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8 Shipping Container Business Ideas To Consider In 2021

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Shipping Container

The cost of construction materials has gone up compared to a few years ago. Furthermore, any construction project needs heaps of planning with the inclusion of construction labor. If you need to construct a small structure, it might be expensive for you.  

However, there is a solution for you lest you need to start a small business that needs a small space. In this case, you may consider buying or renting a shipping container. Perhaps, you might be owning one that you don’t know how you can use it. Well, this is the opportunity for you to use it commercially by beginning a business in it.

There are few shipping lines or container selling deports in New Zealand like Royal Wolf, where you can hire or buy a shipping container. Well, if you’re wondering the kind of businesses that you can begin in a shipping container, here are some great and budget-friendly ideas for you:

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1. Coffee Shop

Among the most captivating aspects of coffee houses is the ambiance they create. Thus, you can repurpose your shipping container by designing it to give the atmosphere of a coffee shop. A shipping container gives you a versatile and cheap building option which also makes your coffee kiosk different from your competitors.  With a unique and modern design paired with pleasing furniture, your very own coffee shop will be Instagrammable. With this, customers will be delighted to have their daily dose of coffee in your shop.

2. Office Space

The price of office space is costly these days. Once you put an office in your container, you forget about the monthly rent that you should pay. After all, you might be needing a temporary office, as building one or hiring might not be economical. For instance, you might be doing a construction project somewhere where you need some office space for your operations at the site.

A shipping container might be a handy option as you need to transport your container to the site and design it for an office. Furthermore, you can relocate this container to another area once you have completed the project.

Besides, you can use a shipping container office as a storage facility if you’re running an online store.

3. Smartphone Accessories Shop

If you happen to be a tech enthusiast, you can consider opening a shop dealing in smartphone accessories. A shop of this kind would sell items such as smartphones, data storage devices (SD cards, SD card slot, or USB micro-B flash drive), external batteries, chargers, selfie sticks, USB cables, smartphone tripod mount, among other accessories.

4. Beach Bar

If by any chance you live close to the beach, you can strategically position a beach bar next in your area. Apart from selling alcoholic drinks, you can also sell barbecue fast foods. Fortunately, there are many beaches in New Zealand and other countries where you can start a beach bar. This can be a very promising business as tourists are likely to spend a lot while they’re having a vacation. Thus, you can take advantage of the good population of tourists in your coast.

5. Electronic Repair Shop

If you’ve got great skills in repairing electronic items such as phones, car radios, whopper systems, microwaves, or fridges, a shipping container is a suitable space for your repair shop. In most cases, this kind of business doesn’t need large spaces. Thus, you can partition your shipping container and start another business in the other partitions. You can set up this business in your local community not necessarily at a shopping center.

6. Book Store

You can conveniently serve your immediate community by beginning a book store in a shipping container. You can stock items like books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, postcards/greeting cards, writing pads among other stationeries. It would be good to do a feasibility study to ensure that where you’re opening a book store has a good market, especially students and office staffs.

7. Shoe Repair Outlet

With everyone you see wearing shoes, a shoe repair business can be started anywhere and grow extensively. You can deal in all types of shoes such as; pure leather, fabric, rubber, or synthetic leader. The good thing with this nature of business is that shoes are subject to wear and tear. With this, you can get a good market for shoe repair in your community or from the nearby shopping center.

8. Hotel

A hotel is a choice that allows you to come up with aesthetically appealing designs that give an eco-friendly living. A shipping container offers you an empty slate to create a superb architectural design. Regardless of whether you love an industrial-themed hotel, inspirational living area, artistic space, or a solar-powered hostel, a shipping container might be the best bet for you.

Wrapping Up 

As the business world gets diverse and evolving, being practical is advised. Engaging in a business regardless its size and nature entail several things to consider. One of which is your business space. While there are few people who have taken for granted the potential of their owned shipping containers as a business space, you might want to grab that idea. There are several options that you can put a shipping container into. A good option for you would be to start a business right in your local community or at a shopping center. Well, this article is a masterpiece that you can use to choose a business idea for you.


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