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DearMob iPhone Manager Review – Is It the Best iTunes Alternative

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When it comes to finding a reliable iPhone transfer, backup, and management tool, one name that often comes up is DearMob iPhone Manager. While Apple provides its official iPhone Manager, iTunes, many users are on the lookout for additional software that offers enhanced features and functionality. Why? One of the key limitations of iTunes lies in its backup process. When you use iTunes to back up files, it syncs the data stored on your iPhone with your computer, which often leads to data loss. Moreover, it lacks the flexibility to selectively back up files, preview backups, or even preview the media files stored on your iPhone. This is where DearMob iPhone Manager comes in.

What Is DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a robust iOS transfer, backup, and management program. It offers comprehensive content management services that go beyond the limitations of iTunes, Apple ID, DRM, and the iOS app sandbox. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you have full control over your iPhone, iPad, and iPod files. Whether you want to perform a full backup, selectively back up specific iOS files, or transfer purchased media files, the software makes the process easy & fast and ensures the protection of your sensitive data through encryption.

DearMob iPhone Manager Key Features

Now, let’s take a closer look at the key features that set DearMob iPhone Manager apart and position it as an excellent alternative to iTunes.

1. Backup & Restore iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

With this top iPhone backup software, you can bid farewell to concerns about losing your precious iPhone photos, messages, contacts, or any other data due to unexpected situations or when transitioning to a new iPhone. It enables you to backup and restore all iPhone data with a simple click. You can also selectively backup and restore only the essential iOS data you need, eliminating the time wasted on unnecessary backups. Better yet, you have the flexibility to choose the storage location for your backup files, ensuring that your backup data doesn’t take up space on your C: disk.

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  • Create a 1:1 copy of your iPhone or iPad with just one click
  • Selectively back up or restore any individual iOS files.
  • Encrypt your backup with the military-grade encryption scheme
  • Preview and export the photos, videos, messages, and more as you need
  • Backup and restore your iPhone or iPad without iCloud or iTunes

2. Transfer and Manage (Purchased) iPhone Media Files and Data

Whether you need to back up vulnerable files from your iPhone to your computer to free up storage space, or you want to transfer files, images, videos, and music from your PC to your iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager is here to help. It supports the seamless transfer of more than 15 types of data, including videos, songs, apps, contacts, voice memos, and more, between your iPhone, iPad, and computer. One standout feature that sets DearMob iPhone Manager apart is its ability to transfer movies, TV shows, songs, podcasts, and other types of media files that you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store, Apple Music Store, and Apple Podcasts. What’s even more impressive is that you can decrypt these files without the need for any additional programs or plugins, allowing you to enjoy your favorite media anytime and anywhere.

1) Transfer and Manage iPhone Videos

Transferring videos between your iPhone and computer can be incredibly useful in a lot of cases. For example, you may want to free up storage space on your iPhone or edit your iPhone videos using desktop-based video editing programs like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. DearMob iPhone Manager is here to make these tasks a breeze. It allows you to transfer all or selected videos from your iPhone to your computer with just a few clicks.


The software supports a wide range of video formats, including H.264, HEVC, 4K HDR, and Cinematic Mode videos, so there is no worry about size or format restrictions. Better yet, you have the option to compress large video files and convert HEVC to popular formats. Importing videos from your computer to your iPhone is also made simple and fast with DearMob iPhone Manager. It enables you to transfer large videos like 4K UHD or 1080P movies at a speed of around 60M/s.

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2) Transfer and Manage iPhone Photos

DearMob iPhone Manager offers a fast and efficient solution for transferring photos between iOS devices and computers. It supports various types of photos, including Live Photos, ProRaw images, burst photos, 4K HDR photos, HEIC files, etc. The transfer speed is truly remarkable, allowing you to transfer over 10,000 photos between your iPhone and PC Windows within just 2 minutes. Rest assured, this process maintains the original album structure and ensures no loss of quality.

It comes with a handy conversion feature, with which you can convert HEIC files to JPEG format and turn a Live Photo into a MOV file along with two JPG files. This ensures you can view these photos on Windows PCs without incompatible issues. Managing iPhone photos has never been easier, with options to change the view by grid size or group photos by date. You can also delete all or selected photos from multiple albums, with an undo option to prevent accidental deletion of important photos.

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3) Transfer and Manage iPhone Music

With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can easily export and import music files to your iPhone without iCloud or iTunes. It supports a diverse range of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, OGA, and WAV. Most importantly, it ensures that your original music library remains untouched, eliminating the risk of any quality or data loss. It also provides comprehensive music library management features. You can add, edit, move, delete, and manage playlists, artists, albums, composers, years, and comments selectively or in bulk. These capabilities allow you to organize and customize your music collection efficiently. Moreover, it offers a secure method to create custom ringtones for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, allowing you to personalize iPhone ringtones according to your preferences.

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DearMob iPhone Manager User Interface

DearMob iPhone Manager boasts a user-friendly interface designed with simplicity in mind. In contrast to iTunes, which can overwhelm new users, this program offers an intuitive and streamlined navigation experience. The interface features a pleasing light-colored design with macOS-style animation elements. The main window presents a set of icons that enlarge upon hovering, granting instant access to specific tools and sections. As you can see from the below screenshot of its interface, it’s easy to tell Photo Transfer is where we can transfer photos from/to iPhone, and Backup & Restore is where we can create iPhone backups and restore iOS data. In a word, with its intuitive layout and visually appealing elements, the interface of DearMob iPhone Manager facilitates effortless navigation and efficient management of iPhone files.


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DearMob iPhone Manager Pricing Plans

You can try out the program with a trial period, which allows you to test its features. The program has interesting terms of use, where you receive 100 credit points every day. The amount of points you spend depends on the task you want to perform. For example:

Photo transfer: 2-4 points per file

Music transfer: 5-10 points per file

Video transfer: 15-30 points per 100MB

Backup iDevices: 50 points per time

Restore backup: 50 points per time


If you only need the program for occasional backups or specific tasks, you can utilize the daily credit points instead of the trial version. However, for regular usage with a large number of files, it’s recommended to invest in the full version of DearMob iPhone Manager. You can either subscribe for one year on one PC for $39.95, purchase a lifetime license for two PCs at $47.95 with unlimited downloads, updates, and tutorials, or opt for a lifetime license for 3-5 PCs, which also includes HD Video Converter, priced at $69.95. The pricing is the same for both Mac and Windows platforms.


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