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4 Task and File Management Tools to Streamline Your Employees’ Daily Workflow

4 File and Task Management Tools to Streamline Your Team’s Workflow

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task file management tools to streamline your employees

Employees move through dozens of business processes on a regular basis, following the same predefined steps to perform tasks like answering a customer’s question, resolving a service issue, generating reports, and more. Sometimes these processes are overly-complicated and inefficient, resulting in diminished productivity and ultimately lost sales.

Since disorganized project and asset management seem to be the root of most inefficiencies, the solution is to streamline daily workflows with a strategic focus on task and file management. The following tools can help.

  1.’s advanced file management system

An efficient file management system has three requirements: you need plenty of space, the ability to use folders and tags, and automatic backups. Box provides all three – and more.

Box is widely known as a file storage platform, but has a wide range of additional features and capabilities. For instance, you can add the Box Drive icon to your finder window on your computer to access and edit your cloud files right from your desktop even while you’re offline.

In other words, you can bypass using a browser window and access all your cloud files just as you’d access local files on your computer — without actually storing your files on your computer.’s cloud backup feature allows you to access and edit your files offline and any changes made will be synced to the cloud as soon as you reconnect to the internet. Using Box is a simple, fail-proof way to keep your team on track.

  1. Image optimization software

People without graphic design experience don’t usually realize the importance of compressing images. It’s critical to compress images before adding them to websites or posting them on social media.

The good news is that compressing images is as simple as dragging and dropping a file into an icon. One of the best image compression applications is called ImageOptim and it does more than just compress files.

With ImageOptim, you can compress a variety of image file types like JPG, SVG, GIF, and PNG. You can also remove EXIF metadata and color profiles. ImageOptim will generate extreme compression when you enable a setting called ‘Lossy minification’.

ImageOptim is one of the best image compression applications around because all the settings are simple and the application is easy to use. However, it’s only available for Mac. If you run Windows or Linux, try the web interface from to batch resize images quickly.

  1. Asana for task and project management

If you haven’t used Asana, you’ll want to try it out. Asana isn’t your average project management application; it’s simple, incredibly smooth, and eliminates the complications people have become accustomed to when using project management software.

Most project management software applications require multiple clicks and deep navigation just to view your projects. With Asana, everything important is accessible with a click or two.

When it comes to engineering the perfect experience, Asana has that down pat. In addition to showing all of your tasks on your home screen, Asana makes it extremely simple to create and edit projects and tasks.

You don’t need to click cumbersome ‘edit’ buttons to edit task descriptions, add tasks to a project, or assign tasks to team members. Just click on the description box and the text area becomes editable. When you’re done editing, click somewhere outside of the box and everything gets saved automatically.

There are far more reasons to use Asana including integrations with popular applications like Gmail and Slack. Try it for yourself. You can use it for free!

  1. File encryption software

Every team needs file encryption software. If anyone needs to send sensitive data over the internet, it’s wise to encrypt that data first. If your team doesn’t use encrypted email, then encryption software is the best option.

Encrypting data makes it unreadable to anyone who might intercept the data. Only the intended recipient will have the decryption key to ‘decode’ the message and access the data.

Encrypted data can still be stolen in a data breach, but it can’t be read, which means it will be useless. If your company falls victim to a data breach involving encrypted data, you won’t need to report it to the authorities because there won’t be any risk. You won’t need to worry about getting hit with hefty fines, either, because a data breach involving encrypted data isn’t a violation that warrants a fine. The fines and other penalties only exist when stolen data is exposed.

Streamline your team’s workflow and watch your business thrive

When you streamline your team’s workflow with the right tools, they’ll complete their tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before. With an efficient team, your business will thrive.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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