation was already marked.

Mother Teresa’s life was marked by her work with the poor in different parts of the world. This made her a worldwide religious reference.

Many people around the world pay tribute to her. Now the Vatican joins the tribute with this 2 euro coin dedicated to St. Teresa of Calcutta.

The design of the coin is not yet known, nor the number of pieces to be minted. Collectors are eagerly awaiting this piece. Some even predict that it could become one of the most valuable 2 euro coins, along with others minted in the past by the Vatican.

Common commemorative 2 euro coin for the 35 YEARS OF THE ERASMUS PROGRAMME

This 2022 we have a special 2 euro coin. The common commemorative coin for the 35th Anniversary Erasmus Program. It will be a coin minted by 19 countries, which have decided to adhere to the celebrations and tributes for the mentioned date.

The basis of the coin design is shared, i.e., all of them will feature Erasmus of Rotterdam. However, the coins minted in the different places will each have specific details related to the issuing countries.

Moneda de 2 euros conmemorativa común por los 35 AÑOS DEL PROGRAMA ERASMUS
2 euro commemorative coin commemorating 35 YEARS OF THE ERASMUS PROGRAMME

These variations will be seen on the edge of the coin. As 2 euro coin collectors know, each country has a specific edge design, and when there have been errors, such as the Lithuanian 2 euro coin last year, things have gotten interesting.

Also on the national sides we will be able to find small details and variations, which will make each piece unique. This is an opportunity for those who like to complete series. For the common commemorative 2 euro Erasmus coin could be equated with a numismatic series.

It is not, but for practical and collectible purposes, it is as if it were.

In another article I will try to go deeper into the subject of the common 2 euro coins. How many have been issued, for what reasons and how many countries have adhered on each occasion. Are you interested in such an article? Leave me a comment to let me know.

Conclusions on the 2-euro coins of 2022

This extensive text on this year’s commemorative 2-euro coins has two features.

First, it only mentions each of the coins, without going into other considerations that you would surely love to read. Even so, we have more than 3 thousand words here. It is impossible to go into each coin in depth. I will do that in individual articles that I will publish during the year.

The second thing is that this article will be finished on the day the last 2 euro coin of 2022 is issued.

As these pieces come out, I will come back to update the information, as information is scarce on many of the pieces mentioned. So my recommendation is that you save the link and check back here from time to time. There will be surprises for sure.

If you like it, share it in your social networks or send it to those friends who like ancient and modern coins.

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