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How Investing Works

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Investing is something that seems so distant for many people, merely because they do not know a lot about it and think that this is off-limits for them. In reality, everyone can start investing and benefiting from it. Moreover, financial experts actually recommend investing for efficient financial management alongside financial planning and saving up. There are many different types of investments, and it is possible to find convenient solutions to suit everyone’s needs. In this article, you will learn some of the basics of investing and discover options suitable for beginners.

About Investing

What is an investment? This is an asset or even a physical object that people acquire to receive income or benefit from its value appreciation over time. Some of the classic assets to invest in include shares, real estate, artworks, etc. The goal is to receive income from your investments by receiving interest or by selling your assets later at a better price. Of course, the value of your investments can fluctuate both ways and depreciate instead of becoming more expensive. This is why investing always includes risks to a certain degree.

How Does Investing Work?

To put it very simply, you buy something at a certain price and sell it later at a higher price when its value increases. Of course, it is possible if your investment was successful and appreciated in price after some time instead of depreciating. Here are some examples of assets gaining more value:

  • Stocks – when a company releases a successful product or comes up with a high-quality promotional campaign, its stocks increase in value, and shareholders can benefit from it.
  • Gold – is one of the most stable assets in the world. Gold is always in demand, and its value increases each time there are any instabilities in the international arena and currencies fluctuate in value.
  • Real estate – if you buy a flat at one price and invest in its renovation, you are definitely increasing its value. In case the infrastructure around certain real estate improves, this also influences its price and allows it it at a much better price.

It is also possible to earn income by purchasing stocks and receiving dividends. This means that you will not need to constantly buy and sell shares, but simply hold on to them and receive income.

Accessible Investing

One of the best things about investing today is that everyone can simply invest money online. While it is important to educate yourself about investing and improve your skills to make each investment as efficient as possible, you also do not have to be a financial expert to invest through funds. There are alternative investment funds, such as Quanloop, that pool money from different investors and allocate it to different assets. All the investors need to do is offer a certain amount of money, choose their risk plan, and receive interest afterward.

If you are uncertain about where to invest money online, you can start with the Quanloop Fund. This alternative investment platform is user-friendly and great for diversifying your investment portfolio. One of the biggest concerns that people have when considering investing is that they do not have enough money or lack the knowledge to start. On this platform, it is possible to start investing even if you can only spare one euro. Such a low minimum investment amount allows for learning more about the entire process without putting large sums of money in danger. Of course, investing cannot be completely free of risks. However, there are three tiers of risk plans to choose from, and you can start by taking the smallest risks and receiving the lowest return before making your way up.

Investing through funds has its benefits:

  • It is convenient for both beginners and experienced investors, as you do not have to purchase specific shares and monitor them.
  • Investment funds are managed by experts, and beginners can rely on their knowledge.
  • Funds are an excellent solution for diversifying your portfolio at a relatively low cost.
  • You can withdraw your money easily without paying additional fees for withdrawing early, like with many savings accounts.

You can start investing at any time and gain confidence and all the necessary knowledge that will be useful for your financial stability in the future.

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