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Common Outsourcing Services that Can Help Your Startup Grow

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Is your company starting to gain traction? Are you at a point where you can’t keep up with customer queries or the paperwork’s sliding? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, it may be time to consider outsourcing.

Many companies turn to outsourced customer service to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, that’s only one small part of the pie. In this article, we’ll look at a variety of outsourcing options that can help your startup grow.

What is Outsourcing?

This is where you hire a third-party provider to fill in service gaps or to augment your expertise. You might, for example, hire a team to answer phones, handle your bookkeeping, or deal with legal issues.

The Benefits of Outsourcing for Startups

Why go this route? There are several reasons that companies choose to do this, including that it:

  • Is a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house team
  • Gives you access to specialized skills and expertise
  • Offers benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability
  • Improves employee satisfaction
  • Helps mitigate risks
  • Improves compliance
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Improves productivity

Outsourcing Services that Benefit Startups

Now, let’s look at some functions that you might want to farm out.


This incorporates everything from basic data capturing to complete payroll management. The company here will handle all those niggling issues that are simple enough but take a lot of time.

Having a highly efficient back office makes it easier to run your business correctly. You’re less likely to make compliance errors, and your employees get the support they deserve.

Technical and IT Support

Is your product more technical in nature? Are you developing software? If so, it might pay you to offer your clients IT support. You and your employees can probably understand how to install, use, and maintain your software. But can everyone in your target audience?

As your product gains traction, more people will need help in installing or using it. If you provide that support early on, they’re more likely to continue to use it. Therefore, outsourcing might be a valid strategy for reducing churn.


Advertising used to be as simple as putting an advert in the newspaper and waiting for clients to flock in. Now, thanks to digital marketing, things are a lot more complex. In theory, it’s simple. Anyone can create a digital ad and get it in front of their target audience.

Unfortunately, because it’s so simple, everyone does it. This has led to a group of jaded consumers who are very good at ignoring marketing.

Today, you need more than a clever gimmick. You need to create targeted campaigns that are highly relevant to the people receiving them. In addition, you’ve got to compete with thousands of other digital marketers doing the same thing. To complicate matters, search engines change the rules periodically, meaning what works today won’t tomorrow.

When it comes to getting the results you need, it’s best not to leave things to chance. You can learn digital marketing on your own if you’re willing to take the time. The trouble is that it’s a steep learning curve, and you’ll lose business in the interim.

Customer Support and Service

You can’t rely on innovation to set your company apart for long. If you hit on a winning idea, you can be sure someone will copy or better your product within months. Furthermore, consistently innovating new products is expensive and exhausting.

What you can do is to offer your clients outstanding service. While many companies aim to do the same, few succeed. The reason for this is that it’s challenging to manage an in-house team and balance the budget.

Outsourcing offers you a way to improve your capability in a cost-effective way.

Financial and Accounting Services

It might be a good idea to look into an accounting service from day one. You need to stay on top of your income and expenses to ensure you’re making a decent profit. What’s more, a certified accountant can assist you with the correct tax filings and other issues you may need help with.

Finally, if you hope to attract investors at some stage, you’ll need to have an audited set of financial statements.


You don’t need to let a lack of skills or experience hold you back. You can hire teams with the requisite knowledge to help you drive your startup to new levels.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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