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Business advice for startups

The true definition of ‘startup’ is disputed amongst many, but the real meaning, and our main goal at Motion Paradox, is turning your business idea into a reality. The title of startup doesn’t expire, but it isn’t one that many entrepreneurs want to retain for too long. If your startup is a success, you have a trusted business method which works, and you have sourced the very best products, your startup will graduate to become a company.

We found that between the months of March 2020 and February 2021, there was a significant 50% increase in Google search volumes for the term “start a business”. With so many wanting to begin a new venture, London based Motion Paradox wants to help turn these great ideas into successful startups. As once an entrepreneurial startup and now a successful law firm, specialising in legal and business consultancy, we know the challenges that lay ahead for all. So we created a useful guide exploring the basics, advice, and how to protect yourself and your startup with the aim of helping you to navigate the wide world of business.

Prior to doing absolutely anything, set aside time to undertake extensive research, analyse to find potential product gaps in the market and establish if there any market competitors who offer an existing, successful solution. Having this vital information will help you to lay solid groundwork and increase the chances of your success.

Protect everything. We understand the first-hand the importance of a clear and structured operational and legal strategy. Intellectual property encompasses the subjects of trademark, copyright, patents, and trade secrets. This means that uses of registered designs, trademarks, certain elements are protected by law and should anyone use it without the owner’s permission, it is a criminal offence.

We have a range of bespoke solutions available, e.g., legal drafting and due diligence, at any stage in your growth and development to protect your business. Our services ensure that you are operating correctly and will prevent you from avoid falling prey to your own success, as without structure and governance, an already successful company cannot easily and effectively continue to move forward and transform.

Forbes highlighted their top 25 tips for a startup, and we have handpicked what we think are some of the most notable.

  1. Have a clear business roadmap from the outset
  2. Form strong relationships with suppliers, delivery companies, manufacturers etc.
  3. Choose your team wisely as they play an integral role in the success of your startup
  4. Solve real world problems with your product. Always remember to ask yourself ‘why would the consumer want this product?’ ‘why would they care?’ at each stage, as this will help you to narrow down to your key message and purpose
  5. Trust yourself, be patient and enjoy the process. You have worked so hard to get to this point, so it’s a privilege to watch it unfold before your eyes

Whether your venture is in beauty, technology, science, or sports, you now have a wealth of highly credible startup advice at your fingertips to help you succeed. We at Motion Paradox wish you all the best and should you need expert legal assistance, we’re always more than happy to help you.

Written by Motion Paradox.

We are a team of writers passionate about innovation and entrepreneur lifestyle. We are devoted to providing you the best insight into innovation trends and startups.

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