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Google Alert Center: How to Use It for Your Brand Awareness

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Content creators are publishing information online at a mind-numbingly fast pace. At least an article is posted every millisecond and is accessible to anyone as long as they have an internet connection. While the growth of digital content is added advantage to the content creator, it presents a big challenge to brands.

Information about your brand, products, services or industry might be published on the internet, and by the time it’s getting to your attention, several hours might have passed, making it incredibly late to respond or react.

Further, your competitors might have seen it and taken the opportunity that probably would have been yours had you seen the content earlier.

The good news now is that there are practical tools that can alert you about certain information that you use to improve your online presence increase traffic and conversions. They will also help you to better engage with potential customers as well as raise awareness.

Google alert center is one of the online tools you can use to create brand awareness. Here is how you can go about it.

What are Google Alerts?

Google can email you when it finds research results that correspond to your pre-specified search term. These include blog posts, scholarly articles, web pages, newspaper stories and more.

That means the web media monitoring tool will notify you when someone publishes content that mentions your products, services, the name of your company, as well as keyword and phrases that you specify. Google alerts are free and easy to set up.

You can use the information from Google alerts in various ways, such as:

  • Learn when your product or company is mentioned
  • Find out what people are saying about you and your topic of interest
  • Track developing news related to a specific topic
  • Follow industry development or competitors
  • Keep up to date on sports teams or celebrities

How to Use Google Alerts

As mentioned setting a Google alert is easy, but you have to review those notifications to benefit from them. Based on how you configure it, your alerts will come in digest form or individual emails.

Google will provide you links to the posts that feature your company name, products, services or chosen keywords.

Next, you should click on the links and skim to determine whether the posts have valuable lead information. The link can also take you to various resources such as news articles, blogs from competitors, YouTube tutorial videos, advertisements.

You might receive a lot of mentions, as shown by the number of Google alerts; however, you have to investigate them to determine their relevance to your company.

At times it’s advisable to contact the author through a cold email and add the information to your CRM, including where you learnt about the content creator.

Here is how you can use the Google alert notifications.

Reach Out to Content Creators

Do not ignore anyone who writes about your brand and its offerings; instead, use the blog, article and video to reach them and tell them how useful and interesting their work was. Be specific and mention the particular part or resource. Congratulate them for that positive press, such as making a tutorial or video that contains useful material and what you learnt.

Since this correspondence is on cold emails or cold calls, any personalization and praise you give will help you stand out and gain their attention. This will motivate them to respond and continue publishing more information about you, growing your brand awareness.

Track Competitors

Business owners can use Google alerts to track their competitors and stay knowledgeable about each step they are taking. Monitoring your competitor’s brand will help you gather a lot of information, such as their marketing strategy and more. Use this information to implement new strategies or still replicate their techniques to growing your brand awareness.

Further, tapping on the Google alert center can help you stay on top of your client’s and competitors’ environment latest updates. You will also learn about changing industry trends and available opportunities that you can use to grow your online visibility. So set up a Google alert so that you can learn about new entrants, shifts or events in your industry as soon as they happen.

Link Building

Brands can use Google Alerts to assess the effect of blogs as well as other content types in order to get new links. Google alerts indexes links, including the ones recently monitored by the webmaster. Still, you can request webmasters to convert a citation, social media mentions or positive reviews about your company, its products and services into a link.

Today, a lot of conversations happens on social media, and aside from depending on Google Search Index to learn about your mentions, the tool can bring results from social media.

This is important because, in 2020, nearly 3.6 billion people were active on social media, and the number is expected to touch 4.41 billion by 2025. Your business will greatly benefit when Google alert tracks people talking about your brand, offerings, competitors and industry in the following ways:

  • The notifications will help you reach out to your potential customers faster.
  • It will help you learn about your products and services reviews and swiftly attend to customers’ concerns.
  • It will intensify your brand awareness efforts.
  • The alerts will help you evaluate the effects of your marketing strategy because today’s brands are more insight-driven and look for facts associated with the results. These include the number of positive and negative mentions, how you compare with your competitors and what your target audience is looking for.

Become a Resource

People’s curiosity and seeking information is what is sustaining the internet and supporting the posting of content.

A brand can monitor industry-specific questions and effectively answer them, thus making it a trusted source of information that can fuel traffic and lead to conversions.

That means you should set up a Google alert in a way that it will locate specific questions and alert you about frequent questions that are worth addressing in your company’s blog post or somewhere else, hence fuel search traffic. This is a powerful part of social branding.

Jean-Pierre is a polyglot communication specialist, freelance journalist, and writer for with over two decades of experience in media and public relations. He creates engaging content, manages communication campaigns, and attends conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. He brings his wealth of experience and expertise to provide insightful analysis and engaging content for's audience.

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