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5 Factors That Influence the Choice of Student Housing

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student housing

The house that a student choose affects their overall campus life. It affects their studying and social life at university or college. Most students in New York City opt for off-campus apartments conveniently located at their institutions. Such off-campus accommodations are better than student housing inside the learning institution because the latter has cluttered closets, twin-sized beds, shared bathrooms, etc.

You’re here because you’re evaluating the two options. You want space, more privacy, and independence, thus the off-campus student housing option. However, not all off-campus housing is ideal. Because of that, there are certain factors that you should consider before signing the contract. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a perfect off-campus rental in New York City where you can also find Sanctuary Students accommodation.

1.      Budget

Students or their parents are responsible for off-campus housing. Therefore, evaluating whether you can afford to pay for that perfect apartment is essential. Your off-campus housing shouldn’t strain your budget. In fact, it shouldn’t take over 30 percent of your monthly income.

Learners and internees can find their dream student housing in New York at a reasonable price. But there are other costs associated with short-term housing beside the rent and moving expenses. These costs include the following:

Security Deposits: Most apartments require security deposits equivalent to one month’s rent. Property owners or managers demand a security deposit to cater to possible damages you might cause while staying in their building.

Parking Fees: Do you own a car? Some off-campus accommodations require their tenants to pay parking fees.

Utilities: The cost caters to electricity, water, trash services, internet, heating, cooling, etc. These costs are not always included in the monthly rent.

Pet Fees: Petlovers who move with their animal companions must be ready to pay an additional fee. The management may require them to pay a fee for bringing their dog or a cat.

Based on these possible charges, you should move into an apartment whose total amount doesn’t exceed 30 percent of your net income. If not, consider getting roommates so that you can share the total living cost.

2.      Location

Most houses near higher learning institutions tend to be costly because they’re just a few minutes walk from the camp. But the extra cost prevents you from getting late for lectures and allows you to replace a car with a bike. Even so, it’s crucial to pick an accommodation close to public transportation, walking routes, and bike paths. Such facilities allow you to commute to school even if you don’t own a bike or car.

Apart from campus accessibility, your off-campus housing should be strategically located near gas stations, food establishments, grocery stores, and more. Indeed your preferred off-campus apartment should allow you to access your classes and everyday necessities easily.

3.      Roommates

Most decent off-campus apartments are costly. However, that shouldn’t deter you from getting your dream housing. You can navigate that obstacle by getting a roommate to share living costs.

While getting a roommate is an excellent option, you should be careful when picking one. Here are the tips for picking your roommates wisely.

  • Get to know your roommate before you move in together
  • Pick a person with whom you share similar lifestyle and preferences to minimize friction
  • Find a roommate that is trustworthy because it ensures your valuables will safe
  • Living with a friend is better than living with a stranger because you already understand their class schedules, study habits, hygiene practices, financial standing, lifestyle preferences, leisure activities, etc

Sharing your space with someone you know minimizes the likelihood of friction, improves the safety of your belongings, and can make your life more exciting. Therefore get to know your roommates before moving in with them.

4.      Amenities

You’re looking for accommodation near campus because you want to have an easy time attending classes. Other things can enhance your stay in a particular off-campus apartment. Your student housing should provide amenities such as laundry facilities, entertainment, storage service, heating and cooling system without an extra fee. In fact, the more they’re, the better because they enhance your overall experience.

5.      Security and Safety

The rent, the location, the roommates, and the amenities are important factors to consider when searching for off-campus accommodation. But you shouldn’t compromise your safety because you should feel safe within your environment. So value and prioritize your comfort and peace of mind when choosing accommodation.

Here are the factors to consider when evaluating the security and safety of an off-campus apartment:

  • The location and neighborhood’s general atmosphere
  • The apartment’s entrance and exit
  • Whether the window and door locks work properly
  • How frequently the management changes the locks


The list of factors to consider when choosing off-campus accommodation is endless. They range from personal preferences, accommodations features, amenities, security measures, location, neighborhood, lifestyle needs, and much more.

While finding the ideal off-campus accommodation can be overwhelming, Outpost Club can help you get the right one near your college. You can share with them any questions or clarifications regarding student housing and they will help you get the best property near your institution.

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