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Crypto Scam Recovery Guide – I’ve been scammed crypto. What should I do? 

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The following are actionable and effective steps that you should take, depending on your situation.

If you think a scammer has targeted you, but you didn’t give them your information or money

  • Report the scam to Broker Complaint Alert (BCA).
  • Report the scam account to the social media or other platform they used to engage with you.
  • If it looks like a scammer is impersonating a known business, contact the fair trading organization in your state or territory.
  • If you have opened a link on your computer, or followed instructions on how to install a software, you may have installed something malicious. Uninstall the program and run a full antivirus scan to check for anomalies.
  • If you have received a message on a work laptop or phone, contact your IT department and let them know.

You’ve been scammed and lost money

  • Immediately report the transaction(s) to your crypto exchange/wallet or financial institution.
  • Complete a report through BCA.
  • Stop all communication with the offender.
  • Report the scam account to the social media or other platform they used to engage with you.
  • Change your passwords to secure your online accounts.

You think a scammer has stolen your personal information

  • Contact your financial institution to secure your financial accounts.
  • Check for advice on securing your accounts online.
  • Contact any other services that use your personal identity documents to secure your accounts.
  • Complete a report through BCA.
  • Make yourself a harder target: Secure your social media and other personal accounts, such as your email.
  • Change the passwords to any other accounts you think the scammer may have accessed, or to which they now have access. This could include banking, superannuation and email accounts. You should prioritize changing the passwords of any account that reused the same password as the compromised accounts.
  • Contact a credit reporting agency to see if any attempts to open accounts in your name have been made.

Resources for scam victims

You’re not alone. Anyone can be a target of an online scam. First, you should make a record of the key details of the scam. This includes what happened, when it happened, who contacted you, and how you responded.

If someone has stolen your money or identity, contact these agencies to report it, get help, and protect yourself from further harm.

Not sure what type of scam it was?

Learn more about crypto scam recovery, and get more information on what to do.

Who should I contact?

BCA’s Report A Scam

Report cybercrimes, security incidents and abuse through BCA. Your report helps to disrupt crime operations and makes the world more secure. If your money and/or identity is at risk, also notify the relevant services below.

Your financial institution

Contact your bank or credit union immediately if you’ve sent money to a scammer. They may be able to close your account or stop a transaction. Make sure you call them using their official phone number, not the one in the scam message.

National Anti-Scam Agency

Report online scams to your national anti-scam centre. Your report helps to warn people about current scams and disrupt them where possible. You’ll need to provide details of the scam, such as a screenshot or text of the email or text.

Crypto Scam Recovery FAQs

How to recover money from a scam?

Recovering funds from a scam can be complex. However, investigations of crypto scam and online scams are Broker Complaint Alert’s exact area of expertise. It is possible to recover your money from a scammer, but to have any chance of making a recovery, we first need to investigate and identify who is responsible.

What is the chance of recovering the money I lost to a scam?

The first step in any asset recovery process is to investigate with the aim of identifying the offender. If the scammer is identified through our investigation, you will then have options to move into the asset recovery stages. It is important to note that you cannot recover your funds unless you know who has possession of your funds. This is why we place an emphasis on the initial stage of the investigation.

I suspect the website I’m interacting with is a scam; how can I be sure?

You can simply search the suspected website’s URL in our search bar. Then, our algorithm will identify the potential risk of that platform. You can also learn more about how to look for ‘red flags’ when assessing a website. If you have already invested through a high-risk website, please get in touch with Broker Complaint Alert for a free consultation, and get the needed assistance you need for further action.

How long does it take to receive a response after submitting a report?

After you submit a report at Broker Complaint Alert (BCA), one of their team members will contact you within 1 business day. As time can be of the essence when dealing with some sensitive matters, such as online harassment or crypto scams, BCA does aim to return enquiries in less than 2 hours.

Where to report a scam?

If you want to report a scam, most countries will have a government website to report scams. For your best chance at successful crypto scam recovery, you can report a scam to Broker Complaint Alert.

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