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new recruitment practices
Recruitment is one of the most important tasks in every business. Therefore, it is necessary to put in place an effective recruitment process aimed at hiring qualified personnel who will add value to the company and improve its reputation. Today, new recruitment methods have been put in place to facilitate this task, both for the candidates and the recruiter.

What are the new recruitment practices and trends?

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many companies to be innovative, which has led to the development of new recruitment practices such as online interviews. The candidate is asked to record a video where they introduce themselves and answer questions set by the recruiter. THE’ use of artificial intelligence in HRDs has also had its effect, speeding up and facilitating the recruitment process.

Today, the recruiter gives more importance to the qualities and personality of the candidate rather than to their training. This makes it possible to find candidates with excellent skills and the right personality traits vital for its growth.

  • Video interview: Today, it is no longer necessary to have a one-to-one interview with a candidate. The latter can send a video with answers to the recruiter’s questions after making an application. The recruiter can then watch the video and rate the candidate.
  • Soft skills: Hard skills are acquired during training, while soft skills are each individual’s personal skills outside of his training. Recruiters today give more importance to soft skills than hard skills because it’s much harder to apply the latter when a candidate doesn’t have a wealth of soft skills.
  • Artificial intelligence: Thanks to new technologies, the recruitment process has become more efficient and faster. Digitization has made it possible to centralize data, which helps in the selection process of candidates.

The objective of integrating these systems is to support companies in this digitalization of the recruitment processes in terms of processes and tools.

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