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5 Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Followers (Real & Cheap)

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Best sites to buy Soundcloud followers




The best site to buy SoundCloud followers, according to my independent test, is



Getting popular on Soundcloud brings a lot of challenges. 

It’s a long and complex process requiring much patience and dedication.

Many have given up because they don’t want to waste time.

So, what can you do about it?

You can buy Soundcloud followers!

I researched 30 sites for buying Soundcloud followers and made a list of the best 5 sites to buy Soundcloud followers.



1. UseViral

UseViral sells Soundcloud followers

Score 9.7/10


UseViral offers a solution to boost your SoundCloud presence effectively. 

With their organic SoundCloud follower growth services, you can propel your tracks to the top of SoundCloud charts, gaining legit followers who genuinely engage with your music. 

This means numbers and real music enthusiasts who will listen to your tracks. 

UseViral understands that success on SoundCloud goes beyond numbers in the digital landscape. 

It’s about building a passionate fanbase and having your music heard, making them a valuable partner for any artist looking to make a meaningful impact on the platform.



  • Organic SoundCloud follower growth services.
  • Targeted follower demographics for your music.
  • Real and engaged followers.
  • Growth on other platforms and more plays.



  • Propel your tracks to the top of SoundCloud charts.
  • Turbocharge your profile with engaged SoundCloud fans.



  • Unpredictable impact on SoundCloud algorithm.


For more info, visit



2. Sidesmedia


Score 9.6/10


SidesMedia offers a pathway to elevate your SoundCloud account’s credibility. 

Their strategic approach empowers you to achieve SoundCloud stardom authentically. 

By choosing SidesMedia, you gain followers and enhance your music’s reputation within the SoundCloud community. 

With SidesMedia, your SoundCloud journey becomes a strategic step toward establishing your music as a recognized and respected force in the music industry itself and increasing SoundCloud plays.



  • Boost your music’s credibility on SoundCloud.
  • Increase your music’s reach and visibility.
  • Gain more SoundCloud plays, likes, and comments.



  • Achieve SoundCloud stardom with our strategic approach.
  • Elevate your music career with our expert guidance.
  • High likelihood of more plays.



  • Limited control over follower engagement.


For more info, visit



3. Growthoid


Score 9.3/10


Growthoid stands out by offering customizable follower growth packages that cater to your specific music style. 

Their approach goes beyond mere numbers; it’s about crafting tailored solutions that truly resonate with your unique sound. 

Generic strategies often fall short, Growthoid’s commitment to personalization sets them apart, they give you more followers on SoundCloud and more plays. 

They prioritize growth and meaningful engagement, positioning your music for success. 

With their high quality services and dedication to delivering results, Growthoid is not just about the service to buy SoundCloud followers.



  • Customizable follower growth packages.
  • Safe and secure follower acquisition methods.
  • SoundCloud algorithm-friendly strategies.



  • Tailored growth to match your unique music style.
  • High chance of more SoundCloud plays.
  • Cultivate an authentic and active fanbase organically.



  • Quality of followers on SoundCloud can vary.



4. Twesocial


Score 8.9/10


At Twesocial, your SoundCloud marketing goes beyond just buying followers. 

With an experienced SoundCloud promotion team at your service, you gain a competitive edge in the industry. 

Their cutting-edge methods attract followers on SoundCloud and engage the vibrant SoundCloud community. It’s not about generic strategies; it’s about connecting with real SoundCloud users who resonate with your music getting you SoundCloud plays. 

Twesocial understands that success on SoundCloud involves more than numbers; it’s about building genuine relationships and making your mark in a highly competitive musical landscape. 

Choose Twesocial to elevate your SoundCloud presence with a strategic and innovative approach.



  • .Experienced SoundCloud promotion team.
  • Fast and gradual follower delivery.
  • 24/7 customer support.



  • Beat the competition with our cutting-edge methods.
  • Boost your music’s impact and influence online.



  • Costs may add up over time.
  • No growth on other platforms.



5. Tokupgrade


Score 7.9/10


TokUpgrade offers a unique approach to SoundCloud follower acquisition, setting them apart in the market. 

Their data-driven techniques ensure that the followers you gain are not just numbers but real individuals interested in your music. 

With a commitment to avoiding fake followers, TokUpgrade focuses on organic traffic, allowing your music to flourish on SoundCloud. 

Their approach enables you to unleash your music’s full potential, harnessing the platform’s reach and power. 

It’s not just about the fact that you buy followers; it’s about strategically cultivating a dedicated fanbase, positioning your music for lasting success in the competitive SoundCloud landscape, and getting SoundCloud plays.



  • Affordable follower packages.
  • Proven track record of success.
  • Data-driven follower growth techniques.



  • Unleash your music’s full potential on SoundCloud.
  • Chance of increased SoundCloud plays.
  • Our team’s passion fuels your SoundCloud success.



  • Results may not meet expectations.


How Can You Buy Soundcloud Followers?

Here is a quick and easy guide for how to Buy real Soundcloud followers.

Step 1: Clearly Define Your Goals

Before diving into the process of purchasing followers, it’s imperative to outline your objectives. Are you aiming to enhance your profile’s credibility, draw in more listeners, or promote your music? 

Think about SoundCloud plays, comments, or followers on SoundCloud, which do you need? more plays or something else.

Step 2: Thoroughly Research Reliable Service Providers

Not all SoundCloud follower providers are created equal, so thorough research is essential. Seek out reputable companies in the music promotion industry. 

Delve into reviews, visit their websites, and verify their legitimacy. Chose providers that give more SoundCloud plays.

Step 3: Choose the Appropriate Package

Service providers typically offer various follower packages, often based on the number of followers you wish to acquire. Consider a payment method that is suitable for you.

Step 4: Share Your SoundCloud Profile Information

Once you’ve selected a package, provide the URL to your SoundCloud profile. This is where the followers you purchase will be added. 

Ensure that your profile settings permit follower additions, as certain profiles may have restrictions.

Step 5: Safely Complete the Payment

Proceed to the payment section and securely finalize the transaction. Reputable providers offer secure many payment method options, including credit/debit cards or PayPal. 

Always prioritize the security of the payment process before sharing any personal information.

Step 6: Await the Delivery of Followers

Following payment processing, the provider will initiate the delivery of followers to your profile. 

The delivery timeframe can vary depending on the chosen package and provider. Patience is essential during this phase.

Step 7: Actively Engage With Your New Followers

Once you’ve used the service to buy followers on SoundCloud, engage with them proactively by consistently sharing your music. 

Interaction with your target audience is vital for cultivating organic growth and maintaining their interest. Respond to comments, solicit feedback, and encourage discussions and more plays on the social media platform.


Reasons For Getting Soundcloud Followers

A significant follower count can make your SoundCloud profile appear more credible and enticing to potential listeners. 

New visitors are more likely to take your music seriously when they see a substantial following.

Using the service to buy followers on SoundCloud can improve the visibility of your tracks within SoundCloud’s algorithms. 

This increased exposure can lead to higher play counts, more likes, and greater chances of being featured on playlists or SoundCloud charts.

A larger follower base often attracts genuine listeners. 

When real users see that others are already interested in your music, they are more likely to follow you and engage with your tracks, contributing to organic growth.

High follower numbers serve as social proof of your music’s quality and popularity. 

It sends a positive signal to both industry professionals and fans that your music is worth exploring.


Is It Safe to Buy Soundcloud Followers?

Purchasing active SoundCloud followers from reputable services offers a secure avenue for artists to expand their online presence without compromising authenticity. 

These reputable providers prioritize organic promotion techniques that guarantee real followers who are genuinely interested in your music. 

This approach safeguards your SoundCloud account and enhances its credibility, as the acquired real followers on SoundCloud actively participate in the SoundCloud community.

Think of it as employing a specialized social media marketing services tailored to the SoundCloud platform. 

These services are well-versed in SoundCloud’s terms of service and guidelines, ensuring compliance and eliminating the risk of account suspension or penalties. 

One of the primary concerns when considering follower acquisition is the potential for receiving fake Soundcloud followers. 

Reputable services address this apprehension by delivering only authentic followers on SoundCloud who interact with your tracks and give you more SoundCloud plays. 

This bolsters your follower count and elevates track SoundCloud plays, likes, and comments – vital metrics that influence SoundCloud’s algorithm and improve discoverability.

It enables artists to enjoy the benefits of a larger, engaged target audience while preserving the integrity of their social media account. 



In conclusion, when you buy active SoundCloud followers it can provide a helpful boost to your music’s exposure and credibility, you gain more SoundCloud plays, and engagement. 

Remember to select reputable providers like the ones mentioned here, who prioritize authentic, engaged followers on SoundCloud and get you more plays on the social media platforms. 

However, when you buy active followers, always complement this strategy with organic growth efforts and audience engagement to ensure a well-rounded SoundCloud presence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is purchasing SoundCloud followers a legitimate strategy for music promotion and for my soundcloud account?

Yes, when done responsibly and with reputable providers, it can effectively boost your music’s visibility on SoundCloud.

How can purchasing SoundCloud followers benefit my career in the music industry?

If you buy active followers on SoundCloud, it can enhance your own social media networks credibility, attract more listeners, and make your tracks more discoverable to a wider audience.

Are the followers I purchase from these providers real users?

Reputable providers prioritize delivering organic followers who genuinely appreciate your music. Making it seem like you purchase SoundCloud plays.

Can buying SoundCloud followers help my tracks reach the top of SoundCloud charts?

Yes, if you buy SoundCloud plays or followers, it can significantly improve your tracks’ ranking and increase their chances of getting noticed by a larger audience.

How long does it take to see results after purchasing SoundCloud followers?

The delivery time varies based on the package and provider, but you can expect to see results within a reasonable timeframe.

Can I combine the service to buy followers with other SoundCloud promotion strategies?

Combining it with organic growth efforts and engagement strategies can yield the best results for your career and prove your success to other users. If you want to advance your strategy even further, buy SoundCloud plays.

Should I buy SoundCloud plays to get more plays?

You can opt for both services for a successful social media strategy. If you get more SoundCloud plays, it makes your social media profile look better, allowing you to record music and not focus on unimportant things.

Antonio an author at and a tech entrepreneur. You can find his blogging around the web and travelling around the globe!

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