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7 tips for softening rough and dry feet

kokou adzo



softening rough and dry feet

Extract: Moisturizers containing urea are highly effective for rough skin.

Athletes often struggle with maintaining healthy feet due to constant strain and conditions leading to dryness and roughness. This issue is not merely cosmetic; it can escalate into a health problem that might affect athletic performance.

Bearing this in mind, we present a series of dermatologist-approved tips to improve your skin’s texture and keep your feet soft and healthy. Proper foot care is crucial for your sports activities. Let’s get started!

Consult a dermatologist for a professional examination

Any skin care treatment should begin with a professional consultation, especially for persistent or severe issues.

Dermatologists can diagnose conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, which might require specialized treatment. In severe cases, they may recommend treatments like foot-specific chemical peels. They can also prescribe creams with higher concentrations of active ingredients, like those from Avanza Skin, for more effective results.

For individuals with health conditions such as diabetes, a dermatologist will recommend suitable care procedures.

Regular exfoliation to remove dead cells

Exfoliation is essential for removing the superficial layer of dead cells that accumulate, particularly on the feet, leading to a dull and rough appearance. This issue may be exacerbated in athletes due to the repetitive use of enclosed footwear and constant pressure during exercise.

  • Therefore, dermatologists highly recommend exfoliation, which can be done at home once any infections or other significant health issues are cleared.
  • Using a gentle, foot-specific exfoliant or a natural-bristled brush during bathing helps prevent buildup and improves moisturizer absorption.

Pre-exfoliation soaking to soften the skin

Soaking your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes before exfoliating can soften the skin, making easier to remove dead cells and calluses. This step is especially helpful when thick layers of dry skin have built up due to friction and pressure.

  • Adding essential oils to the water can enhance the relaxing effect and better prepare the skin for further care.
  • After the rough patches have softened, use a gentle exfoliant to remove them and avoid abrasive tools that could cause injuries.
  • Remember, achieving healthy and gentle results requires consistency and patience in your exfoliation routine.

Deep moisturization with urea-based creams

Urea, known for its moisturizing and keratolytic properties, is excellent for treating dry skin on the feet. It helps retain moisture and break down the thick layer of keratin in rough skin. It’s highly recommended to apply a urea-based foot cream after exfoliating to keep the skin soft and supple.


Such creams also help prevent cracks in athletes’ feet by maintaining necessary elasticity in high-impact areas. Ensure that the products you use are dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, and developed in specialized laboratories.

Wear socks overnight

Wearing socks after applying a generous amount of moisturizer may seem minor, but is significantly impactful. It helps retain hydration, allowing it to work effectively during rest.

This practice is ideal for athletes, facilitating intensive recovery and optimal regeneration of foot skin during rest periods.

softening rough and dry feet

Avoid contact with hot water

While hot water can be relaxing, it is detrimental to dry skin because it strips away natural oils. It’s best to use warm water and avoid prolonged showers or hot baths to preserve the skin barrier, which is crucial for keeping feet hydrated and protected.

Protect your feet from external agents that can damage them

It is crucial to protect your feet from external factors that can worsen dryness and cracking.

Proper footwear is essential for athletes, providing support and enough room to prevent excessive compression. Opt for shoes made from breathable materials to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to dryness and infections. Moreover, always protect your feet from the sun and rough surfaces by applying sunscreen as needed.


There are other factors in which it is important to pay special attention to avoid dryness and cracking or worsening the current condition you may already have. For example:

Additional tips for skin care

In addition to these steps, maintaining proper hydration by drinking sufficient water and eating a nutrient-rich diet are essential for complementing external skin care. Additionally, managing stress and avoiding harmful habits like smoking are vital for overall skin health and enhancing the effectiveness of your foot care routine.


We are confident these tips will help keep your feet soft and healthy, crucial for improving their function and resilience in sports. Remember to consult a dermatologist regularly to rule out any significant health issues and dedicate time to proper foot care.



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