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climbLing : an innovative interactive INDOOR climbing system

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My name is Stefano Priano and I am one of climbLing‘s Co-Founders. (climbLing team is made up by #7 CoFounders with different skills: software & electronic engineers, App developer, Business consultant, former climber, climbling holds manufacturer!)

We have developed  a mobile app combined with “Wall system” that allows the users to monitor their climbing statistics and then their progresses time by time.

climbLing is therefore an innovative interactive INDOOR climbing system:  a wall with “smart” holds able to recognize the touch of climbers and back lit by LED.

Then, we have a software able to create random routes/circuits accordingly with climber size, difficulty and number of holds chosen.

ClimbLing, contrary to a classic wall, is therefore designed to cover 3 different areas at the same time:




We can record the statistics of climbers. for this reason we also collaborate with Universities and Colleges to track and study athletes performance.

Thanks to a variety of hold shapes and difficulties, it can satisfy both Pro-athletes (those who want to train hard and push their limits) and the beginner-medium level users (including children), sometimes the majority of climbing gyms.

Following the link of our website:

Link to our video showing our wall in action:

Among our awards there is the selection among the 10 innovative start-ups of 2015 by Milano PoliHub and the license of a national patent.

Finally, altough our system could be easily retrofit on every kind of wall and geometry, we are mainly focused on promoting our standard wall (4mX4m) in order to perform challenges among all of the gyms where will be installed. This will be able to create real time competitions and more engaging activities.

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