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Free Character Count Tools For Developers

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Programmers can examine the total number of characters (including spaces) in a string of text or integers by using the character count to compute how long the string is. Just enter your string in the “Enter Any String” area, then click “Count.” In other words, the free online calculator will accurately calculate the number of characters (including white space) in the input string. By copying and pasting your text with the characters to count, you can input it in the “Enter Any String” box above. The counter will immediately update to reflect how many characters are in your content.

Character Count tools offer the character count statistics for a specified text in real-time, according to its description. There are six different options to Character Count Tools, including websites, apps, and software as a service (SaaS), as well as Chrome OS and Firefox. Word Count Tools is the greatest free substitute., Word Calculator, and Micro Digital Tools are excellent websites and programs that are comparable to the Character Count Tool.

1. LambdaTest’s Character Count Online

LambdaTest’s character count allows developers to calculate the length of a string of text to find the total number of characters (including spaces). Any device can use this free character counter online; it functions flawlessly on a tablet, computer, game console, or smartphone.


  • When writing an essay or social media post and you need to make sure it remains under a character restriction, for example, or when working with programming languages and need to know the precise amount of characters in a string, this can be helpful in a variety of circumstances.
  • Because some platforms have character limits while others merely have word constraints, it might be helpful for social media marketing, crafting a tweet, and even SEO optimization.
  • You must first be aware of your character limit and the audience you are talking with in order to use the right number of characters on each website or app.

2. Character Count Online

A free character and word counting program is available online called Character Count Online. The service is absolutely free, all results are displayed right away, and it is absurdly simple to use.


  • Every gadget is compatible with Character Count Online.
  • The counter will function flawlessly whether you use a mobile phone, PC, console, or tablet.
  • You can get ready-to-use web tools from it that operate without a hitch in your browser and don’t need to be installed.

3. Tools FromDev

You can do a basic word count in a lengthy paragraph or piece of information using this free internet tool. You can copy and paste your desired content into the text box below, and the word count, character count, and character count without spaces will all be displayed automatically.


  • To find unique words, this program ignores the case and removes all special letters.
  • This tool can be used as a last-minute aid on any assignment. My preferred method is to measure the length of the guest post piece.
  • You can also alter the text case using this tool to lowercase, uppercase, and title case.

4. TextUtils

With Textutils, you may rapidly and effectively examine your text in terms of its word count, character count, or reading duration.


  • A free character counter utility called Textutils offers real-time word, and character counts for a given text. The amount of words and characters is reported by text-utils.
  • As a result, creating content with a word or character limit is appropriate.
  • Any online browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, can use this word counter program.
  • It is appropriate to count the characters in Facebook posts, blogs, novels, excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, and other writing.

5. Word Character Count

You can just start typing into the text box where your mouse cursor is pointing if you want to check the number of characters in your upcoming Instagram post or Tweet. As you type your information, you will see the words and characters above the text box. As soon as you add, delete, or alter any content, you will actually notice an increase or decrease in the number of words and characters.


  • All operating systems and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have been successfully tested with this free program to count words and characters.
  • A free tool that counts characters and words as you type as well as the top six keywords with the highest keyword density, is the character counter tool or word counting tool.
  • It is a simple-to-use, completely free online text tool that displays the results as you type or enter the content.

6. Download Cnet

The famous Firefox add-on and Chrome extension that provides a detailed report on the number of words, characters, and sentences is available as a Windows application with this word counter and character counter utility.


  • Only at the client’s side is everything completed instantly.
  • To increase your writing efficiency, the application also has several additional functions.
  • It makes counting the characters, words, and paragraphs in text from a docx, pdf, or image simple.

7. Character Count Tool

A free character counter called Character Count Tool offers real-time word, and character counts for a given text. This tool provides word and sentence counts and the number of characters with and without spaces.


  • All online browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, are compatible with this character counter program.
  • It is appropriate to count characters in texts such as tweets, blogs, books, word documents, excel documents, pdf documents, essays, and novels.
  • Use this free word counter to determine how many words and characters are in your text.


You can either input your characters and words into the text box or copy and paste your text into it with the character count in the text area above. The counter will automatically refresh to show how many characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and white space there are in your writing. It will also show the keyword density, which you can customize in the options menu.

Word counting is a useful tool for many bloggers and guest authors. If you cannot locate one, you can quickly use this online tool to perform the counting for you. Almost all text editors have this capability at their disposal.


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