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Day Trading & Surplus in Profits

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Back in the days when there was less awareness, trading was mostly done by successful businessmen, brokerages, and financial institutions. But now, due to the advent of cryptocurrency and applications like bitcoin 360 ai, providing simple trading procedures with less commission has made people switch to trading as a second job option.

Day trading is selling and buying a financial stock on the same day or multiple times throughout the day. This process differs from traditional trading as it doesn’t require investing big amounts.

Observing and making use of the small changes can be tricky, so novices or seasoned traders are often advised not to opt for this path.

Day trading can be turned into a full-time career. Still, beginners beware as it requires some experience to identify the varying trading fluctuations and a well-planned strategy. Some people end up suffering more loss than gaining profit.

Strategies Used by Day Traders

Day trading is a well-thought-out process; not everyone can benefit from it. Some might end up facing huge losses, and some exponentially gain money.

The strategies might not yield a 100% successful or profitable result, but they should save you from irreparable loss. Making even a few percent more money than losing can also be included in success.

Following are some strategies used by day traders, making them an insurmountable amount of profits.


Scalping allows traders to make small profits at frequent intervals of time. This helps to avoid big losses and cash in more, managing risk easily. The trade happens using one-minute, 15-minute, or 30-minute time intervals. The trades don’t last for more than an hour, just a few seconds or minutes.

News-Based Trading

As the name implies, this trading is done by keeping an eye on the news that is trending. A shift in market trends or a popular technique catches news fast, and observing that may benefit your trading process.

Range Trading

For range trading, an investor decides on a price range to sell or purchase cryptocurrency over a limited time. If the current trading value of BTC is $20,000, and you expect that it will hike to $30,000 in the next couple of weeks or months, you can trade it between $20,000 and $30,000.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

Using a complex algorithm, one can break into or determine the shortcomings of a market and can figure out its inefficiencies.

The Surplus of Scams

As day trading doesn’t require huge investments and can show results within a single day, some brokerages scam people. Most of them are beginners or amateurs lured by the temptation of making more money in less time. Using the bitcoin 360 AI can save you from such scams due to its reliable service.

Trading without sufficient knowledge can lead to disastrous results, and you might become viable to being scammed.

Ending Note

Trading any financial instrument requires complete knowledge of the market, brokerages, and sufficient funding so that when you face a loss, you have the courage to bear it and learn from your mistakes. Using the correct brokerages and financial apps platform can help you learn the process and earn profits while enjoying the art of trading.


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