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The Importance of Employment Screening Before Recruitment

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Businesses need to employ the correct individuals for the job. This involves conducting a recruitment process, which includes employment screening. By doing this, businesses can benefit from several advantages. For instance, the drug testing in Omaha is to ensure that those with a drug habit are identified before they are employed.


Drug habits can cause problems for employers because of increased absenteeism, disruption, and the safety risk to the individual concerned and others they employ. Drugs are known to impair reaction times and affect behaviors, for instance. There can be major safety issues at work that make such a person simply unemployable.


This article will discuss the whole process of employment screening and what it involves.

What Does Employment Screening Do?

An important aspect of the recruitment process is employment screening or potential employee screening. It makes sense to test before someone is in a position of employment. This helps to identify whether an applicant is suited to the role they are applying for. It also allows businesses to check an individual’s suitability for the company culture.

Typical Employment Screening Tests

  • Background Checks.
  • Drug Tests.
  • Credit Checks.
  • Social Media Searches.

Benefits of Employee Screening

There are many benefits to conducting employment screening before recruitment. These include:


  • Reducing the risk of hiring someone who is not suited to the role or company.
  • Avoiding potential legal issues.
  • Saving time and money in the long run.


The recruitment process is extremely important, and it’s essential to ensure that all candidates are screened properly before any decisions are made. Unfortunately, many employers make the mistake of hiring someone unsuitable for the job, and this can lead to many problems.


Firstly, the unsuitable employee may not be able to do the job properly, and this can reflect badly on the company. Secondly, the unsuitable employee may cause problems within the team, and this can lead to tension and conflict. Finally, if the recruitment process wasn’t carried out properly, it could end up with a business having to re-recruit sooner than it would have liked and further expenses being incurred.


It’s therefore essential that employers carry out a thorough screening process before making any decisions. This process should include checking references, conducting interviews, and carrying out background checks. By taking the time to screen candidates properly, employers can avoid making any costly mistakes.


Drug screening has more recently become a part of the employment screening process before hiring. Where driving is required as a part of the job or dangerous machinery is used an applicant mustn’t be taking anything that could affect their performance or mean they are breaking the law. It is also the responsibility of the employer to protect the other staff under their care.


Should a drug habit be detected later on, the person can be helped promptly but employers find it best if they can identify such a habit before that member of staff is put under their care and a potential problem to them. With so many applicants to choose from it makes sense to steer away from problematic situations that could put existing staff at risk when they have been invested in and are an asset to the company.


Employers who do not conduct employment screening may face legal issues if an unsuitable employee is hired and causes problems. For example, if an employee steals from the company or sexually harasses a colleague, the employer may be liable. This is why it’s so important to ensure that all employees are screened properly before they’re hired.



It’s no secret that recruitment is a time- and money-consuming process. To minimize the amount of time and money spent on recruitment, it’s important to perform a thorough employment screening before hiring anyone. By hiring the correct person, you save time and money by avoiding the need to recruit again.

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