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What is a Credit Card Consolidation Loan? Easy Explanation

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credit card consolidation loan

To cover up the multiple debts, credit card consolidation loan is what you are looking for? In other words, you get a way to press down the high-interest debt by converting it into a single payment. Of course, a big relief after listening to it. Plus, you get a chance to reorganize the debt to pay off smoothly and fastly. Let’s know more about this sound approach which is convenient to tackle.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Consolidate Your Debt?
  • When Should You be Ready for Debt Consolidation?
  • When isn’t Debit/CreditConsolidation Worth it?

How to Consolidate Your Debt

After learning about this incredible loan policy, you might be curious to know how it works. Usually, there are two ways to consolidate debt.

  1. The First one is the Zero Percent Interest: Here, the debtor will transfer all his debts onto one card and pay off the balance in the specific period mentioned by the lenders. But, it’s not favorable for most due to high credit score demand, i.e., above 650.
  2. Get a Fixed-Rate Debt Consolidation Loan: Again, this loan demands a fair credit score, but most can be eligible. In this debt consolidation loan, you use the money of a loan to cover the debt. Once the debt is covered, then loan payment needs to be done through installment as per the time period given to you by the bank.

When Should You be Ready for Debt Consolidation?

There are hundreds of loans available in the financial market, and people don’t go for one. It’s not because of the variation but what meets their needs. Similarly, when going through the debit/credit consolidation loan, everyone will not be a perfect fit. Let’s find when it’s effective to opt for this loan.

  • When your monthly debt payments have not exceeded by 50 percent of monthly gross income.
  • When you have maintained the credit score.
  • There is a potential of cash inflow to cover payments toward your debt.

Let’s understand through a scenario: Suppose you owe 4 credit cards that have interest rates of 18% to 25%. You have maintained your credit score by paying on time. Here, you can qualify for an unsecured debt consolidation loan by converting all the credit card payments into one and having one low-interest rate. The interest rate can be two times lower than the previous one.

When isn’t Debit/Credit Consolidation Worth it?

In reality, it’s not a fixed solution for those looking for net credit loans with bad credit.

Perhaps, it’s a good solution for the ones who want to transfer their multiple debts into one. So, it’s easy to pay off and get a relaxation of lower interest rates.

This alternative of paying off less amount is not for those whose debt load is less, which they can easily pay off within six months or in a year.

Final Shot

So, now you have a better idea of when the credit consolidation loan works best in your case. If you are burdened with massive debt, this option is always open to you and delivers you an immense amount of financial relief.


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