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5 Questions You Must Ask Your eLearning Solutions Provider

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The cost of launching an eLearning initiative can be high. Everything relies on the specifics of the content and layout decided by the company. The requirements of one company will never be the same as those of another. By providing individualized instruction to workers in place of generic learning programs, your business will gain an advantage over its rivals. Before deciding on an eLearning solutions provider, consider the following questions.

Do You Offer Anything Else Besides Custom Corporate eLearning?

Many companies that advertise themselves as eLearning providers are generalists. After perusing their website, you’ll see that eLearning is listed as one of the solutions – they provide. You should be careful of providers who offer only online courses since they may not have the expertise to meet the unique requirements of your company’s eLearning program. If eLearning only constitutes a negligible portion of their business, they may prioritize other, more lucrative services above it.

Do end-users need special knowledge or preparation to use the eLearning tool effectively?

It is true that not all eLearning tools are created equal. On the other hand, more sophisticated eLearning platforms usually incorporate cutting-edge technology and implementations. When comparing eLearning solution providers, it’s essential to determine if your potential learners need special knowledge or skills to get the most out of their new learning management system, like Adobe Connect. Inquire about the vendor’s strategy for highlighting the most valuable aspects of the eLearning product.

Do you provide customized eLearning courses?

Each company establishes learning and development targets. Some businesses emphasize encouraging an environment conducive to learning, while others place a premium on helping workers become more proficient in their fields. Since your company’s L & D requirements are unique, an eLearning solution won’t have the built-in functionality and customization options you require. On the other hand, most SaaS companies tailor their cloud-based eLearning offerings to their client’s specific requirements. They also improve the program’s usefulness by combining it with other enterprise and eLearning tools.

Where can I learn more about the skills and experience of your staff?

An eLearning team is a group of people that can design and create digital courses. The organization providing the service should have a strong team of eLearning experts, developers, learning design and technology specialists, and quality analysts behind it. The team needs people with the right skills and experience (Instructional Designers should have a background in the field, as well as strong communication, visualization, and conceptual abilities) to comprehend, implement, and evaluate the goals and objectives of the project.

Do you provide supplementary digital content with your eLearning solutions?

Access to digital content in multiple formats is critical for L&D initiatives to succeed. These days, it’s common for cloud-based eLearning platforms to include writing tools for making new digital content. However, by going with a service that provides a complete eLearning suite, including a cloud-hosted digital library, a learning management system (LMS), and a virtual classroom platform, your company can save time and money. As a measure of the vendor’s digital library’s strength and quality, this is an essential inquiry to pose. The response will also shed light on the vendor’s approach to integrating digital libraries with your chosen eLearning platform.

What steps do you take after receiving an order, if any?

A dependable business will have a tried-and-true system in place. Developing an eLearning course is a team effort that needs input from everyone involved. The term “process” must be used to efficiently and effectively create eLearning. This is because “process” is the primary tool that facilitates communication, cooperation, and the smooth transition of the project from one stage to the next. Demand a presentation and evidence from the eLearning vendor to ensure a streamlined approach is in place.


Cloud-based eLearning solutions let your company save money on L&D while still providing all the benefits of flexibility, customization, and scalability. To establish a learning culture and turn L&D into a continuous activity, however, you must work with the best eLearning provider you can find. That’s why, when looking at several suppliers of, say, a learning management system, virtual classroom software, or online test software, it’s essential to ask the right questions.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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