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5 Surprising Facts about Esports That You Should Know

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Over the years, the gaming industry has been booming. Its demand is set to remain high going into the future. In fact, multiple opportunities keep on popping up in this space, thus keeping fans engaged and excited. eSports claims a larger share of that pie.

Surprisingly many people don’t know what eSports is and its concept. This article will tell more about this competitive video game playing. The 5 surprising facts about this explosive billion-dollar industry will help you enjoy playing your favorite games.

Let’s get started.

What is eSports?

eSports refers to highly competitive, organized video gaming. In this game, different teams or leagues compete in the same game, such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Madden NFL, Call of Duty, Overwatch, etc.

Millions of fans follow these gamers by watching the CS GO tournaments online, streaming on TV, or even attending a live event. You can watch your favorite gamers through streaming services such as Twitch.

Interesting Facts about eSports

1.      Video Games will be Part of The Olympics

Professional video game players can now face off in the Olympics like athletes. Virtual Series was launched during the 2021 Olympics using Gran Turismo. The relationship between the Olympics and eSports is set to evolve as new simulator software includes eSports events like sailing, rowing, cycling, baseball, and auto racing.

2.      Amazing Careers Opportunities

The gaming industry has many career opportunities for professional players, referees, coaches, marketers, content creators, team managers, event and tournament planners, etc. Indeed there is a job for nearly everyone.

3.      Plenty of Mobile-Based Competitions

Mobile games have been evolving as smartphones become accessible. As a result, the eSports industry continues to add more gaming events and tournaments on mobiles. The excitement originates from Southeast Asia and the West, where Free Fire and PUBG mobile, as well as the LBFF from Brazil, continues to attract TSM FTX and Team Liquid.

4.      Revamp the Hospitality Industry

The hospital industry was one of the most hit fields by the Covid-19 pandemic. The government restricted its citizens from traveling or gathering in hotels, bars, artistic venues, sporting events, or festivals. Because of those restrictions, eSports viewership skyrocketed. The industry continues to record tremendous growth even as stadium events start to draw large crowds.

5.      Availability of Different Types of Games

Over the years, people have viewed video games as violent. Interestingly eSports industry has different types of games, and more contenders continue to join the space. You can confirm that from the CSGO live score. Some popular games you can find here include sports games such as NGL, and FIFA, car racing, Rocket League, and deck-building games like Hearthstone.

Sports betting has become a golden opportunity in eSports, but sites must screen the age of fans. This ensures that only those of legal age access the betting sites.

In conclusion, eSports will continue to grow as people’s perception of the gaming industry changes. It’s hoped that professional players will participate in the future Olympics and that a variety of games will be available in eSports.

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