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HauSafe Cam HD Bulb Reviews – Popular UK/Australia Light Bulb Security Camera

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Once connected via Wi-Fi, HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb allows you to monitor every activity that goes on in your home from several meters away, right from your smartphone. It is indeed one of the most fascinating breakthroughs in surveillance camera technology.

However strong the security system of your district or municipality is, it doesn’t stop burglars from launching an attack once in a while. Human security cannot be trusted for a hundred percent and so we must rely on technology.

For decades, since surveillance cameras were invented, many families, firms, and owners of several businesses heaved a sigh of relief. But with the proliferation of security cameras comes the difficulty in browsing for the right one.

Today we will look at HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb, a top-tier security light bulb camera with so much popularity in the UK and Australia. What the HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb is, how it works, the features, and upsides and downsides are the main focus of this HauSafe Cam HD Bulb Review.

Key Features: HauSafe Cam HD Bulb Review

  • 110-deg-wide field of view
  • Full rotation through 360-deg angle
  • HD camera lens (1080P)
  • Motion sensitivity
  • Automatic tracking
  • E26/E27 light bulb socket compatibility
  • Full-color night vision
  • SD card support
  • Intrinsic alarm system
  • HauSafe Cam HD App compatibility


Why HauSafe Cam HD Bulb could be your best choice of security cameras

Security cameras used to be less frequently seen, being restricted to commercial places and financial institutions. Now you can find them at every nook and cranny. But be wary of knock-off merchandise because more than two-thirds of the surveillance camera market are fake products.

Our evaluation of HauSafe Cam HD reveals that this is a top-of-the-line security camera in its quality and value reach. And here’s why HauSafe Cam HD is better than the rest.

All-day surveillance with HD camera – You need your security camera to keep eyes on your home round-the-clock and report whatever it sees as crystal-clear photos and footage in real-time. Unfortunately, regular cameras have considerable limitations in these.

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb, with its 1080P camera lens, watches over your home and sends HD photos and videos to your smartphone which you can watch live. By doing so, you can keep tabs on any activity that goes on and take appropriate action on time.

No monthly/maintenance charges – Apart from spending on buying the security camera, there aren’t any extra charges to incur whatsoever. Because cloud storage subscriptions have to be renewed monthly, this becomes a burden on surveillance camera owners who spend heavily in the long run.

Now there’s a way out – the SD card compatibility. All data HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb generates can be stored in your SD card at no extra cost to you.

Suitable to be used both inside and outside your house – You can install HauSafe Cam HD in your living room, master bedroom, or other rooms to monitor activities inside of your house. HauSafe Cam HD is also suitable for outdoor surveillance and therefore you can install it in your garden, garage, or patio.

No hassle installation as HauSafe Cam HD fits into a regular bulb socket – Built within an E26//E27 plug, installing HauSafe Cam HD is essentially like installing a lightbulb. Anybody can do this even if they don’t have a deep knowledge of technology.

Monitor activities right with your smartphone – You don’t have to come in contact or be close to this security camera before using it. Once connected via Wi-Fi, HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb allows you monitor every activity that goes on in your home from several meters away, right from your smartphone

Revolutionary security camera with extra features – HauSafe Cam HD is a multipurpose gadget because it has functions in addition to surveillance. It can be used as a light bulb and for voice intercom as well

What is a HauSafe Cam HD Bulb?

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb is a security camera that features 1080P camera lens for high-quality photos and videos and LED lights for full-color night vision. Simply put, HauSafe Cam HD is a lightbulb with a security camera.

However, this isn’t fully descriptive of the gadget because it has other features that extend its utility, including a microphone and a speaker for voice intercom.

If your mind is never at rest whenever you leave home or your store, because of the increasing wave of burglary and intrusion, it’s about time you invested in HauSafe Cam HD.

The security camera features a 1080-P camera lens – another way of saying ‘hello’ to high-quality photos and footage. This will be sent to your smartphone for live recording and will also be stored in cloud or SD card, depending on the available option.

Regular cameras are notorious for producing blind angles and this defect is because of limited field of view. With an extended view range of 110 degrees and a 360-degree rotation, HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb produces full coverage without missing out any areas.

When intruders go past it, HauSafe Cam HD is built with the intelligence to detect moving objects and follow them subsequently thanks to its motion sensor and auto-tracking features. At the same time, the camera notifies you via the smartphone, giving you the option to sound the built-in alarm to scare away intruders.

Because HauSafe Cam HD Bulb is built to be installed in a regular bulb socket, you can rest assured the camera will fit into your living room or garage without worrying over installing special sockets. It is compatible with the E26/E27 socket.

You can use HauSafe Cam HD Bulb as a regular light bulb at night. Its super-bright white LEDs provide bright illumination. Together with the IR LEDs, HauSafe Cam HD will sufficiently produce night vision for nighttime surveillance.

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Main Features of HauSafe Cam HD Bulb

  • Motion Sensor & Automatic tracking

Intruders don’t simply breeze past the camera because HauSafe Cam HD has the intelligence to detect motion. Once it senses positional changes, it automatically follows the object. This helps you identify the intruder and tell what direction they headed.

  • Intrinsic Alarm System

At the same time of motion detection, HauSafe Cam HD Bulb alerts you by sending notifications to your smartphone. You can see a live recording of any activity, in real-time and sound the built-in alarm right from your smartphone, to scare off the intruder.

  • 110-deg-wide field of view & Full rotation through 360-deg angle

For any single direction the camera faces, it captures images of objects within a sector angle of 110 degrees – hence, the 250-degree angle behind the camera is a blind area. However, due to its 360-degree pan, HauSafe Cam HD Bulb is capable of turning all-round to record photos and images without leaving any blind angles.

  • E26/E27 light bulb socket compatibility

You can install HauSafe Cam HD Bulb anywhere your regular lightbulb fits. This is so because the camera installs into an E26- or E27-type light bulb socket. There’s no need to worry about installing special lightbulb sockets to accommodate the camera.

  • Full-color night vision

Most of the burglary occurs at night when people are away from their stores or asleep. The camera still continues to monitor any activity. It has 8 LEDs – 4 IR LEDs are particularly important for night vision and the other 4 Light LEDs produce bright illumination for full-color night vision as well as for mere illumination like every light bulb.

  • HD camera lens (1080P)

Whatever HauSafe Cam HD Bulb sees, it reports in high-resolution. It produces crystal-clear photos and videos that can be viewed directly from your smartphone.

Because of the high-quality media, it is possible for you to identify intruders and burglars unless they are masked.

  • SD card support

Cloud storages are becoming uninteresting because of the monthly maintenance fees. To make HauSafe Cam HD cheap to maintain, the manufacturer introduced an SD card option that can support storages as high as 64GB in capacity.

Ensure to regularly transfer data from the SD card to a more permanent location because HauSafe Cam HD overwrites data when the storage space is taken up.

  • HauSafe Cam HD App compatibility

One of the most interesting things about HauSafe Cam HD Bulb is that, with the touch of a button or two in your smartphone, you can control the camera without coming close to it. The app integration makes the process hassle-free.


How does it Work? (HauSafe Cam HD Bulb review)


HauSafe Cam HD works in a simple, fascinating way once you connect it with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

This requires you to first download the app from Google Play (for Android devices) or App Store (for iOS devices) and install it to your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the camera.

Afterwards, HauSafe Cam HD works to record photos and videos in HD which you can view from your smartphone. In addition, you can turn on/off the alarm system, control the camera rotation and tilt and automatic tracking right from your smartphone.

Why is the Voice Intercom a selling point for HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb?


HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb is appropriately called a multi-purpose gadget because in addition to surveillance, it has other interesting features, one of them being the Voice Intercom.

Ever worried about your kids or pets at home when you’re away? You could have a surveillance camera but only when you hear from the horse’s mouth will you be completely at rest.

HauSafe Cam HD features a mouthpiece and speaker that allow you communicate with your family, kids, pets, and security personnel via voice intercom. That way, you get real-time reports too from people on your security status.

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb: Technical Specifications

  • Product Name: HauSafe Cam HD Bulb
  • 360-deg monitoring; no blind angles
  • 1080-P camera lens gives you the clearest footages ever
  • SD card support
  • E26/E27 light bulb socket
  • Voice intercom for two-way audio


How do I get HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb up and running?


HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb is so easy to install that you won’t ever need the help of a technician to do this. If you can install a lightbulb, you can get HauSafe Cam HD up and running in no time.

To do so, you only have to take the simple steps:

The first step is to turn off the Power Before Installing the Camera. This is important for safety purposes. Then, unbox the package to take out HauSafe Cam HD.

To connect it to the E27 socket, you need a screw which is included in the package. Gently screw it in until it’s well in place.

Next, connect to your Wi-Fi and then download and install the app.  For this, you need to add your camera to your account by scanning the QR code on the camera so it connects to the app.

Create an account and this will lead you through a series of tutorials after which you can successfully use HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb with your smartphone.

Is HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb worth a dime?

As a top-tier security camera, HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb is definitely worth your money. This lightbulb camera has features you won’t find in regular cameras. It is a well-priced security popular in the U.K. and Australia because of its features and extended functionality.

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Can HauSafe Cam HD Bulb See Farther than regular cameras?

Definitely! HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb can see as far as 10-15 meters which makes it easy to identify far-away objects.

In contrast to regular security cameras with a view range less than 10 meters, with HauSafe Cam HD, a cutting-edge panoramic camera, rest assured you’ll be able to monitor activity farther away.

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb review: Where to Buy


HauSafe Cam HD Bulb is only available on the official website.

You don’t want to miss out on the ongoing promo where you can get as much as a 50% discount on multiple purchases of the light bulb camera. Hurry now!




Frequently Asked Questions About HauSafe Cam HD

What is the resolution of HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb?

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb’s resolution is 1080p.

Is HauSafe Cam HD Bulb for only indoor use?

No. HauSafe Cam HD Bulb can be used indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, you have to protect it from the rain.

Can customers share cameras with other members of their family or business owners?

Yes, the camera can be shared between devices, family members, business owners, and employees.

Can I use HauSafe Cam HD Bulb on a tablet?

Definitely. The HauSafe Cam HD Bulb is compatible with all Android and iOS devices including tablets.

Where can I download the HauSafe Cam HD Wi-Fi Video Bulb  app?

HauSafe Cam HD App can be downloaded from Google play store (for Android) or App store (for iOS devices)

Pros of HauSafe Cam HD

  • 1080P high definition video recording
  • Auto tracking movement function
  • Cloud storage recording
  • Connection to phone or tablet
  • Infrared and white LEDs for full color night vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Remotely view on the phone or table screen
  • SD card Support up to 64GB
  • Voice telecom
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Cons of HauSafe Cam HD Bulb

  • 4GHz Wi-Fi as against 5GHz
  • No computer support (only smartphone)
  • Supply is limited
  • Only Available on Official website


Common locations for a lightbulb (HauSafe Cam HD review)

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb plugs into the regular E26- or E27-type socket.  You can install this security camera in the following locations:

1. Home – at places prone to burglary attack including your

  • staircase,
  • driveways and garage doors,
  • off-street windows,
  • back, front, and side doors
  • living room,
  • bedroom, and so on.

2. Gas Stations – to prevent gas robberies and keep the employees of the gas station safe

3. Learning institutions – to protect students from everything from bullying, to vaping, to emergencies like natural disasters or active shooter situations.

4. Commercial stores

5. Malls

HauSafe Cam HD Bulb Consumers Report

“It really works great. It has saved my butt many many times. Worth the money, without a doubt.”Jennifer – AMAZING

“I’m known to misplace things or lose them. Get overly worried about things. I have never felt so calm and reassured since I bought the WiFi Video Bulb” Peter – Love Them

“I bought one for my whole family. They can use them as they wish. For me – I track my kids – non-negotiable, and it sure has brought me peace.”Jackie – Excellent

“I bought one for my wife and me. We use them in so many ways. We both are delighted and wish we had found them sooner! A+.” Mark – Very Slick

Finally: HauSafe Cam HD Reviews


As long as burglary prevails in society, security gadgets will continue to receive patronage.

Our review of the HauSafe Cam HD is an in-depth study of one of them, a state-of-the-art security camera.

Owing to its wealth of features, HauSafe Cam HD sells widely in the UK and Australia. In no time, we have no doubt this camera will be widely known all over the world.

Summarily, HauSafe Cam HD receives high recommendations from us to anyone in need of a new-generation light bulb camera with amazing features and yet budget-friendly.



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