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Common HVAC Problems



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As soon as your HVAC system begins to malfunction, it typically sends signals. Loud noises, odd smells, or increased energy bills could all indicate something has gone amiss with it.

Before calling in a professional HVAC technician, always double-check that your circuit breaker or fuse box isn’t overloaded or blown. Furthermore, try changing your air filter or lubricating your fan if you feel capable doing so yourself. Just remember that home warranty might or might not cover HVAC problems. Read more about it through research by the staff of Cinch Home Services.

1. Thermostat Issues

Thermostats can be complex pieces of equipment, yet they’re an essential element in your HVAC system. Without functioning thermostats, your facility could suffer in terms of comfort.

Ideal thermostat performance involves swift response to changes in temperature settings. A click would indicate it has begun heating or cooling the building shortly after making adjustments; if that fails to occur, your thermostat may require replacement.

If your thermostat isn’t receiving power, check its batteries, switches and fuses in its electrical panel as well as taking measures such as opening up its cover to inspect wires for signs of corrosion or disconnection. If nothing looks amiss after all that, contact an expert who will perform further checks of its sensors in order to see if any inaccurate readings exist.

2. Debris in the Ducts

Every time your system operates, it brings along with it dirt. Lint from clothing, hair, blankets and pet dander may collect in your ducts as well as pet dander and mold spores; when these contaminants begin blowing out of room registers it’s a sure sign your ducts need cleaning.

Light debris accumulation in your ducts may not pose serious issues, but once it accumulates to an unacceptable level it can form clogs that restrict airflow and impact the quality of indoor air quality. Furthermore, your HVAC system will likely work harder, leading to higher energy bills.

3. Dirty Air Filters

An air filter may seem like a small component of your HVAC system, but its function is crucial. Air filters capture allergens like pollen, dust mites and pet dander that otherwise circulate throughout your home; when your filter becomes dirty however, allergens pass through and cause respiratory symptoms like stuffiness and itchy eyes.

Filters that are dirty restrict airflow, forcing the blower fan to work harder in delivering air conditioning into and out of your home, which in turn increases energy costs.

Dependent upon the type of filter (reusable or disposable), changing it every 1-6 months is generally necessary. When purchasing disposables, make sure they fit well within your system to prevent clogging – otherwise costly repairs and replacements could ensue.

4. Poor Airflow

Airflow is essential to the operation of an HVAC system and helping the air in your house to circulate evenly. If there’s weak airflow, it may be caused by blocked vents – perhaps furniture is blocking them or you closed some vents during a cold day and forgot to open them back up afterwards – in which case a qualified technician could use Manual J or other methods to open internal dampers and restore flow.

Another potential cause is a slow-running blower fan, which can lead to issues like doors slamming on their own or whistling sounds in your home. To remedy this, either clean it or replace if necessary.

5. Troubles with Your Ignition

Ignition systems produce flames that combust fuel to warm your home, but they may experience problems. A defective ignition system may produce clicking noises or cause the furnace to produce banging noises; for this reason it is important that a professional inspect your heating system and replace or repair any defective ignition components if required.

Squeaking fans can be an HVAC issue caused by fan belt slippage or loose components, forcing the fan to work harder than necessary and taxing your system further.

An ineffective blower fan can reduce airflow and energy efficiency in your home, leading to decreased efficiency and increased bills. Make sure the motor is clean before making decisions on cleaning costs or replacement. Also ensure all access doors are unlocked.


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