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3D Animation Studios and The Future of Filmmaking

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All your favorite childhood movies used 3d animation to delight you with eye-catching visuals. From Lion King to Toy Story 3 to the Matrix and Avatar, all had the magic of 3d in them to help you escape to a digital dreamland.

Animations are becoming wildly popular as the tech is up for grabs for anyone aspiring to create a dreamy visual experience.

In this blog you’ll discover how 3d animation studios are growing and what the future of filmmaking looks like with more animation being used every day.

You’ll also learn

  • What is VFX and 3d animation?
  • How is 3d animation impacting the film industry?
  • 3D animation and the future of filmmaking
  • What are the current trends in 3d animation?
  • How does the latest technology impact animators of today?

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What are VFX and 3D animation?

Let’s start with VFX. What is VFX in a film?

Visual effects or VFX is used to produce pictures that are impossible to capture using conventional photography. You as a creator can use VFX to design environments that may appear realistic to the eye.

Or, you may even use these to enhance scenes with special effects.

What about 3d animation?

An animation is a bundle of pictures displayed as motion. Every single image may show a unique motion from the other.

Animators create animations at a usual frame rate of 24 frames per second. That is equal to the speed of movement you usually experience with your naked eye.

To make the animation more lifelike, animators may create animations in 2d or 3d.

If you too want to take your video experience to another level, you can opt for 3d animation too. There are lots of affordable 3D animation service for small businesses.

How is 3D animation changing the film industry?

3d animation has made it far easier for production houses to work on movies and delight viewers with lifelike characters and scenes. Though these are animated, they appear true-to-life to the eyes as 3d animation makes them look so.

For an obvious illustration, you may have a look at Marvel movies and the Transformers series. Without the current level of advancement in 3D animation, it would not have been possible for filmmakers to produce these movies.

Even movies like Jurassic World and the Matrix use 3d animations to make you feel as if you’re living in the world shown. It’s that immersive.

Previously, movie makers did not have easy access to VFX technology. Since it was expensive, it was only a thing for the top creators in Hollywood.

But, now it has become a thing for everyone. From movie makers to animation studios to brands and story creatives, everyone has amazing tales to tell. And, they’re doing so by combining VFX and 3D animation.

Today’s 3D animation

You will agree that your childhood was blessed with movies like Harry Potter, Frozen, and Zootopia. Most people mistake 3D animation to be a part of a few films only.

And, that’s not true. 3d animation has never been this accessible. It has become so popular that in current times you can’t think of a movie that was made without using 3D animation.

At least in some capacity, most of the movies use 3d animation technology to their advantage. Most of the blockbusters including Tenet, Dune, and all marvel movies have made use of animation.

And, one technique, in particular, has come out on top of everything. That is the seamless blending of live-action and 3d animations.

Movies have a clear emphasis on realism. They’re using animation technology of the highest quality to blur the lines between animation and reality. Batman by Matt Reeves is a fine example.

Not only does the movie uses high-end tech called Volume. The technology is smart and ridiculously fast. It renders and responds to camera movement in real time.

And, frankly speaking, it’s just the beginning of movies. We can expect to see the pairing of VR and AR technologies to produce movies and cartoons in the future.

3D animation in the future of films

3d animation has advanced significantly in recent years. In 2023, it is estimated that the global animation market currently values 404 billion USD.

The industry has been booming and it has been expected that the market will continue to grow @ 4.79% per year during 2018-2023.

Primarily, the expansion is happening because of the roll-out of cutting-edge technologies in animation.

Since the tech is more accessible and affordable, it has opened new avenues of production for aspiring filmmakers in the animation niche.

For any person to predict the future of 3D animation is absurd. As with most fields of study, the future is still uncertain. However, for those aspiring to leverage their growth, embracing tech would be key.

And, with movies like Avatar where we have the treat of true-to-life animations, one can’t expect more. But the creatives and tech leaders know that there is always room for improvement.

It would be really interesting to see how the future pans out for 3D animation technology. We’re already seeing companies and studios pairing it up with alternate reality and virtual reality gadgets to delight the fans with a more immersive experience.

Avatar 2 is just the beginning. The future will hone 3D and AR, and VR technology to create the cinema experience more immersive and highly entertaining for the viewer.

In fact, there are already a lot of custom 3D animation companies for virtual reality experiences.

What are some of the current trends in 3d animation?

Following are some of the most popular trends in 3D animation today;

  • Mascot characters, Flat style characters, and experimental Lo-Fi
  • Surrealistic animations and old-school animations
  • CGI, and kinetic typography

While filmmakers will continue to adopt the latest tech, we know that 3D animation is becoming more accessible now. Companies are doing their branding around animated themes and telling stories with funky characters.

For one, it helps them stand out from the crowd. Two, 3D animation has a universal appeal as attractive visuals can grab and hold our attention instantly. So, people will be delighted to discover more about your brands.

Animation is being used as frequently by brands as it has been in television programs.

Animation alone is not a silver bullet to success

However, it’s vital to know that animation alone can not be thought of as a silver bullet to brand growth. Again, there needs to be a more strategic approach to content curation, keeping in view the demands of the customers.

How is the tech impacting creators?

With the Artificial intelligence (AI) revolution (which is only happening more rapidly), creators are both worried and excited at the same time. For one, technology has unimaginable potential for creating art.

Two, coming as a strong and surprisingly cheaper alternative for costly resources (human artists), it might soon be replacing them. And, alarmingly (for the creatives), the technology will only learn to get better. Again, it’s learning at an astoundingly fast pace.

While the fear and uncertainty continue to mount for animators, it’s vital to know that it only makes their job easier. And, encourages them to tap the more strategic or what I call the creative aspect of the job.

Creators don’t have to indulge in laborious or repetitive jobs in producing art. While they save time, they can explore new areas of opportunity.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we made a clear distinction between VFX and 3d animation. Plus, we talked about how the animation is being used in the film industry today. We mention the ease of access to technology and the opportunities it poses for aspirants today.

Next, we looked into what the future of filmmaking looks like with 3d animation. What are the current trends and what the latest movies are using? To answer that, we shared examples from Batman and Avatar.

Besides, we highlighted the current trends in 3d animation, and how the technology is impacting the creators of today. We believe technology will continue to evolve and make high-end, film-level technology to more aspirants.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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