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How Not To Get In A Trap Of AI Spam!! Learn before It Traps You

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The introduction of ChatGPT turned the face of the digital world upside down. One can’t estimate the change artificial intelligence has brought in. But, it is rightly said that if you master technology, it’s your slave; if technology masters you, then you are its slave. I believe this is gradually coming to real terms. The reports of AI spam are increasing day by day. If you don’t want to be a victim, read on to learn how not to get into a trap of AI spam.

AI spam is a new technique that spammers use to invade internet users’ privacy with AI tools.  According to Cyberghost’s blog post, there are three types of AI spam: Fake AI websites, AI Spam Mail, and AI-generated Ads. From filtering a whole website to recreating a crucial account all over again, internet users may suffer unnecessarily against miserable AI invasions.

As a writer, it is exasperating to see your written article getting hundreds of slightly different spins just by one click. This is what AI has to do: to ease the work by snitching honesty out of it.  Anyhow, pros and cons always team up. AI spam can earn spammers multiple figures in just an hour. So, this new spam technique is going nowhere. Instead, we will have to protect our honest workplace from it. Let’s see what are some reliable ways to fight against this spam.

How Not To Get In A Trap Of AI Spam!! An Escape Much Needed

Control Your Fingers

No, I am not trying to sound funny, but seriously, you need to control your fingers. You never know if AI spam is a click away. Control is much needed in a digital world where 84% of email traffic is malicious and unsolicited. Festive offers, parcels, vouchers, and superfluous no. of promotional mail when flooding your inbox, it is mandatory to read them before you opt to click.

Most AI spammers sit on the prowl for an email click. They create eye-catching and clickbait thumbnails that are persuasive. So, the first step is to be extra cautious in differentiating between clickbaits and authentic mail.

Update Your E-mail App

As mentioned above, e-mails are a major source of invasion, so it is necessary to work on this side primarily.  Our most preferred mail- Google Mail, made significant changes and updates after AI became its friend and foe.

Google already has a spam folder inside mail but it has added advanced protection now. According to Google report, the search engine has updated its features which include Authenticating bulk senders, easy unsubscription, and spam rate threshold. To utilize these features, stay updated with the latest version of the email app. Keep your device always updated and run spam checkers at repeated intervals.

Prefer Safe Browsing

Safe browsing is a Google feature that prevents malware from attacking a device through websites or browsing simply. “In The last week, Safari has prevented 51 trackers from profiling you” ioS users might have noticed this note on Safari Browser. This is Google’s safe browsing integration with a few browsers like Chrome,  Safari, Firefox, and Brave. Safe browsing prevents phishing websites from attacking and profiling you to a good extent.

To enable safe browsing on Chrome, you must go to Manage your Google account and then Security. Locate for Enhanced safe browsing option and turn it on. On iOS devices, enhanced browsing can be accessed through general settings. You can limit websites, disallow websites from tracking you, hide your IP address, and turn off location. Also, clear browsing history often and disable unnecessary cookies.

Change Or Strengthen  Passwords Often

When we create an account anywhere, we are advised to create a strong password. That is one means to prevent users from hacking or data leaks. First off, make sure to create a password that’s strong enough. Often, people in recklessness create easy passwords to avoid hard memorization later.

But these easy passwords feed hacker’s thirst. They are easy to break. And if you already create a strong password, don’t take it for granted. At least change them biannually. You never know when your password is stolen or who has overseen it somehow. So, finding time for little things that can make big changes later on is important.

Look For AI Spam Signs

If you are even 1% alert, you can easily look out for spam signs. Interestingly, everything comes with a signal and leaves a mark. Before this AI spam leaves a mark, I think we should choose the first option. See what your common sense has to offer.

Both you and I know the impossibility of getting rich in a week or losing multiple kgs of weight in 4 days. Whatever is exaggerated in emails, is a lie. Authentic emails don’t offer grand amounts on only registering to their website. Other signs of AI spam are unclear sender information, urgency in the mail content, direct links offered, and, informal or grammar wrong text.

Use Of Spam Filters

As I said before, AI is both friend and foe; here comes its friendly side. There are many spam filters already in the market that fight against AI spam. You can install them on your devices and utilize them in a good sense. Many spam filters use AI technology that can differentiate spam and authentic mail before they reach your inbox. Some examples of spam filters are  Mail channels, Spambrella, Spamtitan, and Mailwasher.

What To Do If You Get Trap In AI Spams?

While we can safeguard our online presence, it is also unexpected to get trapped. There are a few steps that you can take if it happens to you-

  • Change your password immediately
  • Enable two factor authentication(2FA)
  • Run a malware removal/checker to detect or remove malware if installed.
  • Factory reset your device if the case is worse.


Advanced technology is there forever now. Big corporations can’t imagine an existence without the incorporation of AI in the coming future. However preventive measures should be our priority before stepping on to utilize AI. With this, we end this write-up and hope that you now learned how to not get into the trap of AI spam.

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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