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How AI Transcription Software Can Help To Grow Your Startup

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AI Transcription Software

AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the best and most beneficial products of modern technology. In detail, AI helps large and small businesses analyze data sets to understand sales patterns and forecast market trends. Also, it enables organizations to automate tasks, thus reducing labor costs and improving efficiency.

Aside from that, it makes devices and apps for end-users adaptive, faster to use, and more capable. Moreover, if you’re interested in its impact on new businesses, please read on. Below, we’ll discuss how AI applications, specifically transcription software, can help startups grow.

Advantages Of AI Transcription Software In The Working Process

More effective online meetings

In every business, meetings are essential to communicate ideas, resolve conflicts, discuss methods, and present results. Considering this, it’s clear that more effective meetings can yield more benefits.

Not long ago, where company operations were primarily on-site, it’s easier to delegate a meeting overseer and a transcriptionist. However, as organizations expand, conducting meetings became a chore, especially that employees now work remotely, from home or in different countries. Thankfully, many transcription software in the market makes such tasks more manageable.

Using an AI-powered transcription program, one can easily convert audio recordings from conferencing tools, like Zoom, into editable text. Moreover, unlike standard transcription services, AI makes these new versions faster and more accurate. Above all, one can efficiently process larger-sized recordings without noticeable slowdowns, waiting time, and trade-offs.

As a result, conferences can be shorter as speakers won’t have to repeat points since recordings are readily convertible into readable documents for references. Also, a meeting facilitator can quickly transcribe audio, providing more free time for other essential tasks. As AI brings higher accuracy, the final transcription can preserve the integrity of the messages and information from a discussion. Expectedly, these benefits will make meetings more effective and time-efficient for startups where every second matters.

Sales growth acceleration

Aside from improving methods, AI transcription software can also help accelerate sales growth. However, while it’s not a direct application, the benefits will affect the company and employees’ performance, which helps attain more revenue. Using an automatic audio to text converter, a company can boost its sales and support teams.

With automatic transcription software it’s easy to transform meeting data or spoken recommendations into actionable methods. In turn, these methods will then reach the sales team for translation into marketing steps, promotions, and plans. Again, as AI improves accuracy, a transcription tool will preserve the messages from meeting decisions or executive calls, resulting in more accurate sales team interpretation.

Regarding customer service, transcription tools can help both the clients and the support team. First, a staff can transcribe conversations for references to solve issues quicker. Accordingly, the staff won’t have to ask repeatedly, making calls shorter. Next, it’s easier for the support team to read transcriptions of numerous query entries than listen to long audio recordings. In summary, AI transcription software is beneficial for business management, particularly empowering staff and executives.

Also, you can always check who is calling you with a reverse phone lookup website to protect your business from scams.

Better SEO performance

While corporations use SEO or Search Engine Optimization primarily to boost sales, many startups and online businesses rely on it to gain traction. However, while search engines can quickly analyze articles and written posts, they still face difficulties referencing audio and videos. So, it would be useful to transcribe media files so search engines can display them in search results without issues.

When outsourcing promotional creations, chances are, there are no included transcriptions. In this case, using AI transcription software can help add captions under or inside media players. Also, it would help when dealing with documentaries, podcasts, or other long-form media files where manual transcription might be tedious, or inefficient.

Empower Your Startup and Succeed

Aside from using AI-powered applications, specifically transcription tools, staying updated on innovations can benefit companies significantly. In other words, adopting promising tech will help businesses, including startups, try or transition into new types of production, management, marketing, and customer interactions.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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