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Best Practices For Leveraging Data To Drive Business Growth

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Data-driven decisions are essential for any business looking to grow. How do you get started? What are the best practices for leveraging data to drive business growth? Profisee takes a look at some of them below.

Understand Your Data Sources

Understanding your data sources is the first step in leveraging data for business growth. Where is the data coming from? Are you pulling it from customer surveys, website metrics, or third-party vendors? Knowing where your data comes from will help you determine which insights you can gain from it and how reliable they are. It’s also essential to understand the limitations of your data sources so that you don’t come up with inaccurate conclusions.

Invest In Analytics Tools

Once you understand your data sources, the next step is investing in analytics tools to help you understand your data sources. Various analytics tools are available on the market, ranging from simple spreadsheet software to complex AI-driven solutions. Regardless of your choice, investing in analytics tools will enable you to process large amounts of data and extract meaningful insights.

Develop A Data Strategy

Having a clear strategy for leveraging data is crucial in driving business growth. It means having a plan for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data that businesses can use effectively to inform decisions and drive actionable results. A good strategy should include clearly defined goals for what you want to achieve with your data and concrete steps for achieving those goals. It should also include methods for tracking progress toward those goals so that businesses can make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily.

Define Your Metrics

When measuring success with your data strategy, metrics are essential. Having clearly defined metrics allows you to track progress towards objectively achieving your goals and will enable you to quickly identify areas where you need to make improvements or adjust tactics. Some common metrics used by businesses today include customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (LTV), customer retention rate (CRR), churn rate (CR), cost per lead (CPL), conversion rate (CRO), average order value (AOV), return on investment (ROI), etc. Defining which metrics matter most for your business will help you focus your efforts on achieving measurable results rather than chasing vanity numbers such as website visits or likes/shares/comments on social media posts.

Automate Processes Where Possible

Manually analyzing large amounts of raw data can be time-consuming and tedious—not to mention prone to human error—so automating processes wherever possible is vital when leveraging data for business growth. Automating processes such as gathering customer feedback or analyzing website usage patterns saves time while improving accuracy since there’s no risk of human error skewing the results. Depending on the project’s complexity, investing in automation technology may require a significant upfront cost. Still, the long-term benefits usually outweigh this initial investment several times over due to its ability to expedite workflows while reducing labor costs associated with manual labor tasks like transcribing audio recordings or validating survey responses against company standards.

Utilize AI & Machine Learning Technologies 

AI and machine learning technologies have revolutionized the way businesses leverage their data. By utilizing these technologies, companies can now use algorithms that detect patterns and relationships between various pieces of information and then use that information to generate better predictions about future outcomes. For example, you can use AI and machine learning to predict customer behavior based on previous interactions with products and services offered by the company. Companies can develop more tailored offers and promotions that will likely resonate with customers and drive higher engagement levels, ultimately leading to increased sales figures.



Profisee believes properly leveraging data can significantly impact businesses looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase sales revenue, create new products & service offerings, etc. Still, proper implementation is vital to achieving your desired outcomes. By following the best practices above, businesses will have all the necessary resources required to realize their full potential & unlock hidden opportunities using their existing datasets.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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