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Chain Reaction Trading Reviews 2023 / Is It Legit Or A Scam?

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“Chain Reaction trading” Is Chain Reaction app legit or another scam? – recent years, automated trading has gained popularity due to its simplicity and reliability. There are many automated trading platforms that allow you to do automatic trading with robots or by investing on your own without risks and fears.

One such platform is Chain Reaction, which has become increasingly popular. However, is this platform a legit one? Does it really maximize your profit? Questions like these are roaming in the heads of investors.

Open an account with Chain Reaction trading app today!

Thus, I used the platform for some time, and now I’m going to review it for you. I’ll clear your doubts about Chain Reaction in this piece of writing.

To learn everything, you should stay until the end.

Now let’s get to the point.

Chain Reaction/ A Quick Overview

Type Automated Trading Platform
Minimum Investment $250
Assets Support Cardano, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and more.
Security CySEC Partner!

Automated trading platforms like Chain Reaction provide you with trading tools that trade automatically.

It means you don’t have to keep sitting in front of your trading investment statistics to look for a good opportunity to either buy or sell your assets to make a profit. The platform itself will do it for you even when you’re not monitoring it.

All you have to do is invest a minimum of $250 in the platform, and the AI trading tool will start looking for the best opportunities for either selling or buying assets without you doing anything.

Because of its advanced trading system, this platform is best for traders with zero trading experience. As long as they invest, they can leave everything to the platform.

This platform is also the best for traders since they don’t have to monitor their investments and think about their trading opportunities.

Also, for experienced traders, the platform allows customizing the trading settings according to the trader’s preferences. Sounds interesting?

So, both experienced and inexperienced traders can get the most out of the Chain Reaction.

How Does Chain Reaction Work?

The Chain Reaction is an automated trading platform that collects cryptocurrency market data, analyses it, and then applies that knowledge to make deft, knowledgeable decisions for you.

Once you switch to a live account to trade, the algorithm will start making trades on your behalf. You can register for free in just a few minutes.

In this section, we will discuss Chain Reaction’s advantages and disadvantages.

Open an account with Chain Reaction trading app today!

Benefits and Drawbacks OF Chain Reaction

Let’s dive into the benefits and drawbacks of the Chain Reaction Trading Platform. And, let’s start with the benefits first!

Chain Reaction Benefits for First-Time Traders

  • The user interface is very easy to use and navigate.
  • Demo trading allows a newbie to learn how trading is done. Users are provided with virtual money, which they can use to trade and learn trading without risking their own money.
  • In an effort to minimize distraction and confusion, paired-back displays emphasize the most important information and omit anything irrelevant.
  • You can use knowledgeable trading platform brokers.
  • There is an experienced community surrounding Chain Reaction. Take advantage of the knowledge of others.
  • During your learning process, move as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Chain Reaction Benefits for Experienced Traders

  • You don’t need to monitor your investment and waste time trading. Do other work, and let the platform do trading for you.
  • You can customize your trading parameters according to your preferences.
  • The platform is very fast.
  • Take advantage of the choice to deposit from a fiat account or a cryptocurrency wallet. Use the currency that best matches your needs at the time.
  • Your money is available anytime and wherever you want it.
  • Your attractive platform makes it easy to browse the markets.

Drawbacks OF Chain Reaction

  • Some countries do not have access to it
  • The claims aren’t verified and be inaccurate sometimes

Chain Reaction Trading Platform Key Features

Knowing what a trading platform offers is crucial for any trader to decide whether or not they should invest in it. Taking a closer look at the platform’s features will help you get a better understanding.

1) Automation

The platform makes trading completely automated. A minimum investment of $250 triggers the automatic trading tool to analyze the global crypto market and then either buy or sell your assets when it finds a profitable trading opportunity. Open an account with Chain Reaction trading app today!

2) Fees

Withdrawals and trading are free of charge. You will, however, be charged maker and taker fees by Chain Reaction UK when you send or buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

A cryptocurrency exchange’s exchange rate will determine how much Bitcoin you can purchase.

3) Great Security

Your investments and earnings are completely protected by the platform. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which oversees brokers, is the only regulatory body with which Chain Reaction partners.

In addition, they ensure that consumers’ personal information is protected and that broker operations are transparent.

Additionally, CySEC-licensed brokers are required to follow European regulatory requirements. CySEC-licensed brokers offer traders peace of mind that their money is secure.

4) Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is only $250, which is quite affordable for everyone.  And no other charges will be applied for trading.

5) Customer support

Whatever the case, Chain Reaction Trading has a great customer service team, according to reviews.

Users will thus have direct access to professionals who can rapidly address their problems, guaranteeing that the site keeps making money for its owners.

6) User interface

The user interface of the Chain Reaction is very easy to use, even for beginners. All of its features are very easy to use.

7) Multiple Assets

There are many assets that Chain Reaction allows you to trade in. Their names are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash

And many other digital assets.

8) Instant withdrawals

In spite of the fact that withdrawals are instant, Chain Reaction estimates that it takes up to an hour for money to be remitted back using the original deposit method.

It is also possible to transfer profits to your bank account or credit card, although the processing time may take longer.

9) The success rate of Chain Reaction is 85%

There is no mention of Chain Reaction’s platform’s success percentage, but other sources estimate it to be 80% to 85%.

What is the suitability of Chain Reaction for everyone?

Everyone is welcome at Chain Reaction no matter where they come from, or how much or how little they know about Bitcoin or trading. The trading platform is made to fit your needs.

Chain Reaction: How To Get Started?

What if you want to use Chain Reaction? You can use the Chain Reaction trading platform in the following ways:

1) Registration Form

The first step is to register on the Chain Reaction App website, which requires some basic information from you. The verification mechanism ensures your protection if you enter the correct information.

The information might include an email address, a contact number, a first name, and a last name.

To protect your account, you must create a password and log in again. A Chain Reaction broker will be available to you once you complete the registration process.

2) Verify your ID!

According to CySEC rules, you must authenticate your identity and account before using the program. An identity document containing your personal information can be uploaded to complete this process.

3) Make Your Initial Deposit

A deposit must then be made. The minimum deposit for your account is 250 euros, which is the opening balance. Chain Reaction will use this deposit as your capital when you make your initial trades.

4) You are now ready to trade!

Now you can start trading. A manual or automatic trading mode can be selected using the software. The automated option is ideal for newbies since it enables the software to execute all transactions automatically.

A manual mode is an option if you prefer to execute transactions manually. Having established the trading settings, adjust them. You have complete control over the parameters of your trades by tweaking and fine-tuning them.

The software finds and executes the best trading opportunities based on the parameters you provide. 80% of transactions are profitable, according to the site, because of its highly reliable algorithm.

Tips For Using Chain Reaction to its full potential

There are some tips that you can follow to get the most out of the Chain Reaction trading platform. I’m going to walk you through all of the tips for using the platform efficiently and without any fear.

1) Make Use of Your Account Broker

Chain Reaction has partnered with CySEC-licensed brokers to ensure that you receive the best service. Your broker can set up and maintain your Chain Reaction account to provide you with the best trading experience.

2) Withdraw your profits regularly.

Keep in mind that Chain Reaction generates profits for you that you should regularly withdraw. Transferring money from one digital wallet to another or withdrawing it to a bank account are both possible.

3) You should spend 20 minutes a day on your account.

It is recommended that you monitor Chain Reaction activity for about 20 minutes a day, although it does not require much maintenance.

4) Make responsible investments

While using Chain Reaction, you should always use your discretion when trading cryptocurrencies. Avoid investing funds that are critical to your livelihood due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

5) Track your transactions

You can download your account statements directly from your Chain Reaction account. Downloading your transactions is crucial when you start making money so you can pay taxes on them. In order to do that, you will need these records.

A key feature of the Chain Reaction trading platform is that it is designed so that you can make the most of it. Now, the question arises whether the trading platform is legit or not. Let’s discuss this now.

Chain Reaction: Scam or Legit?

Does Chain Reaction work or is it a scam? Due to a large number of frauds out there, determining which ones are genuine can be difficult.

Chain Reaction recommends CySEC-licensed brokers to traders to help them navigate the volatile bitcoin market. Additionally, Chain Reaction’s SSL certificate protects their private information as security is a primary concern.

A novice might find trading scary even when it is done for them. For any questions you may have, Chain Reaction’s customer service department is available 24/7.

My Recommendation?

However, my personal advice to you would be to always make sure that you’re investing in a good way.

Indeed, Chain Reaction trading is a good trading platform. Taking precautions, however, is preferable to curing. Don’t leave everything on the platform. Get to know how it can be used safely instead.

Also, improve your trading skills so that you can get a clue about what’s going on with your investments.

My next task is to answer a few questions you’ve asked frequently. Let’s do that right now.


1) What is Chain Reaction?

Chain Reaction is an automated trading platform that allows you to trade automatically with the help of robots created by Artificial intelligence.

2) How should I invest in Chain Reaction?

The following steps should be followed;

  • Create Your Account.
  • Confirm the details with Chain Reaction. Once you register, they will contact you to discuss your account and decide what to do next.
  • Complete the account setup.
  • You can then invest a minimum of $250 in the platform to trade.
  • Start trading now.

Final Words!

So, now you know what Chain Reaction is and how it works. Also, you know about its features, pros and cons, and how to use it. I’d advise you to start with a demo trading account if you’re not experienced at trading. Your trading skills will improve with demo trading.

And once you’re ready to trade, you can start the actual trading with your own investment. This is the safe way. However, if you’re an experienced trader, then you can use the platform however you want.

You are not restricted in any way. Still, if you have any questions related to it, you can leave your comments down below. I’d love to help you out.

Open an account with Chain Reaction trading app today!


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