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7 Proven Ways To Keep Your Developers Productive And Motivated

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The productivity and motivation of your employees depend on their ability to complete tasks efficiently and on time.

This article will discuss how to increase developer productivity and motivation and what tools help your team perform IBM i digital transformation efficiently and with minimal effort.

Regardless of what they need to do – develop a new project or perform application modernization – their attitude and qualifications are important factors.

Why Is It Important To Keep IMB i Digital Transformation Developers Productive and Motivated?

To be successful in the marketplace, companies must provide high-quality programs in a short time frame. This is only possible with motivated and productive programmers.

Success in developing and implementing IBM i digital transformation software projects directly depends on the engineers who produce them. They do their work faster and better if they are productive and motivated.

As a result, you can get the finished product earlier and with fewer errors. Thanks to this, you can reduce the cost of developing and maintaining the project and get high-quality software.

In addition, developers enjoy their work when they are productive and motivated. This keeps them interested and doing their jobs, reducing their chances of burnout.

So, taking care of developers is critical for a company, as productive and motivated programmers create a quality product while saving money.

What Are The Best Ways To Motivate Your IBM i Digital Transformation Developers And Improve Their Productivity?

To work effectively, programmers must constantly develop and learn new technologies. Sometimes their work can be enjoyable and exciting, and other times quite difficult or tedious. As a result, companies must make some effort to keep programmers engaged, motivated, and productive.

Now let’s look at some proven ways to motivate your developers to deliver quality projects and how to help them increase productivity.

Clearly Describe Tasks and Deadlines

For developers to clearly understand what they need to do, highlight progress, create precise tasks, and set deadlines for their implementation. Then, prioritize tasks.

If the project is too large, you should break it down into smaller parts that you can complete in one to two weeks.

Developments should be encouraged for the timely, successful completion of the task. Thus, they will constantly see their work’s results, allowing them to stay motivated and feel job satisfaction.

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Each team member must receive an individual role and goals they must strive to meet. This will allow each employee to be independently responsible for the performance of their tasks.

In addition, make a list of rules that every developer must follow. This may be the code writing style or code documentation.

Hold regular meetings where you can discuss the progress of the tasks and the problems the developers are facing.

Use New Technologies

In the modern world, technology is developing very rapidly. Most developers like to learn and try new things in their work. However, the technologies with which they will work are critical when choosing a place of work.

If you are willing to invest in using the latest technology and training programmers, they can learn and develop, which makes them feel motivated.

Programmers can use learned technologies to develop their projects, which benefits the company.

Provide Developers With The Right Tools

In developers’ work, they use a lot of additional software. These are tools for developing, testing, debugging and profiling software, project management tools, version control systems, etc. Using the right tools allows developers to deliver quality products quickly and with less effort.

When choosing such tools, it is crucial to consider their functionality, scalability, traceability, customization, and compatibility with other tools.

The right choice of auxiliary systems allows you to simplify the process and reduce software development time, facilitating the interaction between team members. This will enable programmers to complete tasks efficiently and be less tired.

Encourage Open Communication and Feedback

Establishing communications with your team is essential to effective team management. Therefore, you should regularly evaluate performance and provide feedback after completing each project phase.

This way, developers will know what they are doing well and where to improve. In addition, problems should be discussed and resolved promptly.

Train Your Developers

Programmers like to learn new technologies and develop. In addition, professional development increases their productivity. However, most of the employees may need more time for training.

For your employees’ professional development, you should consider conducting various courses, training, and events in your company. You can also allocate part of the working time for the self-training of employees.

Thus, you can expand the set of skills that developers will use when implementing projects. In addition, it allows them to do their jobs even better and increase their productivity.

In addition to learning technical tools, other skills, such as leadership, interpersonal communication, management, etc., can also be developed.

Create The Optimal Working Environment

Programming requires long periods of intense concentration. A lot of distracting factors can negatively affect the productivity of programmers. Therefore, you should create a work environment with as few distractions as possible.

Different people are productive at different times. For example, someone quickly performs work in the morning and gets tired during the day. Other people can concentrate only in the evening.

Therefore, you should consider a flexible work schedule that suits each team member. In such a schedule, it is essential to set a time when the whole team can get together to discuss important tasks.

When organizing the workspace in the office, ensure there is as little extraneous noise as possible. Give every developer headphones, as listening to music can help them focus.

Minimize chats that do not deal with urgent tasks and limit the number of calls developers should attend, as this distracts programmers and prevents them from working productively.


Which Tools and Technologies Can We Use To Improve IBM i Digital Transformation Programmers’ Productivity?

There are various software tools designed to increase the productivity of programmers. So let’s look at some of these tools that allow you to quickly and efficiently work with IBM i applications.

Rocket Software

Rocket lets you modernize IBM i applications with user interfaces and reusable components. This allows critical applications to run online.

Fresche Solutions

Fresche Solutions allows you to modernize IBM i applications and convert them to standard portable code in Java or PHP. It also supports application security and usability testing. Also, it has a modern, user-friendly web interface.

Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA is an IBM i digital transformation software that allows you to create mobile, web, and desktop applications ten times faster than traditional coding. It is easy to learn and lets you do a lot of work with minimum code.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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