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Comparing the Best Anti-Malware Software For Your Devices

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Anti-malware software has become a strict requirement for not only organizations that work with sensitive data by default, but even the average Jane or Joe doing a bit of remote work at the local coffee shop. The truth is, malware is everywhere and only the top anti-malware programs out there can protect you sufficiently from the horrors malware can cause. Today, it is simple to become collateral damage in a torrential hack campaign, even if your data is of no value. If you’ve ever seen the movie Skynet, that’s what our world may look like soon.


If you take a look around you at the moment, you will probably find that there are, on average, several electronic devices in your environment. These may be your personal devices, in addition to the devices of everyone else sitting around you. There could be dozens of devices communicating with the internet and each other on just one floor of a building. Yes, you guessed it. This is cybercriminal heaven!


These days, most people carry a smartphone at the very minimum. Millions of people also wear smartwatches, carry tablets, or even have two smartphones. It is important to understand that all of these devices have an operating system whether that be Android, iOS, or a form of Windows. Even Linux is susceptible to cyber risks and dangers.


Now, the second thing you need to know is that malware (which we will cover below in-depth) is a nightmare for the entire world. After all, we all depend on the internet and stare at some sort of screen all day. Well, most of us have to do so for work or simply to contact our family and friends.


As such, malware causes billions of dollars of damage to the entire industry each year. For this reason, an entire industry known as cybersecurity now revolves around resolving cyberattacks and cyber weapons such as malware for the continued functioning and safety of all types of organizations, even government defenses. Now, let’s talk about precisely which mechanisms protect us from cyber weapons like malware, allowing us to use our devices, the applications therein, and the rest of the internet smoothly, and headache-free.

What is Anti-Malware Software?

First off, let’s describe malware. Malware, or malicious software, is a self-explanatory concept. It is software (more precisely, digital scripts) created or propagated by ill-intentioned individuals such as hackers and scammers to exfiltrate finances, conduct identity theft, and spy on people and organizations. Sometimes, malware is created purely for destructive purposes, such as viruses and trojans used by state-backed hackers for political purposes. There are several types of malware out there, including RATs, worms, keyloggers, you name it. Not all software is malicious, clearly, but the software in the wrong hands can quickly become weaponized for ulterior motives.


Anti-malware software is also a self-explanatory concept, in that it describes software that fights malicious software a.k.a the good cop software. There are several types of anti-malware out there that you can look into installing on your devices. Now, you must understand that these software bundles are definitely not equal, and so we have prepared a curated list of premium, verified, and professional anti-malware suites that you can use with peace of mind.


The best type of anti-malware software (the one that you need these days) is one that has real-time scanning capabilities. What does this jargon even mean? Well, good thing you asked. Real-time scanning means that your anti-malware suite can continuously scan all vulnerable entry points such as your files and your internet traffic for suspicious activity and infected files.

Which Anti-Malware Suite Do You Choose?

Like we said earlier, your devices are precious. The data in your devices may be confidential, personal, or both. Nobody wants their smartphone or their laptop to be infected and compromised in any way, shape, or form. This is why you must look into what are called “premium” anti-malware suites. These are clever little programs that protect you 24/7 while you conduct the rest of your daily work. A great anti-malware program only costs less than $10 to subscribe to. Surely, protecting your data and your system is worth the price of admission?


Now, let’s talk about some premium anti-malware suites. Ideally, you want;


  • Malware protection
  • Web protection
  • Exploit protection
  • Ransomware protection


We recommend a software called Malwarebytes Premium. This software includes the following features;


  • Real-time threat scanning
  • Browser guards
  • App shields
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Advanced exploit scanning


The great bit about Malwarebytes Premium is that, not only will this program protect your data and devices from nasty malware and potential catastrophe, it will responsibly store the data it scans on your devices. This cannot be guaranteed with software that is free and unverified. Furthermore, you can expect a smooth-running app with no hiccups and one that will not hog precious resources so you can get on with daily life on your device. Think of premium anti-malware software as a security guard posted inside your devices at all times. On top of all of that, you have the right to demand 24/7 customer support. The good news is that premium anti-malware suites like Malwarebytes Premium offer that, too.


In a time like this when cybercrime is everywhere and you may end up as collateral to a large and sophisticated malware campaign, protection is absolutely necessary. No longer is it enough to surf the internet in a naked fashion, so to speak. Worse than that, you may be the CEO of a company that employs thousands of people and, worse yet, has to store the data of millions of high-profile customers or members. In such cases, there are even tougher (but vastly more expensive) managed security providers that have the capacity to deal with large cases like this. The blossoming multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity industry has a lot to offer these days, and you should be taking advantage of every bit of it for a very humble outlay on your part.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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