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[Best Way] How to Recover WhatsApp Chat without Backup

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how to recover whatsapp chats without backup


You have often seen a pop-up notification of backup in WhatsApp, but in most cases, people ignore it. They thought it was just an unnecessary thing that only consumed our data. But do you know how important it is? If you have a backup of your WhatsApp chat, then you can restore it whenever you lose your WhatsApp chat.

These are various circumstances which may lead to the loss of WhatsApp chat:

  • When you uninstall WhatsApp from your device and then reinstall it, after reinstallation, you will notice that all your old chats are deleted even after you log in with the same WhatsApp account.
  • WhatsApp has a new feature of disappearing messages after a certain period. If this feature is enabled in your WhatsApp, then you will notice that your WhatsApp messages disappear after a certain period.
  • Previously you deleted that chat, but now you need it.
  • Sometimes, when your phone gets damaged, you can lose your data while repairing it.

Now the question is, can we recover the WhatsApp chat when we do not have a backup of it both in Android and iPhone?

YES, you can recover the deleted WhatsApp chat without any backup on Android and iPhone.

An Essential Way to Recover WhatsApp Chat on iPhone and Android

Here you should first talk about there is an ultimate way to recover deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone and Android without backup. Furthermore, iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp) can also allow WhatsApp user to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive directly. After talk about the amazing features, you should also list all the features.

If you have lost your WhatsApp chat and do not have a backup, then you don’t have to worry because there is an ultimate way to recover WhatsApp chats without backup in Android and iPhone. iToolab RecoverGo is an easy-to-use recovery software that helps users restore deleted WhatsApp chats easily. It can be used for Android and iPhone, and the process of restoring chats is also the same.

Outstanding Features of iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp)

  • With this tool’s help, you can easily restore the deleted WhatsApp chat whether you use Android or iPhone.
  • Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive and see the backup. It is also helpful in restoring the data from Google drive too in Android easily. You can even see the backup
  • You can restore your WhatsApp backup from iTunes with this tool on your iPhone.
  • The tool can easily backup WhatsApp data to the computer without overwriting the previous backups.
  • iToolab RecoverGo software supports latest version of both Android and iPhone.
  • It offers 100% recovery rate and safety. This tool can successfully recover your WhatsApp chats without affecting any other data.

Steps for recovering WhatsApp chats

The following steps should be followed to recover the deleted WhatsApp chats on Android and iPhone:

Step 1: Download and install the RecoverGo (WhatsApp) software on your PC. After downloading, select the “Recover deleted WhatsApp data from device” feature.

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Step 2: Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable and select the account whose data you want to recover.

select whatsapp account


Step 3: Then RecoverGo will start scanning the data of that account. When scanning is complete, click “OK” to check the data.

recover whatsapp chats without backup recovergo whatsapp

Step 4: For recovering the chats, select the data you want to recover and then click on the “Recover” option. All your WhatsApp chats will be saved to the PC.

recover whatsapp chats without backup completed


Following these simple steps, you can recover WhatsApp chats without a backup.

Important Note: When you create a new Google Account, Google’s previous backup of your data is overwritten. So, there is no way to restore the older backups, but RecoverGo (WhatsApp) can help you with this. In iPhone, iCloud is used to store data and photos but has limited storage. Users need more storage in iCloud, so they do not save their backup in this and use this amazing software instead.

Also Know: Can You Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive?

Users cannot download the backups directly from Google Drive, nor can they read the details of the backups. So, it became difficult when they want to restore the data. In that case, RecoverGo (WhatsApp) helps in restoring the backup from Google Drive.

The following steps should be followed to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive:

If you have the option of auto backup in your WhatsApp, then you can also restore it from Google Drive by following these steps:

Step 1: Select the option of “Recover WhatsApp data from Google drive” from the main interface.

download whatsapp backup from google drive recovergo whatsapp

Step 2: Sign in to the Google Account. You can choose the Cloud login or Local login method.

sign in to google account


Step 3: You will see the list of all the backups in the interface after successfully signing in. Then select the file which you want to restore and click on the “Download” option.

download whatsapp backup from google drive complete



When talking about recover WhatsApp chats without backup, the only way left to you is using third-party tool to get this problem done. The most important thing is how to choose a good software. That’s why we introduce you iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp), as is one of the safest and fastest tools to recover WhatsApp chats with or without backup. And it can be adapted to the latest iPhone and Android systems, so it has almost no drawbacks.

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    12/26/2022 at 5:45 am

    What is the price of the software? I am from Mumbai, India.

  2. Bhupendra

    12/26/2022 at 5:46 am

    I lost whatsup backup from drive , is it possible to recover, I am also not having any backup

  3. PrincessD

    12/28/2022 at 4:29 pm

    Can I download the RecoveryGo (WhatsApp) software on my android phone.

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