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5 Benefits of Hiring a Spark Developer

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Spark Developer

Developed in 2012, Apache Spark is a fast unified analytics engine specifically created for big data and machine learning uses.

Through the years, it has become one of the most used frameworks for distributed data processing. Its horizontal scalability, mature codebase and resilience make it a great tool to process large amounts of data.

There are several professionals that can work with Spark to assist businesses with a variety of applications and to overcome several problems. In recent years, the demand for these professionals has increased significantly, as businesses want to reap the benefits of this powerful analytics engine.

From Spark consultants to Apache Spark developers, having these experts on a team can effectively help businesses to successfully implement and integrate Spark. Let’s first explore what a Spark consultant can help a business with:

What Type of Problems Can Be Fixed by a Spark Consultant?

A Spark consultant works alongside a business to offer advice and help with important decision making. Some challenges this type of consultant can assist with include:

  • Optimizing slow speeds

The more quickly businesses can process incoming data, the sooner they can use it for profit-making activities. Apache Spark consultants can advise how to deliver optimum speeds for data processing at all times.

  • Managing big data problems

Apache Spark consultants are trained to open up various opportunities for big data exploration. They are able to advise on how to make it easier for businesses to solve different kinds of big data problems.

  • Detecting fraud or intrusion

Spark consultants can assist with the integration of the Spark stack to a fraud or intrusion detection system. This can help to achieve quality results by harvesting huge amounts of archived logs, combining them with external data sources like info about data breaches and compromised accounts. This is specifically useful for the financial and security industries.

  • Improving customer experiences

A Spark consultant can advise and assist to pass the real-time transaction information to a streaming clustering algorithm or collaborative filtering. The results can then be combined with other unstructured data sources and used to constantly enhance and adapt recommendations with new trends.

5 Top Benefits of Hiring a Spark Developer for Businesses

A Spark Developer is a software professional with Apache Spark skills. Spark developers create code to ensure that big data is available in the shortest time possible when a query is raised. Some of the other benefits of hiring a skilled Spark developer include:

1. Effective data processing

Spark developers are skilled to process and analyze streaming data that can come from multiple data sources. As a result, businesses can explore real-time and historical data that can help them to recognise business opportunities, detect threats, foster preventive maintenance and perform other relevant tasks.

2. Access to interactive analytics

Interactive analytics offers businesses the ability to run queries across data stored and quickly return analysis results. Spark developers use Apache Spark’s in-memory computation to make this process time-efficient and effective.

3. Adoption of machine learning (ML)

Apache Spark is a great fit for any business that wants to adopt ML as an innovative aspect of new product development. Spark developers are trained to run repeated queries on big data sets, enabling an ML algorithm to work fast. Apache Spark also has a built-in machine learning library, MLlib, that enables developers to classify, regress, cluster, filter and perform other useful capabilities.

4. Assistance with big data architecture

Spark developers can help businesses to better understand Apache Spark’s role within their data analytics architecture. They can help to implement the right analytics to meet specific business goals, select the right APIs, achieve the required Spark performance and assist to build Spark applications architecture that facilitates quality and performance.

5. Help with fine-tuning and troubleshooting

Spark developers can review businesses’ existing applications, check workloads and check task execution details to identify flaws, troubleshoot issues and remove bottlenecks that slow down processes.

Some of the pros and cons of working with the Apache Spark framework include:

Spark Developer for Businesses

3 Tips to Hire a Good Spark Developer

Hiring in-house Spark developers can cost significantly more than outsourcing. Outsourcing also allows businesses to get access to a larger pool of talent. To ensure businesses outsource the best Spark developers, the following tips can be useful in the hiring process:

  • Establish specific goals and needs

Any time a business wants to hire Spark developer candidates, it must consider its specific goals and needs. Once it establishes what it wants to achieve and how the right candidates can make it happen, it becomes easier to search for the right candidates with more confidence.

  • Analyze skills and experience

To complete specific required tasks, a developer needs certain skills. Therefore, businesses must hire candidates who are both qualified and experienced in a required line of work. It is essential to consider potential candidates’ individual approaches, skills and experience to determine if it is appropriate for the job and tasks being recruited.

  • Compare and consider different vendors

Any business that wants to hire new candidates must consider the right outsourcing vendor. While researching different vendors, certain factors need to be looked at, including the outsourcing vendor’s success rate, most recent reviews and Spark developer salary rates.

Skills Every Spark Developer Needs to Have

Spark’s excellent power and flexibility demand a developer to know the Spark API very well, as well as have certain skills and knowledge. Some of these include:

  • Able to work with databases

An important skill for Spark developers is understanding exactly how to work with databases. Developers should have the knowledge and skills to be able to source, store, record and manage large sets of data.

  • Problem-solving skills

Spark development can be a complex field at times. Developers can be exposed to many different problems and tasks. Therefore, they should have strong problem-solving skills to overcome certain challenges and obstacles.

  • Verbal and written communication skills

Great communication skills are very important technical skills for Spark developers to have. Failures in software teams often result from communication issues. Therefore, these types of developers must have good verbal and written communications skills.

  • Collaboration and teamwork

Spark developers often work part as a team. They must be able to collaborate with different experts in teams and find a balance between using different soft and hard skills to make the project as successful as possible for every member of the team.

Other specific technical skills any Cisco Spark developer should have include:

  • A clear understanding of each component of Hadoop.
  • Troubleshooting any Hadoop ecosystem at runtime.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and its commands.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages like Python.
  • Decide an effective file format for a specific task.
  • Based on business requirements, clean data through streaming API or user-defined functions.
  • Maintaining the privacy and security of Hadoop clusters.
  • Knowledge of Java scheduling concepts like concurrency and multi-threading programming.
  • Able to work with data visualizations tools.

Spark Developer Needs to Have

Hiring a Spark Developer for Success With Data

Since its release, Apache Spark has seen fast and consistent adoption. Some of the most cutting-edge companies have deployed Spark at a large scale, processing sets of data to deliver innovations.

Considering this, it is highly beneficial for any business that wants to grow and succeed in the modern business world to hire an experienced CCA Spark and Hadoop developer as part of its development team. This type of developer can assist with processing and managing data and developing new innovations such as ML products. It is, however, important to consider business goals and needs before hiring a developer candidate to perform certain functions.


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