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5 Best Sites To Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers (Safely)

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From distributing to promoting tracks, music artists greatly benefit from using SoundCloud and other online music streaming platforms. With over 166 million visits recorded in August 2022, the sky is the limit.

However, this high number also has drawbacks, especially for beginner creators like you. Not only will you need to compete with already established musicians but also and experienced artists.

Lucky for you, there are tried and tested methods to improve your SoundCloud stats, among which is to buy SoundCloud plays and followers from legit sites. To save you time and effort and ensure the safety of your SoundCloud account, we made a brief review of our favorite social media marketing providers below.

5 Legit Sites To Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers

The following companies guarantee that you’ll receive real, active followers and plays from real SoundCloud users:


unnamed 7 is an established client-focused company that offers reliable and affordable social media marketing services. It has two SoundCloud promotion packages: Buy SoundCloud Followers and Buy SoundCloud Plays.

Depending on your channel’s current needs, you can purchase a minimum of 50 genuine followers and a maximum of 500. Meanwhile, you can buy from 1,000 to 10,000 real SoundCloud plays.

To place an order, you simply need to click on the specific service you need and choose the number of plays or followers. Next, enter the link to your SoundCloud account or profile and input your email address.

Once done, click Continue to go to the Payment page. Choose how you want to pay for the services you availed of. The company accepts Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrency. After that, click Check Out.

The last thing you need to do is wait for your followers or plays to be delivered. But how long will Stormlikes fulfill your order? In terms of initial delivery, you can see changes in your account within 12 hours. However, complete delivery will depend on the number of plays or followers you bought.

For high numbers of followers and plays, the team will deliver them gradually to ensure your account’s growth is as organic as possible.

The media reputed websites such as Amny, Economic Times, Kentreporter, The American reporter, Bm Magazine, and Dailycal recommend as the #1 SoundCloud Service provider worldwide.

Customer support-wise, the company has a team available 24/7 to answer your queries, provide solutions to any issues with your order, and help you decide on the right package for your specific goals.


unnamed 2 3 has been one of the best sites to purchase Instagram engagement for many years. In fact, plenty of already established Instagram influencers had help growing their following from this social media marketing service.

Here’s what you can expect from its engagement services:

Image Source

With this much knowledge and experience, it won’t be surprising how quickly can help build your music career from the ground up. Through its SoundCloud marketing services, you can buy real SoundCloud followers and plays.

The best part is that every purchase also comes with a 15-day money back guarantee. If the site fails to meet the terms of your agreement, simply fill out the cancelation and contact form within the said period.

Then, wait for the confirmation email or the Customer Success Manager to contact you. promises to send you a refund within 10 days of your request being confirmed. Apart from the refund protection, you’ll also enjoy access to and assistance from’s customer support team.

For every Buy Real SoundCloud Plays and Buy Real SoundCloud Followers package you get, you can choose between Instant and Gradual delivery. That said, expect an initial change in your number of followers and plays within 10 minutes after your order has been confirmed.

3. Famups

Like the rest of the sites in our list, Famups won’t ask for your password. Equally as important are the facts that it has secure payment channels and a 24/7 live support team. It is an ideal choice for those with an immediate need for a high number of legit followsers and plays, or even SoundCloud likes and reposts.

The lowest number of new followers you can purchase from Famups is 500. In comparison, the highest is 20,000 and will be completely delivered within five to seven days. Meanwhile, for high quality SoundCloud plays, you can buy 20,000 to 500,000, with a delivery time estimated at one day to seven days.

It’s worth noting that the Famups team will deliver your total SoundCloud plays and followers gradually. In other words, you won’t receive your entire order in one go, ensuring the growth looks as organic as possible.

With Famups, all packages and plans include a Drop Protection Guarantee. Basically, what this means is that the company will replace any drop in your purchased plays or followers within a given period. If that’s not enough, Famups also has a 90-day refund policy on all its plans.

4. ManagerGram

Whether you’re new to the music industry or not, ManagerGram is an ideal choice if you want to make bulk purchases. It isn’t the top choice if you want to buy cheap SoundCloud plays and followers, but its prices are lower than Famups.

When you buy SoundCloud plays from ManagerGram, you can choose between four plans, from 5,000 to 1M plays. The team will start delivering your order within 24 hours after confirmation of your payment.

For its Buy SoundCloud Followers Real packages, there are two: Monthly Followers and One-Time Followers. Both packages have four plans: 1,000, 5,000, 20,000, and 50,000 followers.

The difference is how the team delivers your real SoundCloud followers. The delivery of the Monthly Followers is spread throughout the month; for One-Time Followers, it’s almost similar to when you buy SoundCloud plays.

Another unique package this site offers is the Real SoundCloud Account Growth, divided into three bundled plans. Each one comes with a specific number of real SoundCloud followers, plays per track, likes per track, and other engagements.

5. Social Store

Among the providers we listed so far, Social Store has the longest list of SoundCloud engagement packages. You can buy likes, comments, reposts, downloads, and followers from this site. Likewise, you’ll also find that Social Store has the highest number of available Buy SoundCloud Followers and Buy SoundCloud Plays.

You can buy a minimum of 50 SoundCloud followers and a maximum of 100,000 from Social Store. The team will start delivering your order within 24 to 72 hours after you receive a confirmation, with a daily speed of 50 to 5,000 followers.

In terms of plays, Social Store is a top choice to buy SoundCloud plays cheap because you would spend less than one dollar for 500 real plays. You’ll start to see changes in your account as early as an hour after confirmation of order and payment. However, you may also choose to customize how the plays get delivered to your account.

Each Buy SoundCloud Plays and Buy SoundCloud Followers plan you purchase from Social Store includes money-back and replacement guarantees. You’ll also be able to contact its customer support team 24/7.

Buying SoundCloud Plays and Followers Without Risking Your Account

The sites we listed where you can get SoundCloud plays and followers each has their own risk-free systematic processes. With their good understanding of the SoundCloud algorithm, rules, and terms of use, they will deliver your purchased engagement in a manner that your account won’t get flagged.

The best of the best among them is the one that matches your specific goals and needs. That said, we highly recommend for beginners. Not only does it have affordable prices, but you can also purchase low numbers of plays and followers, a more realistic approach for those with new accounts.

These features will help you experience first-hand whether purchasing engagement is effective or not, even if we say you will truly benefit from it.

Boosting SoundCloud Followers and Plays FAQs

Still have a few questions in mind? Here are answers to some of the most common queries about boosting SoundCloud engagement:

1. Can you have fake SoundCloud plays and followers?

Yes, you can if you buy SoundCloud plays and followers from companies using fake accounts or bots. This practice violates the platform’s Terms of Use, which can lead to the suspension or even deletion of your SoundCloud account.

2. Why do people buy SoundCloud plays and followers?

The simple answer is to attract more followers, listeners, plays, or likes. As proven by the concept of social proof, humans mostly tend to copy the actions or opinions of the majority. For instance, people will more likely play and listen to or even like SoundCloud tracks with 50 likes than songs with only 10 SoundCloud likes.

3. How do you get real followers on SoundCloud?

Apart from buying real SoundCloud followers and real plays, there are several effective ways to attract real followers. One is to set up a SoundCloud profile with an attractive header and avatar that speaks your brand, music style, and personality.

Another trick is to make the most of your track and profile descriptions. Feel free to share your story or journey as an artist. You must also not ignore the power of various social media platforms.

Share your SoundCloud profile and write an enticing caption while making sure you encourage your Facebook followers and Instagram followers to share your music. Lastly, become a follower yourself. Follow like-minded creators, listen to their songs, and engage with them and their followers. The best site to buy SoundCloud plays and followers definitely goes to


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