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Content Marketing-Based Growth Tips for Startups

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Content Marketing

Startups are being born each day because the internet has democratized technology, while access to venture capital funding, incubator, and accelerator programs has become easier than in previous years. So somebody can validate their business idea, raise some capital and launch their company at the comfort of their home.

Still, an entrepreneur has to work meticulously hard to grow their business because the growth in customer base is one of the important metrics of measuring the early success of your business.

While a handful of startups grow their users into millions, the majority of them fail in the first year of their operations. Therefore the article will review how these elite startups use content marketing to achieve their success.

Generate High-quality Content

New entrepreneurs may find it a bit challenging to come up with content. However, a startup owner can research what is working for the target audience before compiling your topic ideas.

There are various tools that you can use to track trending and popular topics, as well as the most shared articles in your niche or industry. The goal of following trending topics is to provide completely fresh, valuable, and interesting content.

Further, you need to consistently produce content for your target. Doing so will prove to your audience that they can trust your startup. While it will not be possible to generate a new article with high-quality content every day, you can schedule it to a post every week or so.

Also, send out a weekly digest to update your subscribers on new blog posts. This is an excellent way of drawing your readers’ attention, especially those who have subscribed but don’t regularly visit your site.

Submit Guest Posts to Well-known Sites

Building an audience as a new startup or entrepreneur can be challenging even though you’re an expert in your niche. It may also be a challenge to market your business or even execute your content marketing strategy.

So you have to choose another channel to reach an already established audience, such as a reputable, high authority site that has loyal readers.

Guest blogging can improve your startup’s performance by driving traffic to your blog or site and earning you valuable backlinks.

Use Visual content

Creating an eye-catching infographic is likely to catch your readers’ eyes than a lengthy text post about the same topic. A picture of your products, services, or brand is more likely to attract your readers, and, on the other hand, they are more likely to process the visual content easily compared to text content.

So it will be beneficial to produce graphics, infographics, memes, and videos alongside your usual blog posts. Then share the visual content via email or social media platforms.

Use Influencer Marketers

Influencers are content creators who have built a reputation in a particular industry or niche. In fact, they are considered subject matter experts and trustworthy sources of information. Influencers can often affect shoppers’ decisions because they listen to them or seek their recommendations before making any purchases.

Therefore you can add influencer marketing to your content marketing strategy and involve them when creating content for your startup. The following are ways of incorporating influencers in your content marketing strategy:

Interview Relevant Influencers: Dedicating a post to a relevant influencer will enrich your content and help you to reach their audience. This occasion will help you build a relationship with an expert who will promote the interview in their network, and this will drive traffic to your site.

Mentioning Them in Your Content: Mentioning an influencer working in your industry will get them to notice you. You can do that by writing an article related to an influential expert’s blog post and then link to it and briefly state how they have inspired you.

Alternatively, you can recommend their blog post to your readers for further reading. Lastly, share your content on social media and tag them or send them an outreach email where you share the link to your post and thank them for inspiring them. Your motive should be to get the influencer to notice you, share your content on their network, and boost your link profile.

Generate an Influencer Roundup Article: You’re fighting for an influencer’s attention because you want to tap on their established audience. So you have to look for ways of getting them to read your content, visit your website and finally become your clients. You can achieve that by creating a post that implements the influencer’s insights and recommendations. Why not choose a topic and request different industry players and experts for their opinions.

Most likely, these experts will share the content with their audience, which will enrich your website as readers stream to it for more information or engage with you.

Social Media Marketing

Both content marketing and social media marketing work hand in hand. For instance, how many readers visit your site looking for new blog posts? Many don’t regularly check your site like they do with your social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

One advantage of social media posts is that the link that you share with your audience has a preview image. However, this may not be enticing to the audience to click on it to read the rest of the blog post.

So to give your audience the actual preview of the entire content, you can add a few points about it in your image and put the link to the full blog post in the description or caption.


The list of content marketing-based growth tips for startups is endless. However, these 5 effective tips can help you succeed with your content marketing efforts. They are easy to use by both young and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Your target audience and influencers will share your content through their channels when they like it. Still, you can regularly create fresh, high-quality content and publish it on your social media or submit guest posts to highly reputable sites such as

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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