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5 Tips to Help You Learn English Quickly

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Learn English

English is a language used in international communication. Knowing this language increases your chances of entering the global workforce or joining the international marketplace. It also enables you to communicate with people when you visit abroad.

Additionally, the language can help you socialize with global citizens and enjoy entertainment produced and published in English. Indeed learning English can change your life. It exposes you to a great wealth of opportunities. Thankfully, you can learn English online in easy and fun ways.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1.      Read Widely

The internet has tons of content published in the English language. The social media platforms, websites, articles, or literature. Such content has a fair amount of juicy new vocabulary. Most new learners visit learn English online website because it has professional specialists that expose them to new words and expressions. You can quickly improve your speaking and writing skills because they don’t compromise the quality.

2.      Speak to Real People

People learn a new language so that they can use it to communicate. But the increased use of messaging platforms like WhatsApp has caused people to communicate without opening their mouths. Speaking with real people helps the new words that learn to stick in your head. You can seek out native speakers, take online classes or enroll in a course.

3.      Subscribe to Video-Sharing Platforms

Learn English in fun way

Learning English can be easy when you subscribe to video-sharing platforms like YouTube or podcasts. Such channels cover several topics, including cooking, parenting, politics, humor, etc.

You can listen to such videos when driving, commuting, or walking. Although the native accents might be difficult initially, stick to them until you start to understand.

4.      Write Down New Vocabulary

Learning a new language can be frustrating because you keep getting new things. But listing down a new word or phrase and practicing them can reduce the potential of forgetting them. So carry your funky notebook around or any other tool that can help you save new expressions.

It can be helpful if you write down a new word you read or hear as well as its meaning. Putting down a word/expression and its meaning will help you remember how to use it when away from the setting where you heard it.

5.      Ask Questions

Curiosity propels new English learners to fluency. So collect a lot of questions and ask your friends who are fluent in English. If you’re enrolled in a course with Langly, ask your teacher instead of sitting with your doubts. That’s the reason they’re there – to help you master English.

Alternatively, find answers in language websites, blogs, read through forums, or other learners if you’re learning alone. People will be happy to help you resolve your doubts.


Learning English is possible and can be fun. With the right strategy, you can quickly learn to speak and write this global language without boring exercises and routines.

The 5 tips mentioned above will help you learn this fun language. You can also enroll at Langly and study English anytime and anywhere.

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