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4 Types of Forex Trading Robots Successful Traders Use in 2022

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Following the installation of automation on a trading system, the best forex trading robots handle all transactions according to predefined parameters. After you’ve figured out your trading style, you can turn it into algorithms and create a trading bot that will execute transactions on your behalf. With an experienced adviser, you may eliminate the drawbacks of manual trading and take your trading journey to the next level. Below are the 4 major types of FX trading bots that serve different purposes and are used under specified circumstances.

1. FX bots regarding moving averages

Many traders consider moving averages (MA) as a dependable indication of price fluctuations or to select where to put their stop-loss order. In either case, letting a bot monitor MA makes it easy to determine when the trade is ready to be leveraged by sending you indications as soon as it gets to start to go your favour.

Moving averages are signals that balance out the variability of currency pairings over a duration, making it simpler to spot investment possibilities. Moving averages may be used to detect the key trends, indicate major support and resistance levels, and execute trades depending on their intersections in FX trading. Moving averages-based forex robots often take benefit of the different methods using the signals and generate revenue.

2. FX bots for news trading

The market frequently reacts to crucial macroeconomic announcements by surging upwards or adversely. The FX bot for news trading is normally built with the criteria to determine the best trading judgments during news releases. With such bots, you may profit from the increased volatility that occurs during media publications.

The currency market may move dramatically after financial announcements. As a result, for certain EAs to function effectively, algorithms must be prepared to handle massive slippages, wider spreads, and perhaps even price re-quotes. Moreover, risk management should be considered to guarantee that the bot for news trading is lucrative. However, the huge fluctuations during key industry releases might backfire against you if you become too ambitious and refuse to incorporate risk management factors into your bot.

3. FX bots regarding micro accounts

Micro account bots are designed for accounts with a balance of 100 dollars or even less, and they provide you with the resources you require to experiment with different approaches and take larger risks without the threat of losing money. With this type of account, you may test your trading methods in real-time trading without risking a large loss.

Additionally, an FX bot for micro accounts allows you to test the robots on this type of trading accounts before transferring to a larger one. If you prefer to verify an EA’s efficiency, seek its micro account option. This way you’ll be able to assess if it’ll be lucrative when handling greater capital in future.

4. FX bots based on scalping

Scalping in FX refers to the practice of establishing many positions for a short period to benefit from speculative trading. This is quite difficult to perform manually, which is why most skilled traders use bots to execute their trading. A scalper’s goal is to make benefit from minor price swings to make a large number of deals. Scalping bots are designed to help traders profit from short-term market changes.

Top 3 perks of utilising different types of forex EAs for trading

There are several benefits to using algorithms to monitor prices for market opportunities and conduct trades, including:

  • Eliminating human biases

All through buying and selling processes, algorithmic trading techniques minimise sentiments. Traders have a better chance of adhering to the strategy if they keep their emotions under control.

  • Maintaining discipline 

Even in unstable situations, discipline is maintained since trading rules are defined and transaction execution is completed automatically. Automated trading aids in the maintenance of discipline.

  • Increased speed

Automation systems generate orders as soon as trading requirements are satisfied since algorithms respond quickly to altering trading conditions. Getting into or out of a trade just a few seconds sooner can have a significant impact on its result.


You may utilise a variety of FX bots to make trade opening and closing options in the trade automatically. You may also test these out in simulated FX trading situations or rely on user reviews on trusted websites to see which FX bot is the most effective.


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