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10 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Shorts Views (Real and Safe)

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Buy YouTube shorts views

When creating YouTube shorts, it can be hard to gather views.

Most shorts go unnoticed with only a few views…

You may feel like giving up, like most people.

Is there a solution to this?

Yes, you can buy YouTube shorts views and boost your engagement.

Let’s go over the list!


Summary of the top 5 sites to buy shorts views:



10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Shorts Views

I tested 55 sites that sell YouTube shorts and found the ten best providers.


1. UseViral 

Best site to buy YouTube shorts views

Best site to buy YouTube shorts views

In YouTube content promotion, UseViral is the best choice for acquiring YouTube short views. 

With many features that set it apart, including enhanced YouTube analytics, this platform offers content creators a valuable tool for boosting their shorts’ visibility. 

By providing comprehensive insights into YouTube shorts video performance, UseViral enables creators to refine their content strategy, leading to improved click-through rates. 

It’s a strategic approach to enhancing the discoverability of YouTube shorts that aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of content promotion without the need for clichéd digital world references.


  • Long-Lasting Video Impact
  • Enhanced YouTube Analytics
  • Professional YouTube Shorts Video Promotion
  • You can checkout with Credit Card of using PayPal


  • Improved Click-Through Rates
  • More Genuine and Efficient Traffic on Your YouTube Shorts.


  • Limited audience engagement data.


2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia offers a unique advantage with its high-performing viewership, making it a valuable choice for those seeking to buy YouTube shorts views. 

Their service lets you tap into a responsive audience, enhancing your video’s reach and engagement. 

With SidesMedia, you can quickly expand your influence within your niche, thanks to their quality viewership. 

This can be a strategic move to bolster your presence on the platform, gain visibility for your shorts, and potentially attract a broader audience interested in your content without relying on overused digital clichés.


  • Competitive Edge in Shorts
  • Organic Audience Growth
  • High-Performing Viewership


  • Enhanced Social Media Integration
  • Expanded Influence in Niche


  • Risk of unsubscribed viewers.


3. Growthoid

Growthoid, an efficient service for boosting YouTube shorts views, elevates content visibility. 

It offers the short video content creator a valuable tool to enhance the reach and impact of their shorts. 

By increasing view counts, Growthoid improves content aesthetics and attracts a broader audience, fostering engagement and discovery. 

Organically enhancing the visibility of shorts empowers creators to break through the competitive landscape and capture viewers’ attention more effectively. 

Ultimately, Growthoid’s services play a pivotal role in shaping the success of YouTube shorts in today’s content-driven environment.


  • Enhanced Video Likes
  • Elevate Channel Reputation
  • Enhanced Content Visibility


  • Improved Content Aesthetics
  • Amplified YouTube shorts Video Discoverability


  • Minimal viewer feedback.


4. Twesocial 

Ranked fourth on our list of top sites to buy YouTube shorts views, Twesocial offers unique features that can enhance your shorts’ performance. 

With a focus on improving video comments, Twesocial encourages meaningful engagement from viewers. 

This engagement boosts your video’s visibility and contributes to a thriving community around your content. 

Moreover, one notable advantage is the potential for increased revenue from ads. 

As your shorts gain more comments and interaction, they become more appealing to advertisers, opening up opportunities for monetization and enhancing your overall YouTube shorts experience.


  • Boost Channel Subscriptions
  • Increased Watch Time
  • Improved YouTube Shorts Video Comments


  • Better Video Ranking in Search Results
  • Increased Revenue from Ads


  • It may not boost channel authority.


5. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade offers a compelling solution for content creators looking to enhance their YouTube Shorts’ performance. 

TokUpgrade stands out in short-form video promotion with a feature set that encourages user engagement. 

By boosting the visibility of your YouTube shorts, this YouTube shorts views service helps your content reach a broader audience. 

It achieves this by attracting viewers who are more likely to interact with your YouTube shorts, leaving likes, comments, and shares. 

This improves content visibility and enhances your video’s appeal to the algorithm, potentially increasing its chances of going viral. 

TokUpgrade provides a strategic approach to maximize the impact of your YouTube Shorts.


  • Global Viewer Base
  • Higher YouTube Shorts Video Ranking
  • Encourage User Engagement


  • Enhanced Video Sharing Potential
  • Improved Content Visibility


  • It may not encourage content creation.


6. BuyCheapestFollowers

Amidst the diverse landscape of content creation, BuyCheapestFollowers emerges as a platform offering a unique edge for YouTube creators. 

With a focus on elevating your video discoverability, this service aims to put your content in the spotlight. 

By boosting your YouTube Shorts views, BuyCheapestFollowers allows creators to enhance their channel’s visibility and engagement. 

While the platform doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it aligns with the evolving needs of creators seeking an edge in the competitive content arena. 

With the potential for improved video discoverability and elevated subscriber growth, BuyCheapestFollowers caters to those looking to make their mark in digital content.


  • Improved Video Discoverability
  • Trending Video Potential
  • Growing Channel Authority


  • Elevated Subscriber Growth
  • Higher Audience Retention Rates


  • Potential for viewer disinterest.


7. QQTube

Boosting your YouTube shorts views can significantly elevate your online presence, and services like QQTube specialize in providing views that appear natural. 

This means you can increase the visibility of your YouTube shorts content, potentially reaching a broader audience. 

However, it’s essential to note that while QQTube’s service can strengthen your online presence, it may not necessarily improve your video rankings on the platform. 

So, while you can attract more eyes to your YouTube shorts, the impact on where your content appears in search results or recommendations might not be as significant. 

It’s a trade-off to consider when leveraging such services for your YouTube shorts strategy.


  • Maximize Video Monetization Potential
  • Authentic View Interaction
  • Natural View Appearance


  • Improved ROI on Content Creation
  • Stronger Online Presence


  • It may not enhance video rankings.


8. Media Mister

Media Mister provides a solution for content creators looking to boost their YouTube shorts views. 

Enhancing video credibility offers a means to increase the perceived value of content. 

However, it’s important to note that the results may be short-term. 

While this service can quickly boost views on your YouTube videos, it may not necessarily lead to long-lasting engagement or organic growth. 

Content creators should weigh the benefits of immediate visibility against the potential for sustainable viewership and audience interaction when considering Media Mister’s offerings.


  • Positive Impact on SEO
  • Increased Video Shareability
  • Enhance Video Credibility


  • Enhanced Analytics Insights
  • Higher Perceived Value of Content


  • Potential for short-term results.


9. BuyShazam

In video content, platforms like BuyShazam provide a unique opportunity for content creators to extend the lifespan of their YouTube shorts videos. 

With an emphasis on long-term video exposure, their services allow creators to gain more mileage from their YouTube shorts content. 

This extended visibility can lead to additional opportunities for collaboration with other creators and brands seeking to tap into the YouTube shorts trend. 

However, it’s worth noting that while BuyShazam’s services offer potential long-term exposure, the level of audience engagement may be somewhat uncertain, making it essential for creators who are compiling shorts videos.


  • Detailed Analytics and Insights
  • Quick and Easy Ordering Process
  • Long-Term Video Exposure


  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • More Opportunities for Collaboration


  • Questionable audience engagement.


10. VideosGrow

With VideosGrow, you can access a service that prioritizes high viewer retention rates for your YouTube shorts. 

This feature can significantly impact the effectiveness of your short-form content by ensuring that viewers engage with your YouTube shorts videos for longer durations. 

However, it’s essential to note that the service may have a potential drawback of inconsistent watch time. 

While viewer retention rates are promising, the watch time may not always align consistently with your expectations. 

Balancing these aspects is crucial when considering VideosGrow to enhance your YouTube shorts’ reach and impact, ultimately contributing to your content’s success in the platform’s competitive landscape.


  • Encourage Channel Growth
  • Compliant with YouTube’s Policies
  • High Viewer Retention Rates


  • Boosted User Engagement
  • Strengthened Brand Awareness


  • Inconsistent watch time.


Why Should You Use YouTube Shorts Services?

Achieving success on YouTube naturally is extremely hard, and you must get lucky. Using a service negates the need for luck, and your channel can progress fast. 

Here are some other reasons you should buy YouTube shorts views:

Quick Growth

YouTube shorts is a dynamic platform with immense potential for quick growth. 

By purchasing views, you can jumpstart your journey to stardom. 

Rapidly increasing your view count boosts your confidence and makes your content more discoverable to a broader audience. 

This accelerated growth can provide the momentum to establish your presence on the YouTube shorts platform.

Competitive Edge 

In the competitive landscape of YouTube shorts, standing out is essential. 

Buying views gives you a competitive edge by elevating your content above the crowd. 

Viewers who see your YouTube shorts with a high view count are likelier to click, watch, and engage. 

This advantage can help you surpass competitors and become a prominent creator in the YouTube shorts community.

Content Amplification 

Views act as a catalyst for content amplification. 

When your YouTube shorts receive more views, they trigger YouTube’s algorithm, promoting your content to more viewers. 

This effect can increase organic growth, attracting more views, likes, and YouTube subscribers. 

By amplifying the reach of your YouTube shorts content, you increase its chances of going viral and gaining widespread recognition.

Engage Viewers 

High view counts encourage viewer engagement. 

When people see that your YouTube shorts are popular, they’re more likely to interact with your content through likes, comments, and shares. 

This engagement bolsters your video’s ranking and fosters community around your channel. 

As viewers engage more with your content, it becomes a hub for discussions and interactions, enriching the viewer experience and solidifying your presence on YouTube Shorts.


Things to Look for When Buying YouTube Shorts Views?

When buying YouTube shorts views, you must choose a reputable provider.

Choosing an unreliable service can harm your reputation and cause you to lose money.

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a service.

Privacy Protection

Your personal information, such as your name, email, or payment details, should always be kept confidential when dealing with a cheap YouTube shorts views provider. 

Reputable services prioritize user privacy and ensure that sensitive data remains secure. 

They should not request unnecessary personal information that could compromise your online security.

Targeted Views 

Many credible service providers offer the option to specify the demographics of your desired audience. 

This feature allows you to tailor your views to a particular audience segment, ensuring that your YouTube shorts content reaches those most likely to engage with it. 

Targeted views boost your view count and enhance audience engagement and the likelihood of gaining new subscribers.

Gradual Delivery 

Opting for a service that offers gradual view delivery is crucial for maintaining authenticity and compliance with YouTube’s policies. 

Rapid, unnatural spikes in view counts can raise suspicion and trigger algorithmic scrutiny. 

Gradual delivery mimics organic growth, reducing the risk of penalties or account restrictions. 

It also creates a more natural and believable progression for your YouTube shorts’ view count while delivering them in just a little while.

Customer Support 

Access to reliable customer support can significantly impact your experience with a YouTube shorts views provider. 

Responsive and helpful customer support can quickly address your concerns if you encounter any issues, have questions, or require assistance. 

Choosing a provider that offers timely and effective customer support is essential, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience when purchasing views for your YouTube shorts.


Is Buying YouTube Shorts Views for Your YouTube Channel Safe?

Purchasing YouTube shorts views for your YouTube channel can be a safe and effective strategy when choosing a credible service provider. Here are several reasons why it’s considered safe:

Credible service providers ensure that when you buy YouTube shorts views, they are high quality and come from real viewers. 

These viewers are typically actual YouTube users who engage with your content genuinely. 

This commitment to quality YouTube shorts video views minimizes the risk of receiving fake or low-quality views that could harm your channel’s reputation.

Reputable YouTube shorts views service providers strictly adhere to YouTube’s policies and guidelines. 

They employ ethical and organic methods to deliver views, removing harmful practices such as view botting or manipulation. 

This commitment to compliance ensures that your channel remains in good standing with YouTube, reducing the likelihood of penalties or account restrictions.

Trusted service providers prioritize user privacy and data security with excellent customer support. 

They do not require sensitive personal information beyond what is necessary for the transaction. 

Using a provider that takes measures to ensure your safety is crucial when purchasing YouTube shorts video views.



In today’s dynamic digital landscape, leveraging services to buy YouTube shorts views offers a strategic advantage for content creators. 

Quick growth and enhanced viewer engagement are compelling reasons to explore this avenue. 

However, vigilance in choosing reputable providers is critical to ensuring a safe and successful journey, amplifying the impact of YouTube shorts in the ever-evolving world of content creation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different packages or options for purchasing YouTube Shorts views?

Various packages and options are typically available when purchasing YouTube shorts views. 

These packages may vary regarding the number of views, delivery speed, targeting options, and pricing. 

Content creators can choose the package that best suits their needs and goals for enhancing their YouTube shorts’ visibility and engagement.

Can I buy YouTube shorts views for multiple YouTube videos at once?

Many reputable YouTube shorts views providers offer packages that allow you to buy YouTube shorts views for multiple shorts videos simultaneously. 

This convenient option streamlines the process and can help boost the visibility and engagement of multiple pieces of content at once.

Will buying views affect my video’s ranking in search results?

Buying YouTube shorts video views positively impacts your video’s ranking in search results. 

Higher view counts can make your video appear more popular and engaging to viewers, which may lead to improved search rankings and visibility. 

Can I track the views I’ve purchased to ensure their delivery?

Yes, tracking the purchased YouTube shorts views is possible to ensure their delivery. 

Reputable YouTube shorts video views providers typically offer tracking mechanisms or real-time dashboards when you buy YouTube services that allow you to monitor the progress of your purchased views.

Also, some services allow you to call customer support to check up on the views.

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