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8 Innovative Ways to Use Content Marketing to Drive Sales

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It has been repeatedly said that content is king, and also compelling content is a vital element of any marketing strategy. That means you must generate valuable content that your audience craves, and they should be able to find it organically when they search online for recommendations before making a purchase.

So should you frequently post on all social media platforms? Well, you can do that, but there is more to content marketing. Actually, you can increase sales, generate leads, build credibility, improve brand awareness, increase web traffic and engagement by simply telling the potential customers how your offerings serve their needs better than what is offered by your competitor.

So create consumers’ attention-grabbing content in order to tempt them to visit your website to buy your products or subscribe to your services. The post has prepared 8 ways you can use content marketing to bring in customers to your business.

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Consistently Write First-Class Content

First-class articles denote skyscrapers, evergreen or simply the very best material. Writing highly researched, long posts can greatly improve your client rankings. That means you can create an informative long page of content ranging between 1,500 to 3,000 words, and with highly valued keywords can be rewarding.

So let your title, introduction, and conclusion hook your readers the same way an outstanding college graduation speech gets a standing ovation. It’s important to understand it’s only 20% of your audience will click on the link to read the entire article. The remaining 80% will walk away after looking at the headline.

So use the 15 seconds that users spend on a website to convince them to read your post to the end, which can only happen if you have a fantastic title and captivating introduction.

Equip Your Resources Page

This is a revenue-generating page. It’s a special page that contains the materials and tools that you use to run your business.

A resource page can help you capture leads more than an affiliate program can do. You can put high-end webinars, short reports, valuable e-books and whitepapers to educate your ideal customers.

Further, adequately equipping your resource page with free, valuable content can inspire your customers to subscribe to premium services. This may take some time but don’t give up because you’re making the world better using free valuable information.

Use User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is the content that your consumers produce and shares publicly. They can do this on your website or blog, but you can also collect reviews or conduct an online survey, group or forum discussions. Alternatively, you can create branded hashtags and ask your customers to share their experiences.

UGC is a fantastic way of understanding your customer persona better; it serves as credible social proof. So these content pieces will increase dwell time, boost website engagement, build brand credibility and improve sales.

Increase the Points of Contact

As much as you need to create blogs to target your readers, you have to keep them coming for more content. That means you have to ensure that they will be there for the next issue. So how can you do that?

That is by creating more points of contact or touchpoints to help them reach you quickly and easily. A productive customer experience is what your business needs, and through the set contact points, your audience can become your brand ambassadors.

Be Part of Interactive Platforms

Discussion forums and groups are good content marketing channels. These are avenues where people find helpful information on interesting topics.

You will realize that experts in your industry or niche are active in online groups. Through such forums, they are able to offer valuable answers and insightful information to participants’ questions. On the other hand, customers are more likely to buy from their companies as opposed to those that are not active in the community.

Quora is an excellent example of a community where people gets solutions to their problems. Joining such an online community can help you provide answers and link them to helpful content from your blog, thus increase your brand visibility and drive more sales.

Guest Blogging

Content creators have been using guest blogging to get links in order to enhance their rankings. However, you can use guest blogging to build your audience. So make guest blogging an avenue for giving value to the already established audience and motivate them to visit your site.

Publish high-quality content in highly reputable and visibility sites because they have already influenced their customers, have evergreen and highly shareable content, which will have a positive effect on your blog.

Utilize Product Listings

Product listings entail shortlisting your materials either in terms of pricing, popularity, categories, number of sales, tags, alphabetically and so on.

That means you should provide brief information about each product you are selling to help your buyers make buying decisions quickly and easily.

Remember, your competitors have also listed their products, but now you have to be creative and do things differently to increase sales. Thus offering more insightful product data will improve your content marketing tactics, search visibility and rankings.

Curate Content from Industry Experts

You don’t have to fill your website with your own content; instead, you can curate or compile posts from trusted sources, particularly those related to your niche. Sharing content from trusted sources helps you showcase your desire to give your audience value and build trust.  Therefore curation inspires your audience to keep visiting your site time and again.


Content marketing merges creativity, knowledge and experience. Generating evergreen content drives web traffic which translates to increased sales.

So use different techniques to persuade your audience into becoming customers because content strategy is not a one-size-fits-all. In the end, your giveaways will reward you by attracting high-paying clients to your online business.

Therefore don’t stop generating webinars, video and eBook to educate and qualify your potential customers. Instead, publish them on your site, social media, and reputable sites with an already established audience.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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